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    Hello, and welcome to... Darkest Hour.


    ...well, this is a bit awkward.

    So yeah, the MCForums is shutting down, and this thread is basically dead.


    I am still making CTM maps; I have a mini-map I'm hoping to get out before the end of summer and a full-on I want to release before the end of the year (if I can). Be on the lookout for THESIS in the future.

    So Darkest Hour isn't dead. It's just on a gigantic haitus.

    If you want to find me, I'll be over at the CTM Community Discord, where a lot of CTM mapmakers and enthusiasts hang out. It's also a good place to find new CTM maps as well.

    If you want to join, I'll leave a link just below this message.
    Direct link (in case the above one doesn't work): https://discord.gg/ZvKveKs

    I'm hoping to release my upcoming maps on sites such as Curse Forge, PlanetMinecraft and the CTM Repository, as I also want to be moving future releases away from MediaFire (and it's thrall of malware-ridden ads).

    I'll see you all in hell.
    - Blade

    General Rules:

    1. Find and complete the Monument.

    2. You must find the Blocks for the Monument in Chests. You may not craft them, get them from sheep (Wool) or get them from the environment.

    3. You may craft the Metal Blocks for the Monument (if applicable).

    4. Do whatever it takes to survive! Mine blocks, craft items, etc.

    5. You may craft wool from string for non-Monument uses, such as beds, etc (Wool Objectives).

    6. Do not leave the map boundaries.

    7. Always play on at least Easy, never Peaceful.

    8. Do not craft, move, or break Ender Chests.

    9. You may not trade with bred/cured Villagers - only the ones already in the map.



    Difficulty is balanced around Normal.

    - Beginner (0 - 1)

    This is a very easy map, mostly meant for players that are new to CTM maps.

    - Easy (2 - 3)

    Most people should have little difficulty with this map.

    - Normal (4 - 5)

    Your usual CTM experience. Good for beginners and challenging for most CTM players.

    - Hard (6 - 7)

    A more challenging map. Will push most players to their limits.

    - Extreme (8 - 9)

    Even skilled CTM players will be faced with a daunting challenge.

    - Nightmare (10)

    The only thing that's here is you and a coffin. Try and have fun. I dare you.


    Quick Map Listing:

    Full CTM Maps:

    - #1: Rite of Passage (Work in Progress)

    Mini-CTM Maps:

    - The Artisan

    - Dark Metallurgy (Coming Soon! [Hopefully])

    Strawberry Jam Maps:

    - The Troll Caverns (6th Strawberry Jam Map)

    - Trinity Skies (7th Strawberry Jam Map)

    - The Blackmoor Mansion (8th Strawberry Jam)

    - The Count of Tuscany (9th Strawberry Jam)

    - An Eye for Detail (13th Strawberry Jam)



    (Currently, this map is in construction, so please bear with me!)

    Minecraft Version: 1.11 (1.12 if it comes out)

    Map Type: Intersections

    Planned General Difficulty: Hard (4 - 8)

    Some screenshots for your viewing pleasure while you wait:

    More images to follow in the future!

    Current Progress:

    I'll be updating this with current progress soon. Please, bear with me!


    Minecraft Version: 1.8.x

    Map Type: Central Hub

    General Difficulty: Normal (3 - 7)

    You awake in a art museum, cold and confused.

    There are no exits in sight; only an array of paintings hung on the walls.

    The paintings themselves, however, appear life-like. The characters and places within them seem to move and react on their own accord.

    It's almost as if you can reach out and step into them yourself...

    Download the map here! (Mediafire)

    Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qa3ga8rqglpri4y/Darkest_Hour_-_The_Artisan_V1.32.zip


    See More:



    These maps were created for the CTM Strawberry Jam, where people have 72 hours to make a mini-CTM map!
    You can check out other people's entries, as well as other previous Jams, here:


    Created for the 6th Strawberry Jam! (Traps, Trolls and April Fools)

    Minecraft Version: 1.8.x

    Map Type: Central Hub

    General Difficulty: Hard (4 - 7)

    The Troll Caverns is a small mini-CTM map I made for the 6th Strawberry Jam. It's a short map (you'll probably complete it
    in about 45 minutes) with dangerous designs and evil traps to trigger!

