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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft v1.9.4 has been released, featuring the new Rift Stabilizer (a block that prevents teleportation attempts to/from its vicinity) and Display Case (a block that allows to display your item without anyone but you being able to access it), alongside many fixes and some minor improvements.
    With this release, SecurityCraft is now also available to download on Modrinth!

    Downloads for Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, and 1.19.2 here:
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/all
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/versions

    - New: Taser effects and damage are now configurable
    - New: The Block Change Detector can now show highlights in the world, marking where it detected block changes
    - New: Ability to change a block pocket's outline color
    - New: Scrolling in the SecurityCraft Manual while holding the control key will now scroll through subpages (if any exist)
    - New: Rift Stabilizer, a block that detects and prevents teleportation attempts in its vicinity
    - New: Display Case. Securely display your items
    - New: [1.12.2-1.16.5, 1.18.2+] ProjectE support (all reinforced blocks now have an EMC value)
    - New: [1.16.5+] Japanese translation (Thanks momo-i!)
    - New: [1.16.5+] The I.M.S. is now waterloggable
    - New: [1.17.1+] Glow Display Case
    - Change: The Laser Block now needs a Redstone Module in order to emit a redstone signal when someone walks through the laser
    - Change: Made Fake Water's damage equivalent to lava damage
    - Change: [1.12.2] The screens of the Trophy System and Sonic Security System item are now no longer pausing the game when open, and can now be closed with the "Open/Close Inventory" key
    - Change: [1.16.5+] Most of SecurityCraft's screens are now no longer pausing the game when open, and can now be closed with the "Open/Close Inventory" key
    - API: Changes to ICodebreakable and IPasswordProtected to cut down on duplicate code and make them easier and more clear to use
    - API: [1.12.2] Changed EnumLinkedAction to an interface and the enum values to records for easier usability
    - API: [1.12.2] Several methods in TileEntityLinkable were changed to account for the EnumLinkedAction change
    - API: [1.12.2] EnumLinkedAction has been renamed to ILinkedAction
    - API: [1.16.5+] Changed LinkedAction to an interface and the enum values to records for easier usability
    - API: [1.16.5+] Several methods in LinkableBlockEntity were changed to account for the LinkedAction change
    - API: [1.16.5+] LinkedAction has been renamed to ILinkedAction
    - Fix: Nether portals can replace reinforced blocks when generating
    - Fix: Can't place blocks on blocks locked by a Sonic Security System
    - Fix: Sentry bullets can remove item frames
    - Fix: The Harming Module does not work when a Laser Block is powered
    - Fix: Several issues in various language files
    - Fix: Potion particles are visible when being in Fake Lava
    - Fix: Briefcase and Disguise Module item duplication
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash involving the Electrified Iron Fence
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Electrified Iron Fence Gate is not affected by EMPs
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Plants and saplings cannot be placed on Reinforced Dirt and similar blocks
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Interacting with blocks while holding a Sonic Security System may sometimes place it for a short while
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] A Sentry's name does not show in the Sentry Remote Access Tool
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Mobs can spawn on reinforced ice and reinforced iron trapdoors
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Password-protected furnaces close even if some players still have it open
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Tooltips in some screens can overlap when tabbing through buttons while hovering over other areas that show a tooltip
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The Sonic Security System has no placing sound
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Some reinforced blocks can be destroyed by unintended vanilla means
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Option tooltips do not update with the new value when the option is changed
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Block entities of reinforced stairs don't get properly removed when the block is broken, leading to inteaction issues with other blocks placed in the same block space
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Grass can grow under disguised blocks when it shouldn't
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Crash when trying to disguise a block as/project some blocks that don't always have a block entity associated with them
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Block Pocket Manager's size button and offset slider are available to non-owners
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Snow layers can be placed on Reinforced Ice and Reinforced Packed Ice
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Snow layers cannot be placed on Reinforced Mud
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Some blocks don't show up properly in the state selector of the Projector/Disguise Module
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Disguisable blocks do not show the proper block model sometimes
    - Removed: [1.16.5+] Finnish translation due to being outdated and incomplete
    - Misc: [1.18.2] The minimum required Forge version is now 40.1.84
    - Misc: [1.19.2] The minimum required Forge version is now 43.1.8

