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    posted a message on Hosting 2v2v2v2 survival games!!

    I'm going to be hosting some survival games throughout the night/day, would prefer it if you bring a partner or have a mic that works but neither are required. The way we do our survival games are a bit different then most so expect a few additional rules ^^

    Add me or post your GT below
    IGN> Blackoutfallen

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    posted a message on hosting 2v2v2v2 survival games!

    Hosting some survival games on xbox one, send me a friends request

    IGN: blackoutfallen

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    posted a message on Mc Survival games
    Hosting them all day, Add me on live and ill give you all the info.

    GT: blackoutfallen
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    posted a message on Hosting MC survival games
    Now that the XboxOne version is out i am now hosting the survival games again. Read below for details and also add me to join.

    What is the survival games? The survival games is were 4 teams of 2 battle it out while trying to survive and gather food and gear. Mining and exploring is completely open but there is a 1 day protection to gather your resources and traps. Maps are not given at the start and you will need to throw it in a hole the hoster makes and make your own later on.

    GT: blackoutfallen

    PS: Must have a mic to communicate with your teamate
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    posted a message on Hosting Mc Survival games V3
    All day today (7/25) will be hosting the survival games. If you don't know the rules and how to play they are all below. Make sure to bring a partner if you want as well!

    How it's played: 4 teams of 2 will compete head to head but there's a catch. You only have 1 life. Once you enter the game (Map is randomly generated every game) everyone will put there maps in a hole made by the host and then it's game start, however no killing can take place for a full day. After that, The games are on. Building, Mining and collecting resources is all allowed. You can build a map later on but have to throw your starting one in the hole at the start. Dying by mobs does NOT count as a death.


    *No lava towers

    *Death by mobs does not count

    *Fall Damage does not count as a death unless set as a trap

    *No stalking til a day has passed

    *No Duping

    P.S: for the most part we think it's best if you have a mic to talk to your team mate, if not we will try and pair you with someone who is fine with no mic.

    GT: blackoutfallen
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    posted a message on Looking for people to play survival with
    Been kinda bored on minecraft lately so decided to go to the forums to see if anyone is interested in playing survival with me or possibly just working on a build project iv been working on. Must have a mic and be 16+ to avoid squeakyish voices. I'm online mostly at night, but i'm on here and there in the morning. If you up to join then just add me on live.

    GT: blackoutfallen
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    posted a message on Need builders for MC hunger games map
    i'm building a hunger games map the size of all the map with city districts and a lot of cool things all around. i'm in need of builders to help me with this project. I'm doing it totally from scratch so no horizion or anything. If your interested just add me

    GT: blackoutfallen
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    posted a message on Mc Survival Games V3
    How my version is played: 4 Teams of 2 or 2 teams of 3 will go against each other in a survival based match up. The map will be randomly made on the spot by the host (me) and ill make a 5 block down hole. Once everyone is in the game they will throw there map in the hole and then the games begin! The rules are below


    *No killing until a full day has passed (so until it's morning again)

    *No Stalking players on the first day

    *This isn't the hunger games so you CAN craft anything you like

    *Maps are allowed via crafted but not the ones given at the start

    *If you die by a Mob or anything that isn't another human enemy player, You are NOT out.

    *When you die by a player your out, No complaining please.

    Last thing: You can invites friends to play and be on your 2 man team, in fact i encourage to bring them. Also please make sure you have a pretty decent connection, Chunk Load failure often happens.

    GT: blackoutfallen P.S: include in your friends request "SG"
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    posted a message on [WIP] Doctor Who Client Mod - Full Minecraft Retrofit - Coders, Pixel Artist, Modelers Needed, iKingsSGC™
    In Game Name:blackoutfallen

    Short Example of Graphic Experience.: Iv been doing pixel art for around 4 years now, Along with a lot of other graphics design related things. i also do a small amount of modeling/animation, video editing & effects and a little bit of coding.

    Why the iSGC™ Doctor Who Client Mod : Long explanation ahead:About a year ago i made a attempt to create my own game, Now considering i don't have huge coding experience it took me awhile but i did create a bit of the game. I used my knowledge with Cinema 4D & Photoshop to create the models, pixel art & animation to create the content. However i didn't have the man power to get a lot of it done so i quit the project. So for a long time now iv been looking for something i can work on, And why not help make a beast looking mod for one of my favorite shows :D

    Time You Can Dedicate to creating Pixel art and Textures for the mod: 5-6 hours a day usually, At minimum 2-3 hours. Im on most the day so it should be no problem

    Do you understand that a position on the development team comes with a strict understanding that any leaks of information or confidential mod content or information will not be tolerated: I understand this fully and the project itself won't be talked about amongs others (including friends of mine) unless it is already publicly posted information by the staff team.

    Will you participate in all group meetings and group activities? ill be open most the day to participate in any and all group meeting or activities, Im a very social person so no problem there :)

    Name(Username): blackoutfallen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance(optional): None to show atm
    Fears: Heights, Spiders (There so creepy)
    Personality: idealist, Optimistic, Humorous
    Occupation: Graphics design for a friend of my dads business (Yes i get paid)
    Skills: Basic & Advanced knowledge of computers in general, Some modeling experience, Minor coding knowledge, Pixel artist, Video editing and Audio mastering/Creating (Perfecting and creating new sounds/sound effects)

    Three full examples of past work and experience: I have no examples on me of pixel art (will make sure to post them in a few days when i find my flash drive with most my work on it) I do have 1 example of some old work i did with Cinema 4D a year ago. Although iv got a lot better at it.

    One idea in which would benefit the mod in a uniquely creative way: Your own custom created team to adventure along side you while you travel along with killing the enemies and having duties.(Read ahead for how it will work) The more enemies you kill & the more you travel, The more a a small vertical line will start to fill. Once filled they will be prompted (if this is even possible) with a Creation screen. You choose the hair style (out of the ones open to you) along with things like clothing and gender. They will all have there own individual levels and the more they progress the more access they get to weapons they can use along with other random things. At level 5 they will be given the key to the tardis, A random factor to this can mean out of a certain chance they might try and use the tardis for personal use and leave. If they do a warning will pop up saying " (Insert character) has changed the future (or past) within moments the game will load and you might spawn at a messed up world or planet among other things. Thats just a small amount of what i had planned but that's just the general idea.
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