    Download the map here! (Mediafire)

    Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yvc41u5cp11vrvy/Darkest_Hour_-_The_Troll_Caverns_V1.02.zip


    Created for the 7th Strawberry Jam! (Shattered Skies)

    Minecraft Version: 1.8.x

    Map Type: Open World

    General Difficulty: Easy (3 - 6)

    Trinity Skies is a mini-CTM map made for the 7th Strawberry Jam! Explore the islands in the sky to find the three glass blocks and complete the Monument! Just don't fall into the void!

    Download the map here! (Mediafire)

    Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1jdutepscqb124q/Darkest_Hour_-_Trinity_Skies_V1.01.zip


    Created for the 8th Strawberry Jam! (The Haunting)

    Minecraft Version: 1.8.x

    Map Type: Linear-Branching

    Planned General Difficulty: Normal (4 - 7)

    An old mansion sits alone, in a stormy valley. Do you dare enter the ruined halls to discover its gruesome secrets, or will you run for your life? Can you face the dangers that lurk below, or will the creatures of the shadows tear you apart?

    Download the map here! (Mediafire)

    Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/81ya37iitsitaii/Darkest_Hour_-_The_Blackmoor_Mansion_V1.01.zip


    Minecraft Version: 1.8.x
    Map Type: Linear
    General Difficulty: Normal (5 - 6)

    In this Jam, builders were tasked with building a map based off of a song, and taking the lyrics literally when building their map. For my map, I chose the song "The Count of Tuscany" by Dream Theater (See the spoiler):


    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: a once in a lifetime exhibition:

    Minecraft Version: 1.12 (or snapshots)
    Map Type: Linear Branching
    General Difficulty: Normal (4 - 7)

    Join me as we have a look into the nature of humanity... through artistic meaning.

    ...What do you mean I'm pulling your leg?

    Please sit down, sir. There's no need for protest. All shall be explained soon enough...

    (This map was made for the 13th Strawberry Jam, the theme of which was "Eyesore" where builders had to make a map that played well!... and looked like hot garbage. Brace yourselves.)

    Click here to download the map!

    Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2sq95o78gyu3dym/Darkest_Hour_-_An_Eye_for_Detail_V1.01.zip


    If you would like to, you may make a Youtube video of my maps and may freely monetize them. You may also feel free to post them down below, and I'll check them out later!

    If you do wish to create a video of my maps, all I ask is that you put the map thread link in your video's description: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2328924-darkest-hour-a-ctm-series-by-blade933

    I will choose a few videos to feature on this page.

    The Artisan:

    By CthulhuToo, PmsProxyy, pakratt13, and HonneyPlays:

    By Xephos, Sjin and LividCoffee of the Yogscast


    Here's a comprehensive list of all the resources I use to make my maps. Feel free to check them out yourself!

    MCEdit Unified created by Khroki and Others

    MCEdit Filters created by Sethbling

    MCStacker created by bimbimma

    A Tree and Rock Collection by Monsterfish_

    Statue Set created by evilsketch/The Evil Sketch

    Statue Set created by halfdemonanbu

    WorldPainter created by pepsoft.org & Others

    MCEdit Filters created by Adrian Brightmoore or abrightmoore

    - - - - -
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    posted a message on Strawberry Jam V3 - A CTM Map Building Jam! Jam #17 over - check out the maps!

    Now that I've finally broken my streak of failed Jams, I present to you - a once in a lifetime exhibition:

    Join me as we have a look into the nature of humanity... through artistic meaning.

    ...What do you mean I'm pulling your leg?

    Please sit down, sir. There's no need for protest. All shall be explained soon enough...

    Minecraft Version: 1.12 (or snapshots)

    Map Type: Linear Branching

    General Difficulty: Normal (4 - 7)

    Click here to download the map!