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!
    SecurityCraft v1.9.3 has been released! This is a smaller update than usual, mainly focusing on bringing new reinforced blocks to the mod in Minecraft 1.19. However it also includes some quality of life improvements, like being able to disable SecurityCraft's blocks temporarily using the Universal Block Modifier, or a new way of viewing and removing blocks that are linked to a Sonic Security System.
    Please note, that while we have released both a 1.19 and 1.19.1 version of v1.9.3, we will not continue updating the mod for 1.19, and instead focus on 1.19.1.
    - New: Items can now be dragged from JEI into the Inventory Scanner's ghost slots
    - New: Several blocks now have a new Universal Block Modifier option to disable them
    - New: Blocks that have been linked to a Sonic Security System can now be seen and removed in the item's and block's screen
    - New: [1.12.2] The Sentry can now be deactivated by ICBM Classic's EMP blast. It can be reactivated by rightclicking it with redstone
    - New: [1.16.5-1.17.1] Reinforced sand has been added to the "minecraft:sand" tag
    - New: [1.16.5+] Item and block tag "securitycraft:reinforced/terracotta"
    - New: [1.17.1+] Some of SecurityCraft's blocks, items, and entities can now trigger sculk sensors
    - New: [1.18.2+] Several additions to minecraft's tags, including "minecraft:azalea_grows_on", "minecraft:sand", and "minecraft:terracotta"
    - New: [1.19+] Reinforced Blocks: Mangrove Planks, Mangrove Log, Stripped Mangrove Log, Stripped Mangrove Wood, Mangrove Wood, Mangrove Slab, Mangrove Stairs, Mangrove Button, Mangrove Pressure Plate, Mud, Packed Mud, Mud Bricks, Mud Brick Slab, Mud Brick Stairs, Mud Brick Wall, Ochre Froglight, Verdant Froglight, Pearlescent Froglight
    - New: [1.19+] Support for WTHIT, a fork of HWYLA
    - Change: Reduced the Rail Mine's explosion size by 25% to make it comparable to other mines' explosions
    - Change: Blocks that entities can intersect with, such as Laser and Inventory scanner fields, mines and the Cage Trap, now only trigger when the entity touches their bounding box
    - API: Added DisabledOption for having a default option to disable blocks
    - API: Added Option#getKey and Option#getDescriptionKey to easily access the language keys associated with an option
    - API: IEMPAffected has been added. It can be used to shut down select SecurityCraft blocks and entities when they're within range of an EMP blast
    - API: IEMPAffectedTE has been added as a default implementation for tile entities which want to implement IEMPAffected
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The default display name of some blocks is always "Customize"
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash with disguised blocks from before the state selector existed
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Password-protected Chest sometimes doesn't open when there's an Allowlist Module installed
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Water doesn't render correctly while a Sonic Security System is recording within the player's view
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The reinforced stone pressure plate is not in SecurityCraft's "securitycraft:reinforced/pressure_plates" tag
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Blocks disguised as a translucent block, like stained glass, don't show up properly
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The SecurityCraft Manual shows the info for secret signs on the keycard page (Thanks cdgamedev!)

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906295
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906296
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906297
    1.18.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906298
    1.19: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906299
    1.19.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906301
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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft is now available on Minecraft 1.19. The version should be working quite well already, but if you still find any bugs, please report them in the #bugreport channel in our Discord server. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3833136

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!
    SecurityCraft v1.9.2 has been released! Alongside lots of other things (more on that a little later), this update ships the Block Change Detector that was shown in our april fools edition. It's a block that detects and logs nearby blocks being placed or destroyed by players, with a configurable block filter and optional redstone output when a block change gets detected. Modules also got some new features: Firstly, allowlist and denylist modules now support adding scoreboard teams to their lists, so players no longer have to individually add the name of each member of a team to list that team. Secondly, you can now disable and re-enable inserted modules via the module buttons in the "Customize" screen, to prevent having to store disabled modules in a separate location.
    There are of course many other additions and fixes, like Reinforced Glazed Terracotta and the Reinforced End Rod, disguisable blocks being waterloggable and projectors being able to be placed on the ceiling, allowing for a downwards projection. As always, you can find the complete changelog as well as all the download links below.

    Note: If you have disabled the codebreaker, you need to re-disable it by setting the config option codebreaker_chance to either 0.0 (will still damage the item with no chance of breaking the code) or -1.0 (will not damage the item).

