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    Hi guys I'm here to complain about McBans and how server admins ban you because you've been banned on other servers. If one idiot bans you unfairly suddenly all these other servers want to ban you too! That is all.
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    It's... A boat....
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    Built this AGES ago. Pretty Proud.
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    Yeah, sorry but the houses look a bit... dull.
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    New tower = AMAZING.
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    MCEdit this into a normal world? It would look amazing on a plains biome.
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    Build the Death Star. 1:1 See you in 2020.
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    Hello everyone, here I am going to start writing a story in Minecraft about a Mining expedition. I hope you enjoy it please leave a comment and your thoughts about the story. Enjoy!
    Please take the time to reply on ideas for me to do with the story as to where I should go with it.

    Chapter 1: The Shelter
    The High King of Araleah was in his Throne Room discussing what they should do with his Military Advisor. They spoke for hours, leaning over a map of the continent. Eventually they decided on what must be done to keep the army well supplied and the King told his steward what to do. A party of five men and the expedition leader was sent out to the North-East section of Araleah to build a small colony and mine as many resources as possible and send it back to the capital by cow-drawn carts. The men set off and walked for nearly 6 days before they arrived. The area where they were to start mining was a flat, grassy plain with a hugely menacing jungle nearby.They decided where they were going to build the stockpile and the main shelter and got to work right away.It took them hardly a few days to build it as they had nice weather and the ground was nice and solid. The men were very satisfied with the finishing product.They build a little campfire and some chairs to sit around it. The men had to sleep on the grass next to the fire while the expedition leader, an arrogant woman named Jacqueline got to sleep inside the shelter in a cosy bed with warm, wool sheets.

    Chapter 2: Getting to work
    Jacqueline made it very clear that she wanted the men to hurry up and get to work. So they did. They started building the mine and they collected up a fairly large amount of cobblestone which they prepared to send back to the King's army.

    After a few days of hard mining they struck water. It was a freshwater underground pool which would supply the expedition with a virtually endless supply of clean, fresh water.

    The men realised that water alone wasn't going to keep them alive and the rations that they started the trip with was dwindling. So they started on building a pen to keep some cows in that they found nearby. This would supply them with leather for clothes, beef for food and fresh milk and cream.

    Jacqueline stormed out of her cabin yelling orders to the men telling them that she wanted a map made of the surrounding area in case there is a nearby threat so two of the men reluctantly gather up some supplies grabbed an empty map and went exploring.
    It didn't take them long to find their first landmark, a pool of molten rock on the surface. They were amazed but didn't want to get too close and they decided to move on.

    Eventually they came to a village and they were extremely curious about it so they went and had a look.
    It turned out that the village belonged to the King and the villagers there were very friendly and the men spoke to them about how their food was low and the villagers said they would be glad to help and gave one of the men a couple of seeds. They said they were Melon seeds but the men have never heard of these but they took them anyway.

    After they had filled up the map they returned to the group and showed Jacqueline the map.

    "Good." Was all she said.
    They grunted in annoyance and went over by the campfire and decided to plant the "Melon" seeds which they had been given.

    They looked back at their work and were quite happy. If these seeds were as good as the villagers lead them to believe then they would never have to worry about food supplies again.

    Chapter 3: Out of the rain
    The King's men came that day to collect the men's gathered cobblestone and deliver some supplies to them.

    As soon as they turned up Jacqueline stopped being the arrogant self centred woman that she usually is and became a nice, sweet person and acted if she actually cared about anything that they were saying. However that instantly changed after the King's men had left.
    The workers decided that they were tired of sleeping out in the open in the freezing cold nights so they took the task upon themselves to build a house large enough for them all. They decided to make it look nice and they all went off to collect some sand for glass.

    They started smelting it immediately.

    After that had a fair amount of glass they began the construction on the building.

    It took them just over a day to complete the magnificent structure which they were to call home.

    They made themselves each a bed to sleep in.