    Direct Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2sq95o78gyu3dym/Darkest_Hour_-_An_Eye_for_Detail_V1.01.zip


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    -Whirling Phenomena (Map Version 1.1, Minecraft Version 1.11)

    Difficulty: 11/10
    Overall Enjoyment: 1

    A short summary of my experience with this map.

    This map is huge! That means it has huge guts! RIP AND TEAR!


    This map is a horrific, bloated, and terribly unbalanced mess – a map with very little checks and balances, excessive mob spam, randomized loot and so many other problems that I can only feel sorry for any poor soul who thought this would be a good map to play. This map is one of the worst maps I have ever played, and you should know exactly why.

    Comments: Warning - Map Spoilers (duh) and Wall of China.

    Good lorde, where do I start with this map? A map with problems that pile on more problems to try and create “difficulty.” A map that thinks inventory wipes in the early stages of the game with very little resources is perfectly okay. A map that proves that size does matter in that if it’s super large and long, then you’re not going to have a good time.
    This... is Whirling Phenomena. Now let’s rip through this mess of a map.
    The first problem is one that becomes obvious once you start the map: Everything’s too big! The starting area (Surface Blast) has more space than a football stadium, and there’s nothing to break up the emptiness except for a couple of dilapidated houses. Later areas continue this trend, with areas like Alchemical Cove and Floodgate Fortress being way too large for their own good.
    This is just one massive, long bridge of Floodgate Fortress. There's more where that came from.

    That only exacerbates the next problem: The map doesn’t give you enough resources. While at later stages in the map there are ways to circumvent this problem, at the early stages (think First intersection) this can be absolutely lethal. Extremely large areas with plenty of darkness for natural spawns makes traversing and dungeoneering a chore, and that’s also not helped by the occasional inventory wipe traps that exist.
    It also doesn’t help that the loot is completely randomized. By a loot table. Yes, the loot you get in most chests is determined by RNG. You could be hoping to find a bit of bread in one of your chests, though you’ll usually just find 7 Powered Rails, 11 Regular Rails, 27 Brick Blocks, 3 Spider Eyes and 2 Gunpowder. Any food that does come out is handed in morsels, which doesn’t help when areas are as large as football stadiums. Chests are just loaded with garbage that I’d never use in any stages of the game, and better equipment and gear is randomly doled out. Not even Yogg-Saron can help you here.
    Yes, these Flower Pots and Daylight Sensors will really help me. Yes, really. Such a help.

    It’s also a pain in the bum to build railways everywhere due to the sheer scale of the map. Yes, you heard me right, Railways. You think after being able to start using teleportation in MC 1.4 and beyond, we’d finally be able to start teleporting people instead of having players waste eons creating railways that only prolong the playtime in an extremely un-fun way. Due to the size of areas and location of railways, building them and making them is its own kind of pain and suffering. At one point, the railway location to/from one area was so long that I just cheated in a command block and made coordinate teleporters because it is that bad.
    Actual map balance is also something that is basically non-existent. There’s no honeypots to limit natural spawns, loot is usually handed in a box of RNG, and mob swarming is a common thing in this map. The mob swarming in this map is made worse by the fact that it uses 1.9 combat, so either you spam click doing little damage in hopes of escaping, or you slowly time your hits and wait for the mobs to consume you like slime. Also, there’s no shields in the first four dungeons. Yes, you heard me: NO SHIELDS – something that is basically absolutely required in the early game due to the broken skeletons. (Do note that if there is actually one this early in the map, please tell me since I never saw a shield until Intersection II) Thankfully, Fort Tomber (the third dungeon) plentifully makes use of skeletons by the boatload, so… there’s that.
    There's nothing like mob swarms in 1.11 to really dampen the mood.