    With this version having been released, the 1.19 port will begin as soon as possible. We'll update you on our discord server.
    - New: Block Change Detector. Detects and logs players breaking and/or placing blocks in its vicinity
    - New: Codebreakers can now hack Keycard Readers
    - New: Config option "codebreaker_chance" to set the chance of the codebreaker successfully hacking a block
    - New: The Allowlist and Denylist Module can now contain teams, meaning every player on a team that is on the list will be allowed/denied
    - New: Modules can now be toggled off or on without removing them from the block, by clicking the respective button in the Universal Block Modifier screen
    - New: Reinforced End Rod
    - New: The Projector can now be placed on the ceiling, allowing for downwards projection
    - New: Reinforced Glazed Terracotta
    - New: [1.16.5+] Item tag "securitycraft:can_interact_with_doors" to control which items can interact with reinforced doors, scanner doors, keypad doors, and reinforced iron trapdoors
    - New: [1.16.5+] Item tag "securitycraft:modules", containing all of SecurityCraft's modules
    - New: [1.16.5+] All disguisable blocks (those that accept the Disguise Module) are now waterloggable, allowing for waterlogged disguises
    - Change: Codebreakers will now always open briefcases when in Creative mode without a chance of failing
    - Change: The Fake Lava/Water Buckets are now created in a brewing stand, by putting the potion in the top slot, and the bucket(s) in the bottom slot(s)
    - Change: Massively increased explosion resistance of all blocks to hopefully prevent them from being broken by modded explosions
    - Change: Placing a Laser Block and Inventory Scanner now also places the fields if replaceable blocks (like grass or snow) are in the way
    - Change: [1.12.2] The Sentry's body is now solid
    - Change: [1.16.5+] The Sentry's body is now solid if the sentry is not disguised
    - Change: [1.16.5+] Sentries can now be placed in water
    - API: Split IPasswordProtected into two interfaces (IPasswordProtected and ICodebreakable), meaning blocks can now be hacked by the codebreaker without needing to be password protected
    - API: Removed IPasswordProtected#isCodebreakable
    - API: New linked action: OWNER_CHANGED
    - Fix: Breaking the block another block with modules is attached to does not drop the modules
    - Fix: Disguised blocks from sentries can be retrieved by using pistons or other means
    - Fix: The Admin Tool and Universal Key Changer do not work on doors
    - Fix: The Keypad Door can only be accessed with an empty hand
    - Fix: Several blocks do not respect team ownership
    - Fix: Server crash involving automatically building a Block Pocket
    - Fix: Tricking scanners with player heads does not work if the player head owner is on the allowlist of the block
    - Fix: The Password-protected Furnace/Smoker/Blast Furnace don't have a closing sound
    - Fix: When placing a Password-protected Chest next to another one creating a double chest, modules and options are not synchronized to the newly placed one
    - Fix: The Reinforced Cobweb can be removed by flowing fluids
    - Fix: Disguisable blocks that are disguised as blocks that emit light (e.g. Glowstone) don't emit light
    - Fix: The Motion Activated Light is constantly turned on when placed near a Sentry or armor stand
    - Fix: Prohibited items get removed from an Inventory Scanner if a Storage Module is added/removed
    - Fix: Changing the owner of an Inventory Scanner doesn't change the owner of the corresponding fields
    - Fix: Taking out modules from some blocks voids the module
    - Fix: Changing the owner of a double Password-protected Chest does not change the owner of the other half
    - Fix: Changing the owner of a Laser Block does not change the owner of connected laser blocks
    - Fix: Adding a module to a Laser Block by rightclicking the block does not add the module to connected laser blocks
    - Fix: Module dupe involving doors
    - Fix: Alarm sound plays from the player's position instead of the alarm's position
    - Fix: Players hear a constant fire extinguishing sound when being in fake lava while it's raining
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Breaking the block a Key Panel is attached to, does not drop the Key Panel
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Projected blocks are completely dark in unlit caves
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The One Probe does not properly show team ownership
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Pick block, The One Probe, and Waila do not properly work for blocks disguised as another block that has metadata
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Entities sometimes don't show up for some time or at all after dismounting a camera (if this is still happening, remove OptiFine)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Block breaking sound plays twice when destroying a reinforced block with the Universal Block Remover
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Opening a Keypad Door using the top half while on the door's allowlist doesn't open the door
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The recipe for reinforced glass panes is incorrect
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Some logs have an incorrect side texture
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Reinforced Iron Trapdoor textures do not rotate and aren't oriented the same way open as closed
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Reinforced Ice blocks melt unintentionally
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The Reinforced Cobweb can be destroyed by hand as well as explosions
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] It's possible to connect one's own Password-protected Chest to that of another owner
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Compatibility issues with other mods that add overlays (e.g. Stylish Effects)
    - Removed: "allowCodebreakerItem" config option. Disabling the Codebreaker is now achieveable by setting "codebreaker_chance" to a negative value
    - Removed: [1.16.5+] Some unnecessary menu types. This may result in a "missing registry entries" message showing up, which can be accepted
    - Misc.: [1.16.5+] More texture and model changes
    - Misc.: [1.18.2] The minimum Forge version is now 40.0.48
    - Misc.: [1.18.2] If using Jade, the minimum supported version is now 4.2.0
    - Misc.: [1.18.2] If using JEI, the minimum supported version is now 9.7.0

