About Me

Hello there! My name is Blake Strauss! I have been on these forums for a while and I LOVE helping people out! I'll try and make this most appealing to the human eye.

Name: My name is Blake Strauss. My username is mostly "blakeman1". If blakeman1 is taken, ill use mrblakeman1. So if you don't see my username anywhere, try searching "mrblakeman1"!

Get to know about me: I am a funny guy. I like to make people laugh and smile. It's fun to make some new friends around here! Go ahead! Say "Hi" or greet me anyway you want. I have some glasses!

Social: You could always check me out on these social places: Youtube, Twitter, Minebook, Xbox, and Facebook! Subscribe, Follow, Like, DO WHATEVER! Just don't stalk me

I think of the forums is a great place to hang out at! Most people just play minecraft and only look at the minecraft section, but there's a whole new world at the off-topic section too!

If you're feeling generous you can go to one of my posts and hit that little green arrow! Very much is appreciated in that few seconds of clicking your mouse!

Dropbox Referral: Thinking about getting a Dropbox account? Use this link to sign up! You get extra storage space!

If you ever want to ask me any questions or know more about me, PM me on the forums! -Blake

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