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    i think you did hit 100 players
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    posted a message on Mindcrack type survival server
    - My skype username is (removed).

    How can we Trust
    - You can trust me because i've been staff on many small - moderately sized servers and i've hosted and helped many servers. I've also I can help with most and or all server issues you encounter because of my vast knowledge of servers and code. I also have only no bans on my record http://fishbans.com/u/blinkenmage.

    How old are you?
    - I am currently fourteen, my birthday is on January third.

    What level of builder are you?(1-10)
    - I would rate myself as a builder as a seven because I can build major projects poorly but little areas really nicely and I do great interior but I dont do that well exterior w/o microblocks but this is vanila ;p.

    What can you do to assist this server?
    - I've said I can help if you need any help with server files or server configuation and I can also help if you need. I am also a friendly player willing to help anyone with moderate - major projects. I have a high knowledge of redstone and in-game minecraft mechanics allowing for some interesting and efficent designs for farms and automated vanilla crafting.
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    sorry, i will take care of that problem you guys are experiencing, sorry for the inconvinence.
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    - Welcome to SandwichCraft -

    Why should you join my server as opposed to others? Well there really is no reason to pick mine over the other great servers except the fact that there are no banned items. I'm limiting acceptance to ages 14+ to try and trim out some immaturity. I'm also planning on keeping it a small community so if you don't like servers with a ton of people then you'd enjoy Sandwich Craft.


    No griefing
    No stealing
    No racism(swearing is whatever as long as you don't become Gordon Ramsey)
    No quarries in the over world. There is a digger age with a variety of biomes to completely decimate.
    No pvp unless both parties agree or in defense.
    No asking for staff. I pick whomever shows promise.


    IGN :
    Age :
    FTB experience :
    Why do you want to join :
    Favorite mod :
    Ban History :
    Random ideas for the server :

    Banned Items

    There won't be any banned items. Only banned people who misuse items.

    Server Info

    The ip is
    It's running FTB Unleashed (Recommended Version)
    Everything is enabled except dartcraft(it's a bit op, but if someone makes a decent argument I may add it back)
    The server runs on 2.5 gigs of ram, and it is hosted in NYC.

    Extra Info

    There is a nexus to link everyone together.

    Spawn is in a Garden Biome/Bayou Biome (random spawning because essentials is too buggy to use right now)


    To get the pack just click Private Packs in the FTB launcher and type in "FTBUnleashed" no quotes. Download it and go back to the launcher and enable everything (dartcrarft is disabled on the server, but it makes no difference if you have it. Death-Timer causes crashes in the nether so use it at your own risk.)

    I hope to see you there!
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    posted a message on BattleAegis PvP [Factions] [1.6.2] [ObbyDestroy] [McMMO]
    IP: play.aegispvp.com
    Website: http://battleaegis.enjin.com/home

    This is BattleAegis PvP it's a Faction McMMO server that is completely fair and is growing in players and it is looking for you!. Come join today and Create a great faction that is better then the rest!
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    posted a message on [SURVIVAL] Spaced Out V1.1.2 [50+ DL!]
    Quote from Stickanator

    I wouldn't recommend playing on hardcore because food is kinda scarce in the beginning, I think I'm gonna add 1 melon seed at the beginning chest.

    I know how to make the Trading system automatic too, but it would take a large place and I like to keep things tidy, but if you know how to make a simple automatic trading, let me know :D

    I can make a system that should be avaiable in the spawn chunks and automatic when they mine the ore i was trying to link a video and i was failing, i'll post a link but i forgot to unmute my mic so food isnt what killed me it was enderman
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    posted a message on [SURVIVAL] Spaced Out V1.1.2 [50+ DL!]
    I am trying this on hardcore and leaving spawn is kinda hard since it's hardcore, I will show you how you can make the tradeing / ore system automatic
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    posted a message on Need Team to Make a Full Playable Summoners Rift Map !
    IGN: blinkenmage
    Age: 14
    Skype: deathnstrike
    Role(Builder, Redstone etc.): I can do Building Redstone and/or Hosting
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    posted a message on Feed The Beast - Ultimate mod pack v 1.0.1
    IGN: blinkenmage
    Age: 14
    I wish I can join because my previous server went down w/o notification.
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    posted a message on Lives in PvP

    I'd love another addition to the Team. It be a while before we do anything because my mic broke and we don't have a private server. Our plan is to make Youtube videos of our builds and some let's plays. I mostly make mini-games and pvp maps. what's your specialty?

    my specialty is redstone, if you want my skype its deathnstrike.
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    although, with my system you can configure tps through each life.
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    Hey, I can help you with this system but a side note, can i join your team. I made a life counter by using /scoreboard players set @p[x=-1064,y=36,z=-161,r=2,score_Lifes_min=5,score_Lifes=5] Lifes 4 in each commandblock, each one losing a point through each repeat line, with comparitors with a tp line and a repeated reset line that goes through

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    posted a message on OFFICAL SQUID ARMY SERVER
    how did you find the squid army?
    - Right here on the forums.
    do you like budder?
    - No, but I like Diamonds
    have you been banned on any sky army servers for being a squid?
    - No because I never logged on any.
    do you have the squid army skin?
    - No, cause I couldn't found it.
    IGN: blinkenmage
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