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3821241 (If Minecraft crashes on startup with this version, use the additional file listed on the page ("No Mixin"))
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3821242
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3821244
    1.18.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3821245
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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft v1.9.1 has been released! This update contains a new state selector for the Projector and the Disguise Module, which allows you to select a specific block state to project/disguise the block as. Additionally, there are new password-protected variants of the smoker and blast furnace, as well as block mines for the two. Of course, we also fixed a bunch of things. Furthermore, this update ports the mod to Minecraft 1.18.2. At the same time, it is also the last one for Minecraft 1.15.2, as we will stop updating the mod for that Minecraft version after today. If no major issues crept through the cracks, support for Minecraft 1.15.2 will be discontinued. Thanks for using the mod, we hope you enjoy this update!

    - New: The Disguise Module and Projector can now be set to display a specific state of a block (e.g. corner stairs), instead of a fixed one
    - New: [1.15.2+] Password-protected Smoker and Password-protected Blast Furnace
    - New: [1.15.2+] Smoker and Blast Furnace mines
    - Change: The Password-protected Furnace now has a new look
    - Change: The Cage Trap is now reusable
    - Change: The Admin Tool is now enabled by default. This does not affect existing config files
    - Fix: The Password-protected Furnace is not shown as a recipe catalyst for furnace recipes in JEI
    - Fix: Changing the owner of inventory scanners and doors does not change the owner of the other block/door half
    - Fix: Sentries can target entities they cannot see
    - Fix: The patron list in the SecurityCraft Manual is only capable of showing 33 patrons
    - Fix: The Codebreaker does not work on keypad doors
    - Fix: The Portable Tune Player plays the saved tune slightly slower than the Sonic Security System
    - Fix: Block mines do not drop themselves when mined
    - Fix: Block mines cannot be mined quickly with the appropriate tool of their vanilla counterpart
    - Fix: Removing a laser field with the Universal Block Remover does not destroy adjacent laser fields
    - Fix: Crash when placing a Sonic Security System inside of any replaceable block
    - Fix: Sentries ignore the Allowlist Module's "Affect every player" setting
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Reinforced pressure plates cannot open reinforced doors/trapdoors/etc.
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The light level of password-protected furnaces is too high compared to the vanilla furnace
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Reinforced Pistons and Reinforced Sticky Pistons cannot retract
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Scanner Door can sometimes be opened/closed by looking at a side the scanner texture is not on
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Reinforced hoppers pushed by reinforced pistons lose their owner
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Block mines are not resistant to explosions
    - Fix: [1.15.2] Projector has incorrect sound
    - Fix: [1.15.2] Doors drop when breaking the lower half in creative mode
    - Fix: [1.15.2] The Redstone Ore Mine does not glow when activated
    - Fix: [1.15.2] The keycode setup screen's title contains the word "setup" twice
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.16.5] Changing options and adding modules to doors does not properly update the other door half
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.16.5] Reinforced hoppers pushed by reinforced pistons cannot insert/extract items
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Cannot access the recipe book for the Password-protected Furnace
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Projecting disguisable blocks (those that support the disguise module) does not work
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Crash when trying to place a door one block below the build height
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Door item gets removed when trying to place a door outside the build height
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Disguising blocks using certain blocks with block entity renderers (like signs and banners) doesn't work
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] It's possible to jump over disguisable blocks that are disguised as fences or walls
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Attempting to put more than one item into the Projector's slot swallows extra items
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] The Sentry's bounding box (F3+B) is not displayed correctly
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Navigating the SecurityCraft Manual via the tab key does not visibly select any button
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The mine overlay on the Ancient Debris Mine item can be seen by other players when holding the item
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Some blocks' settings/inventory don't properly save
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Fake Water/Lava bucket fill sounds don't play
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Patron name tooltips in the SecurityCraft Manual can extend over the border of the Minecraft window
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] The Mine Remote Access Tool does not work for mines placed at x=0, y=0, z=0
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] The Sentry Remote Access Tool does not work for sentries placed at y=0
    - Potential Fix: [1.12.2] Entities sometimes disappear when dismounting a camera
    - Misc.: [1.15.2+] More texture changes and file renames, resource packs may need to be updated

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3696865 (If Minecraft crashes on startup with this version, use the additional file link on that page)
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3696867
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3696870
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3696872
    1.18.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3696873

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft has been ported to Minecraft 1.18.1! Please test out this beta and report any bugs you find to us in our Discord server in the #bugreport channel. Alongside this, we are also releasing v1.9.0.2 which fixes several issues, including a duplication bug and a crash when opening the Password-protected Furnace. Have fun securing your base in the deepest caves and highest mountains of Minecraft!