    Also making a spare room for anyone who is sick. Just in case.

    The men that had discovered the village went to check on their Melon seeds but it was no longer a seed and they had a fully grown Melon for the workers to eat.

    They collected the four peices of Melon and gave one to each worker and it was absoloutly delicious.

    They had just finished building when Jacqueline came up to them whining pointing at her soggy boots. The men didn't hear a word she said but instantly understood what the hag wanted done, So they got to work again only a few hours left of the day.

    They completed the paths to each of the buildings and it was great. You could walk from building to buildding without getting your feet wet!

    Chapter 4: Surprise
    Today the men were working in the mines when a large group of about 20-30 turned up and began speaking to Jacqueline. The men were all dressed in metal plate armour and they all rode horses.
    They were the King's men.
    They came to the settlement and set up their captain's tent while the rest just sleep on the ground.

    They told the workers about how they had received intelligence that Araleah's operation here had been discovered by the enemy and that they had sent these troops here to fortify the settlement in case of an attack as this location provided an excellent base of operations for the army. The first thing they done was get the workers to build a watchtower where the archers could fire from and enemies could be spotted from far away.

    It did not take the experienced workers long to finish the tower. The King's men immediately manned the tower and had it will defended within hours of it being built.

    The soldiers had also brought dogs with them as they could sniff out the enemy a long time before the men could.

    As for extra safety a bunker in the nearby hill was built to keep an eye on the village and would be a good place to launch a surprise attack on the enemy from.

    They also brought things to scare away the enemy which they placed around the perimeter of the settlement.

    They were ready.

    Chapter 5: The Battle
    It was late afternoon when the dogs started behaving strangely, whining, barking and moving restlessly.
    Being careful the captain set all the men on high alert and it was a good thing he did. The enemy's men stormed over the hill yelling their blood-chilling battlecries which echoed across the vast green field which is where the battle is going to occur. They had huge catapults which only managed to get a few shots off before the King's archers burnt it to a crisp with their flaming arrows.
    Then the enemies men ran in with terrifying speed to try and catch the soldiers by surprise. When they got closer the King's men realised that they were not humans at all! The army was made of Zombies, Skeletons with bows and oversized spiders!
    This did not worry the King's men at all and they continued to fight bravely. They fought until early morning at it was a great battle. Despite the odds the King's men emerged from the battle victorious. Walking over the dead bodies of their fallen comrades and their enemy.
    The destruction to the Village and the surrounding area was horrifying. The men would have much work to do in the coming weeks.

    The repairs began immediately, except on the watchtower. They decided the watchtower would no longer be needed as the King's men were going to push the invading army back to it's homelands.
    When the workers were cleaning up they found the dead body of Jacqueline.

    None of them were too upset but they gave her a nice funeral anyway.

    Chapter 6: A Fresh Start

    This part of the story follows the Captain of the King's men to where he is leading his men to wipe out the remaining monsters.
    The captain yelled at his men to hurry up and that they didn't have all night to set up the tent from where they will begin raiding the monsters. But little did they know they were already here. One of the men heard the deep growing of one of the monsters and drew his sword, alerting all of the other men that there was a danger. They only saw it when the monsters lit two torches and placed them on the ground. Lighting up the surrounding area.

    This was the monster's way of how a battle initiated although the Captain didn't know that. So he and his mean charged in with raging fury.
    In the end... The captain was killed and the King's men were slaughtered. Leaving the settlement open to attack at any time.

    Back to the expedition.
    The workers realised that they were lacking a proper leader. So they decided to elect one. They person most suited for the job seemed to be Tybalt, one of the men who got the map for Jacqueline. They held a ceremony to officially elect him the leader.

    I Also got the Noppes' NPC mod idea from Bramma10. The mod can be found here.
    Also, Have a look at Bramma10's Story HERE!
    I am using the ObiCraft Texture pack which can be found here. It is absoloutly amazing.

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