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    posted a message on Pocket Realms Price
    This is what mojang says about the PC REALMS:
    "The subscription price per server has not been set, but will likely be around $10-15 per month."
    Further down they say:
    "Minecraft Realms for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, will be available through an in-app purchase, though further details have not yet been announced."
    (link: click here!)

    As you can see, the pc realms will cost 10-15 dollars, but the price of the pocket edition realms has not yet been announced. Hold your horses and wait till mojang announces more details about the PE realms.

    Besides that, a pc server is alot more demanding than a pe server. The world of a pe server is limited, and the fact that a mobile device can run minecraft says enough. They probably can run at least 10 pe servers on one 1 pc server.
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    posted a message on What is your favorite thing(s) about survival?
    The feeling when you craft a stack of TNT...
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w16a: Framerate issues
    Okay, so to fix the problem of low fps...
    Right click the MinecraftDev launcher, and hover over 'run with graphics processor', and click on 'high performance nvidia processor'. Give it a try. It solved the problem for me :)
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    posted a message on [snapshot 13w16a] Framerate issues in snapshot!
    As the title says, I get some serieus framerate issues in the new snapshot. I used to get around 80-100 fps in my single player world in 1.5.1 (with fancy far etc.), but with the new snapshot, I get around 25 fps with every setting to the lowest. In other words, minecraft is unplayable for me with the newest snapshot :( I have updated my java version to the newest version available, and my videocard drivers are also updated to the newest version.
    When I start minecraft with the new launcher, I get an error which repeats itself a few times when playing:

    Client> java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://assets.minecraft.net/1_6_has_been_released.flag
    Client> at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
    Client> at kq.a(SourceFile:237)
    Client> at bhq.run(SourceFile:114)
    Client> at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    My specs of my msi fx720 laptop:

    CPU: intel core i5-2410m clocked at 2.3 Ghz
    GPU: nvidia geforce gt 520m 1 GB gddr3
    RAM: 8 gb DDR3

    Does anyone experience the same issue? Please respond if you have a fix for this (because I really want to find the new horses :) )

    EDIT: Just to note, I can play bioshock infinite with normal graphics settings very smoothly (I've tested it a few minutes ago), so it's not an hardware issue.
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    posted a message on It's there any ''secret'' feature in 0.6.0?
    They put a ton of bugs as a secret feature... No but srsly, sand doesn't work half the time. When I installed the update, I make a cool trap, with sand above you which would suffocate you if you mined a block. But the sand kept glitching. My friend has a samsung galaxy 3, and on that phone everything works fine. Johan is aware of the sand bug, and hopefully he'll fix it soon. But for now, no sand traps for me :(
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    posted a message on [0.5.0] Skygrid!
    SethBling's skygrid survival finally for PE!

    You probably know SethBling's skygrid survival map. Well, now there's a pocket edition version of it! All credit goes to SethBling, check his topic out here!



    Let's play by ThePEGamers

    Short video by TheLittlebigblox

    The goal is to survive. And to do that, you'll have to find the items you need to survive! There's plenty of wood, coal and dirt to make a nice and safe home. Post screenshots of your skygrid world in the commends!

    Subscribe to SethBling on youtube!
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    posted a message on Johan's minecon surprise is...?
    Quote from Shadowiki

    Maybe an update for 0.6.0?

    Can someone record the WHOLE minecon and upload it on YouTube? I am not going to minecon this year :(

    Mojang is livestreaming minecon. The opening ceremony starts at saturday 10:30 am, and this will probably be livestreamed.
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    posted a message on 3D World Viewer and Editor
    Quote from Jocopa3

    I started coding textures, and so far the code for textures is so bad and dull that I'll praise anyone who can fix it or make it better when I release the open-source version. So far I have it working, but face issues with render distance stuff and need to finish more textures.

    (ignore the FPS counter in the title, it isn't accurate at all)

    (near-infinite render distance + no fog = more lag than in MCPE)

    If I remember correctly, MCedit changes the textures to really easy to render textures (1 color of green for the leaves block) if you get further away from the scenery. I'm sure this will increase the FPS. I don't know how to code that, because I'm not a pro in coding. Keep the good work going! It looks great already!
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    posted a message on Armor GUI concept. Make your opinion!
    Great idea! Also, nice photoshop. I'm sure johan will add this in 0.5.0
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    posted a message on Upcoming features MCPE 0.4.0 (no wiki) [Lastest: Creepers and chests]
    Johan is delivering great work, and pocket edition is finally receiving some great updates quick! The chests, beds and wheat will be awesome! I have a suggestion of a feature he really needs to add:
    Instead of creating a nether world when going to a portal, why not generating a normal world. Nether worlds would be too laggy because of the lava everywhere. But with the normal worlds, we would be able to collect more diamonds, iron and gold. And normal worlds lag alot less. Hit the green arrow if you agree!
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