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    posted a message on Need Team to Make a Full Playable Summoners Rift Map !
    IGN: blinkenmage
    Age: 14
    Skype: deathnstrike
    Role(Builder, Redstone etc.): I can do Building Redstone and/or Hosting
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    posted a message on Which Computer should i Buy?

    Your current video can play crysis 2
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    posted a message on [1.0] Blinkaverse [PVP] [SURVIVE] [Bukkit]
    UPDATE: Whitelist Disabled!

    This server is A day old and just got Bukkit come join today



    Worldedit(for admins)

    Don't Make bows They are glitched on this server and If you make one you will not be able to play unless you contact me.

    UPDATE: Bows Work Now!!!


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    posted a message on World of MineScape
    1: In Game Name (IGN):
    2: (optional) Age
    3: (optional) Gender (male or female):
    4: How did you find us:
    I found this server at the minecraft forums while looking for a server.
    5: How long have you been playing Mine Craft:
    I have been playing minecraft for about a year.
    6: Did you vote for the server? If not you can vote >>HERE<<
    Yes, I have voted for the server.
    7: What servers have you been banned from:
    I haven't been banned from any servers cause I mainly play on my own server or some other servers like Zombie Run, and a prison server, but I haven't been banned from them.
    8: What would you tell me if I asked what your Mine Craft playing style is:
    My playing style is a player vs player style.
    9: Did you read the rules:
    Yes, I have read the rules.
    10: Do you agree with the rules:
    Yes, I do agree on the rules.
    11: Why do you want to play on this server:
    Because, Looking at the pictures this server looks very cool.
    12: How often will you be on this server:
    Every 1/3 Days.
    13: Is there anything else you would like to add to your application?
    I think my application is good enough but a cool plugin suggestion would be customdiffuclty you can make PvP damage reduced by 50% and DSwords will not be 2 hits it will become 4 hits.
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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    Quote from pippin9941

    Blink with Blink

    Blink Approves!
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    posted a message on ANARCHY IN NEED OF PERMANENT PLAYERS! :D
    Lag : 3/5
    Admins and Moderators : 3/5
    Plugins : 4/5
    Gameplay 4/5 : (would be 5 but laggy almost killed me O.o)
    Community : 5/5
    Overall : 19/25
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    posted a message on Is this Even Possable
    its possible to do this but it will be a big pain transfer everything depending on how much you have.
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    posted a message on Stuck Above Nether
    Quote from Gerginaut

    In my multiplayer survival mode my friend and I were doing stuff in the Nether we logged off there and are now stuck above it. We're walking on an endless surface of bedrock. We know we're on top because we can see through world holes before they load. We can't place any blocks and can't kill each other because we can't find each other. Does anyone know how we could perhaps reset our characters to their spawns or something?

    Try to find a operator to teleport you back down to the normal world. if you can not do this then you are stuck in the surface of the nether.
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