    In addition to the regular monument, there’s also the bonus banner monument, that when all gathered together reveals a special secret, and by secret I mean coordinates. Coordinates that lead to a special trading place that let you buy all the stuff you want. FOR STICKS. Yes, you can buy diamonds, mob spawners and spawn eggs, and Intersection V loot boxes with all the RNG you could want FOR STICKS. I didn’t even fully complete the banner monument. I only had about twenty of them when I guessed where to go and found it. The moment you find this area is the moment the balance for the map pretty much shuts down as you can buy whatever you want or need for some tree branches.
    The only hard thing about finding the banners is you need to get one to be able to start gathering the others. I only got one because I happen to spot something obvious in one area of the map – some other banners you’d never know were there unless you had the clue. Example: The one at the monument is super obvious when you see it, but the one at Intersection 1 has no indication as to where it is. At the point you find your first one, you get a clue that pretty much spells out the location of the next one for you. You’d have to be an idiot to not know where the clues take you to – they’re not cryptic, they’re not mysterious, and not subtle in the slightest way.

    Anyone want to take a guess? Anyone? I don't think you could guess it, could you?

    Two boss battles exist in this map, and the difficulty variance is super high. The first one (in yellow) is super-easy: Nothing but a wither skeleton with some added health and whatever natural spawns appear. The later one in red, on the other hand, is absolutely hellish. In addition to a boss that deals about 2.5 hearts with full diamond armor while wearing Protection FIVE diamond armor, is immune to arrows and had enough health to be considered for a role in The Division as a boss fight, he spawns in a bedrock diamond-shaped room (way to be creative) that also has Flame Bow specter skeletons (a.k.a strays) that ride on bats, charged creepers and witches. Put that all together and you have one of the grind-iest bosses I’ve ever faced in Minecraft: he’s so grind-y he belongs in a bad MMO.
    This map also loves to just kill you and clear your inventory. There are plenty of traps where you run the risk of dying and losing everything, either to lots of TNT, lava or void. There’s no in-between as to the danger of the traps in this map. They are either super obvious and easily avoided or disarmed, or super hidden and you won’t see coming at all. Even the final dungeon has an inventory wipe, and it involves a bed and a floor of glowstone. You can already guess where this is going.
    Aesthetically, everything is either too bland or too colorful. The walls of most places are only of one kind, and when they’re not they are a terrible mix and mish-mash of blocks without rhyme or reason like in Cemetery of Ash. Caves and caverns were either over-smoothed or had obvious brushstrokes – no middle ground. Also, most of the buildings are boxes – nothing but boxes with some little ornaments like rail-guards and archways. The only thing I did like the look of was the building in Alchemical Cove, but even that was still box-y and blandly colored. But other than that, everything else was either bland or an absolute eyesore – so bad that I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to see an Ophthalmologist in the next few days.
    You were destined for... greatness? No, I meant blandness. Extreme blandness.

    On a brief side-note, some people may ask me: Is this map worse than NTWICCTM? Well, I’m gonna say yes, it is. NTWICCTM started good and got worse as it went on. This map started terribly… and got worse as it went on. The final dungeon of this map was on a level that matched NTWICCTM’s horrid slugfest, though I imagine some could see it as being even worse. And I’ll tell you all about it.
    1. The first part is climbing a poop volcano. This part is fairly easy if you’ve got the wing set in Cemetery of Ash, which I did.
    2. The next part, once you reach the top, is Pain Waters 2.0. Yes, that area from Legendary by Vechs, but much worse because:

    a. There are Guardians that swim in the water and lava, so you’re getting blasted by lasers from every direction. Hope you got some good food and armor!

    b. There’s no air pockets. There’s no chance of getting air so you better bring some Water Breathing potions (or just have a creeper in Lime Wool explode and get infinite water breathing from that)

    c. You’ll also want fire resistance since the Guardians with all their lasers will be shooting you all over the place. It’s impossible to keep straight when you have ten lasers locked onto you at all times.


