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    So, with this mod you could disable a certain mob from spawning in a dimension from another mod? Or perhaps disable certain mobspawners (you know, the block)?

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    Hi everyone,

    I was just busy in my online server with a friend and we were talking about the new villager trades and all the things we could get from them. So as we were trading with villagers and trying to get good stuff we were sort of shocked that there wasnt actually a lumberjack in the game. Since chopping down trees is like the first thing you do in a survival world we were suprised that the Pillage & Village update didn't have a villager that traded wood (since growing and chopping down trees gets boring after a while) so it would be a bit easier to get wood.

    Now I have been searching for a lumberjack suggestion and saw that a few other people actually had the same idea. I wasn't surprised that other people had come up with the idea before me. Now I was actually surprised that nobody made a good effort in creating a trade chart for this sort of villager so it could be a thing that might be explored a bit more.

    So... I started thinking about how to make this a good suggestion. If I want to make the suggestion I do want to do it right ;)

    What does a villager need? There are multiple things:

    - a skin (with a few things that differentiates them from others)

    - a workstation (-> which in turn needs a crafting recipe that hasnt been used yet)

    - trades (different from those of other villagers)

    - perhaps actions? (Like the farmer villager)

    As for the skin, I have no idea what a lumberjack would look like. Perhaps something with a red/black squared (Dunno what the word is) shirt and some suspenders? If anyone has some fotoshop skills and would like to thing of something for this, please reply with a sketch :P

    Next up is the workstation. What does a lumberjack normally use? An axe ofcourse. But a saw is common too, or a chopping block made out of wood itself. Perhaps a workstation could be done by creating something like that. A saw could be a different sort of stonecutter but for wood. I have no idea what kind of recipes are out there and are used by mods so I don't really know how you could make a recipe for a lumberjack workstation. Perhaps something like 4 planks with 2 stripped logs on top of them? So you would keep the recipe form that other workstations have as well :)

    Let met know what you think could be a good workstation and recipe.

    Then there are the trades. I've searched for how many trades villagers normally have and how many different items they trade. There are quite a lot per villager type actually. Anyway, trades usually come in like 4 stages:

    Stage 1: Cheap and common items + low emerald cost

    Stage 2: Extra cheap items or items that are a bit upgraded + slightly higher cost
    Stage 3: Uncommon items or more upgraded versions of the first stage + low to high cost (depends on the item)

    Stage 4: Rare or very upgraded items + high cost

    Thinking about what a lumberjack does and is these are the items I would recommend for a lumberjack:

    Stage 1:

    - 1 em -> 1 sapling (any kind)

    - 30 sticks -> 1 em

    - 1 em -> 4 planks (any kind)

    - 1 em -> stone axe

    Stage 2:

    - 3/4 em -> 1 wooden log (any kind)

    - 3/4 em -> 1 wood (any kind)

    - 3/4 em -> 4 wooden slabs/stairs (any kind)

    - 8/10 em -> iron axe

    Stage 3:

    - 8/10 em -> iron axe (if not given in stage 2)

    - 5/6 em -> 3 leaves
    - 5/6 em -> 3 wooden pressure plates (any kind)

    Stage 4:

    - 5/6 em -> 1 stripped log (any kind)

    - 7/8 em -> 3 wooden doors (any kind)

    - 7/8 em -> 3 wooden trapdoors (any kind)

    - 15/30 em -> diamond axe

    Now these trades can be switched. I now gave some possibilities but it could also be that 1 stripped log gets you like 5 emeralds. That's up to Mojang (If the lumberjack gets implemented)

    As for actions: I don't know if it will be usefull. I don't see villagers chopping down trees and planting entire forests on their own. I know of some mods that create villagers that do this so I doubt Mojang will use mechanics like these even if they create a lumberjack. Lumberjacks don't neceserrily have to do any actions at all.

    This was my idea. I hope it's more detailed than anyone else did before. If not, please let met know and link the other topic so I can see what other have thought about. I'm looking forward to your ideas about this new villager suggestion ^^

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    Soooo my friends and I are using this mod on our 1.12.2 server right now.

    We entered the Jungle Dimension and started travelling towards 0, 0 since we all spawned at a different location :P

    Now we did end up there and we managed to kill the Tyrant. Now we have the skull, the eye and some of those carved bones but we don't know if we can do anything with them now. We also haven't found a way to create sapphires from the raw ore.

    I'm really confused as to what we can do with this mod and how everything works.

    We would also love if you could find a way to implement the new biomes into a vanilla world because we're using a hired server and can't change the world generation there so it's impossible for us to use 'Meincraft Jungle' world.

    We're not really having any issues other than that we don't know what we can do with the mod and what there's to be found. It would be a shame if we miss a lot of content just because we don't really know what to do. We did get 3 out of the 4 books that are in the mod but finding everything that is told there is to be found isn't easy XP

    A mod showcase at least would be nice :s


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