    Changelog (also includes changes from v1.9.0.1, marked with *):

    - Fix: Log error when changing "solidifyField" option in an Inventory Scanner that's not linked to another one
    - Fix: Frame has stone sounds instead of metal sounds
    - Fix:* Possible incompatibilities with other mods that use mixins to modify the same code as SecurityCraft (known: Magnesium, Immersive Portals)
    - Fix:* [1.12.2] Key Panel is not placeable
    - Fix:* [1.12.2] Key Panel cannot convert the chest, furnace, or Frame
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Item duplication bug involving reinforced hoppers
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Sound for converting chests/furnaces to their password-protected variants does not play
    - Fix: [1.17.1] Crash when opening the Password-protected Furnace
    - Fix:* [1.17.1] Copper -> Cut Copper stonecutting recipes yield incorrect amounts

    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3577165
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3577166
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3577167
    1.18.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3577168

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft v1.9 - The Texture Update is here! In collaboration with the awesome ChainmailPickaxe, we've updated and improved SecurityCraft's textures to fit the new JAPPA-style vanilla textures (as such, these changes are not available in SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.12.2). We really hope that you like these changes! We will probably refine the textures in future updates, so if you have any feedback regarding them, please direct it at @ChainmailPickaxe#6312 in #sc-talk in our Discord server (link in the OP). Here's a comparison image of the most notable texture changes from this update:

    If you want to keep using the old textures, we have compiled a programmer art resourcepack for download right here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/securitycraft-programmer-art

    ChainmailPickaxe also prepared a more indepth video that covers the texture changes. He explains a little about the backstory, what is to come, and how to leave feedback. Do give it a watch!

    Of course this is not the only change in this update. First and foremost, the security cameras have received an overhaul. You can now see yourself when viewing a camera, which also means that you no longer get teleported to them, resulting in no more combat-cheezing - you are now vulnerable to attacks while viewing a camera. This change also brings along the possibility to view a camera from anywhere in the same dimension, no matter how far away you are. And lastly, other players are now able to see whether someone is viewing a camera by a little red indicator on the camera's model.
    Secondly, Redstone_Dubstep has added reinforced pistons, which finally provide a way to push your reinforced blocks! Reinforced 3x3 doors, YAY! And Geforce finally finished up the Sonic Security System, which is a device that can lock your blocks (like the laser, keypad, inventory scanner, ...) behind a melody played with note blocks, or the new Portable Tune Player.
    Furthermore, SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.17.1 now adds reinforced blocks for all the new vanilla blocks, alongside block mines for all the new deepslate ores, as well as copper ore, deepslate, and cobbled deepslate.
    And last but not least, as always, there are a lot of smaller new features and fixes. v1.9 is available for Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.15.2, 1.16.5, and 1.17.1, which will be the supported versions for at least the next update. Work on the port to Minecraft 1.18.1 will start now, and we'll update you in our Discord server once a first beta is available for you to test out.

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3573025
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3573026
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3573027
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3573028