    3. Once you get through that and fall into a pool of lava (or, if you’re like me, used an ender pearl), you cross a big bridge over void with natural spawns. Nothing too hard.
    4. You then reach a fake wool box that has a path behind it with lots of pressure pads and brown carpet. I imagine some of it is booby-trapped. There’s also a bed at the end of this hallway… in the Hell biome. Over glowstone. Over the void. Another inventory wipe, and right in the middle of the final dungeon!
    5. Next comes a square plaza-like area with lots of square buildings and cubes in the middle. Lots of natural spawns and mob swarming here! Behind that is a bedrock castle, as in just bedrock. Oh, and all the mineral blocks you could want. And more mob swarms with ghasts, blazes and custom zombies. Exploration is easy if you still have the wings.
    6. Once you reach the top, you have to go down into a room full of punch skeletons and charged creepers. One of the spawners hides the path downwards into a room full of shulkers and shulker spawners. Hope you brought some TNT.
    7. After that, you enter into bedrock halls with many charged creepers and charged creeper spawners. Note that if you’re wearing the Protection Five armor from the Red wool boss, you’re still likely to be one shot from the creepers here. Bring a lava bucket/a lot of shields and plenty of ladders/blocks.

    8. Once you get out, you’re outside the halls with empowered ghasts that can blow up the available stairs. You’ve also got blazes shooting you from every corner, so bring more fire resistance!
    9. Once you climb back up, you enter into a checkerboard floor room with half the blocks being holes into the void. If you have feather-falling, you can just fall and want ahead to the next room – not really hard, even with the ghasts shooting at you.
    10. After that, you enter a big empty room. But it’s not. Nope, it’s everyone’s favorite: Barrier mazes! Yes, mazes in which you have no idea where you should be going or if you’re going the right way without an excess of torches. Get out of that (and mind the gap) and you are now staring down a dozen blaze spawners and a couple super-powered ghasts.

    11. Once done with that, you enter a long fall and head down into a hallway with barriers as the floor. It’s completely safe except for the last bit right by the final room with the wool, which is just a hole.
    12. Congratulations, you’ve finally made it! The black wool is yours and so is this great treasure! By the way, you do know you have to travel all the way back, right? Through the painful waters, bedrock castles, and exploded hallways? No teleporters or railways. (Even NTWICCTM had a shortcut out of there once you finished the final area.)
    Oh yes, I just loooove those blocky, chunky bedrock castles. So much FUN!

    I don’t know how anyone could think this was okay. I don’t how anyone could think this is balanced. This map is an unbalanced, ugly and absolute mess; a dumpster fire not even the fire department could put out; a guide on how not to build a CTM map. Problems upon problems that pile on to create an absolutely atrocious experience. The only reason I beat this map is so I could tell you just how truly awful it is. Please, spare yourself the agony of this map: You’d get the same amount of pleasure playing this map as you would hugging a cactus.

    Aesthetics: 2
    Creativity: 1
    Gameplay: 1
    TOTAL: 4

    (Apologies for the Wall of China. I did try to get it into a spoiler, but for whatever reason the spoilers don't seem to be working)

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    Quote from KacperNFS»


    If that was the design for the monsters/areas, then they are both terribly and absolutely flawed.

    On the Zistonian Pigmen:
    If that is the intended "mechanic" for such a mob, then it is absolutely grotesque and disgusting for a number of reasons:
    1. The zombie pigmen spawn invulnerable for approximately 3-4 seconds (never entirely sure) so you can only push them around for a bit.
    2. They are fast, strong, and durable in one powerful mob. If even one of these aspects were lessened, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe.
    3. They also have Knockback II so they can just push you away from the spawner.
    4. (and most importantly) One alone is tough. Two or more are nothing but an absolute nightmare. Even if you clear one spawner out, you have more Zombiepigs coming from other angles waiting to knock you in a corner and start pummeling you to death.
    5. I really hate the idea that I need a specific item to actually break a spawner or do an action (not talking about items with special actions, mind you) unless it's actually an interesting gimmick (like, say, Ragecraft III's Phantom Ruins - no, it's not unique, but at least it wasn't super annoying). Sure, having a Smite/Bane of Arthropods sword helps with certain enemies and Efficiency can help with breaking spawners quicker. That doesn't mean that ones with super-high levels should be required/necessary just to defeat a mob, pass a dungeon or break a spawner.