    - New: Reinforced Pistons
    - New: The Reinforced Redstone Block and the Reinforced Observer can now be used to open doors, activate pistons, etc.
    - New: The debug menu now hides block mines, disguised blocks, and fake fluids
    - New: The Protecto, Trophy System, and Password-protected Furnace now support the Disguise Module
    - New: Key Panel Block. A waterloggable, smaller version of the keypad. Place it by rightclicking a Key Panel
    - New: Config option "enableTeamOwnership". Setting this to true will allow all players in the same scoreboard team to own each other's blocks
    - New: The Allowlist and Denylist Module can now be set to affect every player instead of just those added to the list
    - New: Security Cameras and Portable Radars can now open Reinforced Doors when a Redstone Module is installed and the signal is activated
    - New: The Reinforced Hopper can now extract from the Inventory Scanner
    - New: Players can now see themselves when viewing a camera, which also means they're now vulnerable to attacks while doing so
    - New: Indicator on security cameras that turns on when someone is viewing the camera
    - New: Config option "trickScannersWithPlayerHeads" to allow players to wear a player's head to trick that player's retinal scanner or scanner door into activating
    - New: Sonic Security System. Lock your blocks behind a note block tune of your choice
    - New: Portable Tune Player. Can play back tunes saved to sonic security systems
    - New: [1.15.2+] Completely overhauled the overwhelming majority of SecurityCraft's textures. Direct feedback @ChainmailPickaxe in #sc-talk on our Discord server
    - New: [1.15.2+] The message SecurityCraft sends when joining a world can now be turned off by server owners
    - New: [1.17.1] Reinforced Blocks: Deepslate, Cobbled Deepslate, Polished Deepslate, Calcite, Tuff, Dripstone Block, Rooted Dirt, Block of Raw Iron, Block of Raw Copper, Block of Raw Gold, Block of Amethyst, Block of Copper, Exposed Copper, Weathered Copper, Oxidized Copper, Cut Copper, Exposed Cut Copper, Weathered Cut Copper, Oxidized Cut Copper, Cut Copper Stairs, Exposed Cut Copper Stairs, Weathered Cut Copper Stairs, Oxidized Cut Copper Stairs, Cut Copper Slab, Exposed Cut Copper Slab, Weathered Cut Copper Slab, Oxidized Cut Copper Slab, Tinted Glass, Smooth Basalt, Deepslate Bricks, Cracked Deepslate Bricks, Deepslate Tiles, Cracked Deepslate Tiles, Chiseled Deepslate, Cobbled Deepslate Stairs, Polished Deepslate Stairs, Deepslate Brick Stairs, Deepslate Tile Stairs, Cobbled Deepslate Slab, Polished Deepslate Slab, Deepslate Brick Slab, Deepslate Tile Slab, Moss Carpet, Moss Block, Cobbled Deepslate Wall, Polished Deepslate Wall, Deepslate Brick Wall, Deepslate Tile Wall
    - New: [1.17.1] Block Mines for Deepslate, Cobbled Deepslate, Copper Ore, and all deepslate ores
    - Change: Renamed "Track Mine" to "Rail Mine" to be in line with vanilla
    - Change: Cameras can now be viewed from anywhere in the same dimension, it is no longer necessary to be close to the camera to be able to view it
    - Change: The Smart Module no longer works in the camera, the Allowlist Module is now used for better control
    - Change: Retinal Scanners and Scanner Doors now only get activated by looking at one of the sides that contain the actual scanner
    - Change: [1.12.2] SecurityCraft's config values for Jade/HWYLA are now synchronized from server to client, meaning server owners can now control what HWYLA shows to players
    - Change: [1.15.2] Reinforced Carpets can no longer be used as fuel
    - Change: [1.15.2+] SecurityCraft's config values for Jade/HWYLA are now synchronized from server to client, meaning server owners can now control what Jade shows to players
    - API: Removed INameable in favor of vanilla's Nameable
    - API: Added INameSettable to be able to easily set a block's custom name
    - API: Added IViewActivated (used by the Retinal Scanner and Scanner Door)
    - API: Removed IIntersectable
    - API: Added ILockable which enables a block to be locked with the Sonic Security System
    - API: [1.12.2] Added TileEntityLinkable and removed relevant code from CustomizableSCTE
    - API: [1.12.2-1.16.5] Renamed SecurityCraftTileEntity to NamedTileEntity and remove most of its code
    - API: [1.15.2-1.16.5] Added LinkableTileEntity and removed relevant code from CustomizableTileEntity
    - API: [1.17.1] Renamed SecurityCraftBlockEntity to NamedBlockEntity and remove most of its code
    - API: [1.17.1] Added LinkableBlockEntity and removed relevant code from CustomizableBlockEntity
    - Fix: Reinforced Doors cannot be opened in some cases (for example when a reinforced pressure plate is present on both sides)
    - Fix: Alarm sound does not play
    - Fix: Claymore does not explode
    - Fix: Wrenches or similar of other mods are able to open doors
    - Fix: Reinforcing blocks in the world may not work if some specific mods are installed
    - Fix: The Keypad and Keypad Door cannot be opened while holding the key panel
    - Fix: Converting chests whose loot has not been generated yet creates additional items
    - Fix: Crash when trying to power a taser while holding redstone in the offhand
    - Fix: Anyone can insert modules into any block
    - Fix: Block Pockets get disabled when they get unloaded
    - Fix: SecurityCraft Manual entries for doors are not properly showing all information
    - Fix: The Universal Block Reinforcer can be thrown out of the player's inventory while its reinforcing menu is open
    - Fix: Claymores, Motion Activated Lights, and Username Loggers don't ignore players in spectator mode
    - Fix: The security camera overlay still shows when the debug menu is open
    - Fix: Electrified Iron Fence Gate has wooden open/close sounds
    - Fix: Offhand hotbar indicator for Camera Monitor/SRAT/MRAT shows incorrectly when the main hand is set to left
    - Fix: Hotbar indicator for Camera Monitor/MRAT does not respect the player's reach distance
    - Fix: Reinforced doors/trapdoors/etc. can be activated by anyone in some circumstances
    - Fix: Some SecurityCraft blocks do not update their surrounding blocks correctly when powering/unpowering
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Secret Signs cannot be broken (old secret signs will still not work, you will have to remove them in creative mode)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Tooltip of Sentry Remote Access Tool does not show properly
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash when placing a Reinforced Door next to an Inventory Scanner
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Stairs and slabs cannot be reinforced (this fix does not include some slabs due to technical reasons, they can still be crafted however)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Speed Module doesn't get removed from a Sentry when rightclicking it with a Universal Block Modifier
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Sentry Bullets deal twice as much damage as Sentry Bullets from newer Minecraft versions
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Entity names don't display their correct translation
    - Fix: [1.12.2] "Are mines unbreakable?" config option does the exact opposite of what is implied. You'll have to set the "Are mines breakable?" config option appropriately, the old one is now defunct
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Block Mine and Furnace Mine explosions can create fake blocks
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Fences, panes, and walls connect to Security Cameras
    - Fix: [1.12.2] WAILA/TOP display shows an incorrect block sometimes
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Electrified Iron Fence and Electrified Iron Fence Gate don't retain their shut down status when reloaded
    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.16.5] Placed Block Mines are identifiable via the pick block mechanic
    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.16.5] Block Pocket deactivation message does not get sent
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] Some blocks/items are not in the correct block/item tags
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] The top half of the Keypad Door does not get affected by resource packs
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] Panic Button loses its owner when pressed
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] Reinforced Smooth Quartz has the wrong texture
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] Entity shadows do not render on block mines
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] Block Mine explosions can create fake blocks
    - Fix: [1.15.2-1.17.1] Rail Mine loses its owner when its state changes
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Jade display does not properly hide block mines and disguised blocks
    - Fix: [1.17.1] Jade display does not properly hide block mines
    - Fix: [1.17.1] Redstone does not connect to the Reinforced Observer
    - Potential Fix: [1.12.2] Exiting a camera does not work when the sneak keybind is bound to a mouse button
    - Removed: Unused textures
    - Removed: [1.12.2] Portuguese and Russian translations due to being severely outdated
    - Misc.: Renamed a few textures
    - Misc.: Performance improvements due to fewer ticking block entities
    - Misc.: [1.15.2] The minimum Forge version is now 31.2.56
    - Misc.: [1.16.5] The minimum Forge version is now 36.2.20
    - Misc.: [1.17.1] The minimum Forge version is now 37.1.1

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!
    As me forgetting to post updates here happens pretty much every time, I suggest you join our Discord server so you can be notifiied of updates immediately.
    We released v1.8.23 a couple weeks back, as well as ported SecurityCraft to 1.17.1. This version notably adds the ability to use different projectiles for the sentry (place them in a chest below the sentry), the sentry's bullets will carry over the sentry's potion effect, and the Password-protected Chest can now use the Redstone Module to function like a trapped chest. We've also included a few other new features and changes, as well as a bunch of fixes. There were a couple hotfix releases, fixing some critical issues as well. The full changelog can be found in the spoiler below.
    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3413019
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3413020
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3398327
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3444966

    Changelog v1.8.23

    - New: The Frame block will now send a message when being rightclicked with a Camera Monitor, notifying the player that viewing a Camera Monitor in a Frame is currently not possible
    - New: The Trophy System now supports the Allowlist Module. Projectiles by listed players (as well as their Sentries' and I.M.S.' projectiles) will be ignored
    - New: Sentry bullets will now apply the Sentry's potion effects to their target
    - New: The value of per-block customization options is now shown in the tooltip, "true" and "false" have also been changed to "Yes" and "No" for clarity
    - New: Sentries can now use more projectiles to shoot. Place a chest below the Sentry and put arrows, tipped arrows, snowballs, or eggs into the chest to let the sentry use them
    - New: SecurityCraft's Patrons (people who pledge over on our Patreon page) are now being displayed in the SecurityCraft Manual. Resourcepacks should be adjusted for the new page layout
    - New: Inserting a Redstone Module into a Password-protected Chest now makes the chest output a redstone signal while being open, with a strength depending on how many players are simultaneously looking into the chest
    - Fix: Blocks with a tint (Grass, leaves, reinforced blocks, ...) projected by the Projector are not tinted correctly
    - Fix: The Protecto does not attack players
    - Fix: The Frame's model does not match up with the vanilla iron block (this fix may break resource packs slightly)
    - Fix: Tooltips in the Block Pocket Manager's GUI still show up even if the block pocket is activated or not owned by the player looking at it
    - Fix: Crash when trying to change the owner of a door
    - Fix: Sentry animation does not work properly when changing modes
    - Fix: Lasers cannot be toggled properly
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Alarm crash
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Pick block does not work on SecurityCraft's double slabs
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Some reinforced planks' textures don't match up with their vanilla counterpart
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Motion Activated Light can be placed in midair
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Projector does not save its settings
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Projector cannot project blocks with a metadata value greater than 0 (example: granite, colored wool, ...)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Trophy System GUI is too dark in certain cases
    - Fix: [1.12.2] SecurityCraft's key binding names don't get translated
    - Fix: [1.15.2] Reinforced Lanterns don't have a reinforced block tint
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Blocks projected by the projector have incorrect lighting
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Placing a Password-protected Chest or setting/changing its passcode can lead to the wrong chest's passcode being changed
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Reinforced Lanterns and Reinforced Chains don't have a reinforced block tint
    - Misc.: The SecurityCraft Manual's textures have been modified, and buttons as well as items were moved around. Not bringing resourcepacks up to date with these changes may lead to buttons and items not fitting the textures properly
    - Misc.: [1.12.2] The block "securitycraft:alarm_lit" is no longer in use. It is kept for backwards compatibility, and any existing blocks will automatically be converted to "securitycraft:alarm". The latter now has a "lit" block property.
    - Misc.: [1.15.2+] Some SecurityCraft model files have been renamed to better fit Minecraft's model name structure. This will break resourcepacks