    As for Eternal Battle:
    How am I supposed to know that I'm to shoot the button? From the distance I'd need to cover to actually see the button, I might as well as just go and press it myself if I'm that close. When my brother and I (years ago) first played it, that's what we thought we had to do - brave the potions and hit the button (with our hands). Made our way over, barely survived the swarm of potions, thoughts of victory and accomplishment in our head and... teleported right into lava. All of our stuff gone. Unless you'd have seen someone do it or knew about it ahead of time (and knew about hitting wooden buttons with arrows, which I imagine some players don't), there was no way you could tell that a wooden button was in place.

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    I decided I wanted to try reviewing more CTM maps, so today I chose to do an old map from long ago:

    -Inferno Mines by Vechs (Map Version 3.1, made for Minecraft 1.5.2)

    Alright, I'm done with this map.

    See you in the after-life.

    Difficulty: 9

    Overall Enjoyment: 3


    I first played this map with my brother through rose-tinted glasses: Having only played Vechs CTM maps, I had little idea of the community that actually surrounded it. So, after a number of years and more CTM experience under my belt (both playing and creating), I decided to revisit this map, wondering how it would stand the test of time after extensive growth of the genre.


    I should have chosen to stay home. As in, "lock the door and never leave home."


    So let's dig in to the dumpster that is Inferno Mines, shall we?


    There are dozens of problems to go through, so I'll start with one of the obvious ones: the loot has no balancing at all. It's all randomly placed into the map with no care, and the problems can easily be seen going on. Every chests is filled with piles of coal, weapons, armor, potions, and so forth in uncountable numbers. Upon completing the first area of the map (and going through Skylight C), this is what I had in my inventory when I finished the first dungeon:

    The first dungeon. The first dungeon.

    And this just kept going on. Before I even got to the second intersection, I had almost full iron armor. Heck, in Hane's Disgrace, there a giant piles of Minecarts Chests that give you all the armor you could ever need, even a full set of diamond armor. In the fifth/sixth dungeon. Vex had little to no balancing in his loot, and it really shows when you can get full diamond before even completing half the Monument.


    Since the loot is obviously out of whack, the only way to bring the line of balance in tow is to up the ante with the mobs in the most unfair way possible. Witches with super-speed and high-jump (and this was in 1.5 where they had 31 second poison with super accuracy.), Skeletons with super-speed and Punch II bows, Zombie knights with two Flame skeletons on top, a super-durable cactus mob with an extreme level of thorns. And lets not forget the worst of all: The Zistonian Pigmen. Quick enemies with high damage, Fire Aspect II and being invincible for a few seconds once spawned (in addition to their spawners summoning more within seconds), you've got a recipe for an absolute disaster. I've never faced a mob that I have despised more than the Zistonian Pigman.


    And that's just counting the custom mobs in 1.5. There's still your usual slew of blazes, creepers, poison spiders, etc. But normally, they come in swarms. Lush Ruins has rows of spawners spitting out cave spiders left and right, Everforge suffers from a hectic skeleton infestation, and Eternal Conflict is nothing but an endless mob of zombies and wither skeletons. When the map isn't using its super-dangerous OP mobs, it's swarming the player with regular mobs.


    Oh, and let's not count out the Fleecy Mobs. They were either super easy to defeat or extremely tough - never in-between. The Fleecy Mob in Salire Castle was easy to beat - I just stood a distance while I mowed it down with my bow. On the other hand, the Fleecy Mob in Black had me killed about three times before I finally got the wool. The only real "challenge" might have been trying to pick up the wool while seven other copies of the Fleecy Mob had spawned as well.

    That is just one row of spawners out of the dozens in this dungeon.

    The dungeons themselves could pick up where the rest of the map dropped off, right? There's still some redemption, any hope at all? After all, this must be his best - his opus magnum! Surely, he pulled out all the stops to make his dungeons sparkle and shine, right?!


    *Cue TF2 Engineer saying "Nope"*

    Most of the dungeons themselves are fairly bland and boring. All of them take place in the sandstone-laden caves they lie in, with little variation between colors or blocks used. In addition, areas usually consist of only one of two block types with little mixing of materials. Most of the areas are Veches' standard, blocky style. Very basic pillars of stone keep the roofs from crumbling while standard, banal walkways keep the gameplay "going." Though there were a few areas I liked the looks of (Flame Citadel and Vexian Gallery come to mind), they don't make up for the absolute dullness produced by every other dungeon in this map.

    Well, I think this looks nice IMO. Despite the very basic design.

    And I'm just talking in terms of aesthetics/design, not specifically gameplay. And that's what really kills it for me. The map could be super ugly and if the gameplay at least had some heart to it, maybe I wouldn't be so demeaning to Inferno Mines.


    But NO. The difficulty curve was a wild roller coaster that never sat firmly in one spot. At times, it's heartless and brutal. At others, it feels like it's not even trying to kill me. The gameplay in this map feels like its trying to make you quit playing the map rather than giving you a reason to keep pushing on.


    Allow me to give a few examples to you:


    Lush Ruins: A large open cavern with large piles of mossy bricks everywhere. Most of it feels empty and dead, and where there is life, it is in volatile abundance. Creepers, skeletons and cave spiders all pour out of the rows of spawners that lie everywhere in this area. Also, there's the occasional death potion spawner that gives you every bad effect in the game at one, and if you don't have a milk bucket/some way of off-putting the damage, you're dead. It felt like someone made an RPG, forgot to add most of the RPG elements, and where they did, it was completely unbalanced.


    Zistean Blast Caverns (I don't remember the name completely, it's in Intersection III): This may have been just a standard, boring old dungeon if not for the armies of Zistean Pigmen everywhere. Heavy damage and serious Fire Aspect, just one of these mobs could easily cut a player down. Just one hit would deal two whole hearts of damage (not counting the fire) while I was wearing full iron armor. On Normal. Even if you do manage to kill one, the spawner keeps pumping out more of them. And when there's more than one Pigman spawners, it's just made much, much worse. I died almost ten times in this area trying to clear out the spawners to get to the wool.

    Don't worry, I'll get to Eternal Conflict soon.

    Zistonian Battlecry: Nothing but a straight-forward run towards a wool box, blocked by super-thorns, Zistonian pigmen and creepers. All seems normal until you get right up to the end and then a swarm of ghasts and blazes descend upon you. I was trapped behind the glass to the wool box due to the mob that grew right outside. The only reason I was able to escape alive was due to ender pearls (which, again, the map gives in abundance, along with everything else.)


    Eternal Conflict: This area was one of the worst dungeons I had ever witnessed, taking everything bad about this map and stuffing it into one dungeon. First, you are thrown into a wooden pseudo-fortress where swarms of zombies and wither skeletons come pouring in. You get a bunch of snow golems and an occasional iron golem to help you out, but unless you can get out of the fortress, they're just going to keep building up. Once you manage to escape that, you have to go to the castle in the corner and slay a Fleecy Mob to get the Black Wool - don't forget all the other mobs that come to his aid. Finally, you have to go to the other side of the map to get to a teleporter that takes you out of the dungeon that has death potions (the ones like in Lush Ruins) pouring down on you constantly. And once you get out of the dungeon, you don't teleport to a safe spot where you get the chance to calm yourself or catch a breather. Nope, you end up in mid-air. In the Vexian Gallery. Right above lava. I actually died and had to do the whole dungeon over again because of that death.

    This map didn't feel like fun. This map felt like I was being held prisoner by a sadist - a sadist who wanted nothing more than to see me crying in agony and pain. This map is a gauntlet of pain and frustration to see how long it takes the player before they through their computer out of the nearest window in blind, seething rage. I didn't enjoy my time here, and I wouldn't recommend this map to any poor soul who would want to even consider it.


    Aesthetics: 3

    Creativity: 4

    Gameplay: 2

    TOTAL: 9

    Edit: Forums decided to mess up order, bolding and so on, should be fixed now.

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    posted a message on [CTM] The Ultimate -CTM COMMUNITY- Thread

    I remember when Vechs maps were all the rage...

    I'll show myself out.

    Honestly though, Vechs' maps were what got me into CTM maps in the first place (and pretty much why the genre is here in the first place), but there's no doubt that even the best mapmakers can end up making a bad map. I'm just wondering if Vechs will ever return to the CTM mapmaking scene (and I'm not talking Super Hostile Online, that doesn't really count IMO) and if he does, will he be able to stand out from the rest of the community? Since we have maps like Myriad Caverns (which is essentially a good, modern Veches map), Ragecraft III (the current pinnacle of CTM mapmaking) and many other great/terrific maps, I'm not sure if he'll be able to compete if he just sticks to his roots rather than try to grow out with what is available now.

    (Then again, it's Vechs. He could probably make a bad map and still make half a million downloads.)
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    posted a message on Strawberry Jam V3 - A CTM Map Building Jam! Jam #17 over - check out the maps!

    Another Jam round is coming up! Can't wait to see what we get with the theme of "Apocalypse." Also,

    *looks at new Google Doc for jam maps*


    (Someone always gets my name wrong...)

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    posted a message on [CTM] The Ultimate -CTM COMMUNITY- Thread
    Quote from SirBrock»

    So I haven't played this game in 2 years and a couple days ago I decided to play it and go back to my favorite thing about it, Making CTM maps. I worked a little bit on a map and decided to play test it in the most current version 1.9 and It's impossible. 1.9 completely breaks CTM maps, This new combat system is awful, The attack cool down is the worst thing ever implemented in this game. The only way I can get around it is if I make the player wear a certain item that negates the cool down effect which I refuse to do because that means the player will loose an armor slot. Are all future CTM maps going to have to be made and played in 1.8?

    Honestly, that's quite an exaggeration. We've already had multiple 1.9 CTMs that show you can make a good CTM map with the new combat (Krose's Supposed Golden Path and Kaladun's The Red Count are nice examples, IMO), but I'd say that it's harder than before. Though some of the other changes do kinda make up for it:

    - The new Repeat and Chain command blocks make setting up commands easier than ever before. I never liked setting up lots of clocks to do it all, plus it removes some of the lag from those massive clocks. Plus, there's the new scoreboard "tagging" system so I don't have to make 100 different scoreboards for everything.

    - Elytra offer a new opportunity for travel in maps - glide through the air in a skylands-based map, soar over large open-world maps. Plus, they're a ton of fun in their own right! (In fact, I'm making a mini-CTM that uses them as the main transport!)

    - The new potion effects such as levitation offer new opportunities for mobs and dungeons (and traps - levitating straight into a lava roof isn't really pleasant, I imagine.)

    - Since armor and attack speed is directly related to a datatag like damage and knockback resist, there are more opportunities for custom items to be made.

    So I wouldn't say it is impossible, but I would definitely say it is harder to do. I certainly feel like they could've done much better with the combat - some new weapons would have been awesome. I'm not angry with it, I'm just disappointed in the update, really - they had the opportunity to do something awesome with the combat, but all we really got were cooldowns and a shield (Sidenote: Did you really have to compress the banner images on shields, Mojang? Why can't I have my awesome shield designs look just like my cool banners? Why? Why?!)
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    The flames surround you... Brimstone burns at your throat...

    You look forward, and you see the blazing walls towering skyward... Dark warriors stare down from above...

    The Everburning Citadel awaits.

    This dungeon is very W.I.P right now - I'd say I only have about 5-15% done. Since this is the final dungeon for my map, this one is going to be huge. But since I love what I've done so far, I have really wanted to show off what I made for a while. So, here it is!

    On the other hand, I have something cold as well.

    Enter - The Snowbound Mines!

    This dungeon's a shorter one - it's really just to prepare you for the upcoming dungeons with some iron tools/resources. I have about 40-50% of it done, so this one will be finished quite soon.

    Any feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

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    I can't wait for Minecraft 1.11: The Septum Immoriel Update. Then again, I may have to.

    Well, Searge just recently showed off some new features in the SI update from his Twitter, and the update looks awesome so far!...

    Don't worry, we'll be getting the update by 2027. At best.

    (Really though, Fangride finish that map sometime this millennium so I don't have to put in a joke about you not having finished Septum Immoriel in my map. Also, because it looks awesome and I want to play it.)
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