    Changelog v1.8.23.1

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash when walking through lasers

    Changelog v1.8.23.2

    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.15.2] Trophy System crash

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!
    We have just released a new update for SecurityCraft, v1.8.22! This update finally brings the long awaited rework of the Keycard Reader. You can link your keycards to your own keycard readers via signatures that can also be shared with your other readers if you so wish. For more information about the new keycard system, please refer to the ingame SecurityCraft Manual item. Other notable features include a new Speed Module to increase the operating speed of some of SecurityCraft's blocks, the ability to select which projectile types the Trophy System can attack (requires a Smart Module), and proper offhand support for SecurityCraft's items. Additionally, we have renamed the Whitelist Module and Blacklist Module to Allowlist Module and Denylist Module to make their usages clear to the player. Of course we have also fixed a bunch of bugs and included numerous quality of life features and changes.

    The update is available for Minecraft versions 1.12.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, and 1.16.5:

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3351695
    1.14.4: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3351696 (No longer being updated as of v1.8.22)
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3351697
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3351698

    - New: SecurityCraft's blocks and items can now properly be used by the offhand
    - New: The Codebreaker will now send a message when it failed to break a code
    - New: The Admin Tool will now send a message when used while it has been disabled in the config
    - New: Players that have been added to an Allow- or Denylist Module will now be visible in a list in the GUI
    - New: Changing the owner of a block will now drop contained modules and storage module inventory
    - New: Configuration option "mineExplosionsBreakBlocks" to control whether explosions of mines break blocks
    - New: The Username Logger now supports the Allowlist Module, making it possible to prevent players on the list from being logged
    - New: The Trophy System is now also capable of targeting Ender Pearls, Snowballs, Eggs, Llama Spit and Firework Rockets
    - New: Inserting a Smart Module into a Trophy System now allows its owner to manually configure which projectile types the Trophy System is allowed to target
    - New: Keycards can now be linked to Keycard Readers via a signature that can be shared with multiple other readers. See the SecurityCraft Manual for more info
    - New: The Allowlist Module can now be used in the Cage Trap
    - New: Reinforced Cauldron
    - New: Speed Module. Can be used in an I.M.S., Protecto, Sentry, or Trophy System
    - New: The Portable Radar can now be placed on all sides of a block and will rotate accordingly
    - New: The Admin Tool now shows information about briefcases by holding the Briefcase in the off hand and the Admin Tool in the main hand and rightclicking
    - New: [1.14.4+] Server configuration option "force_reinforced_block_tint". This can be used to force players to use the setting of the server config value "reinforced_block_tint"
    - New: [1.14.4+] Client configuration option "reinforced_block_tint". If the server does not force the reinforced block tint, this value will be used
    - Change: The information on how to look around inside a camera is now displayed in the camera's overlay instead of being sent to the chat
    - Change: Messages sent due to changing a Sentry's mode will now show up above the hotbar to avoid spamming the chat
    - Change: The Whitelist Module has been renamed to "Allowlist Module" to be more clear about its function
    - Change: The Blacklist Module has been renamed to "Denylist Module" to be more clear about its function
    - Change: Auto-assembling the Block Pocket no longer instantly builds the structure
    - Change: The Redstone and Speed Modules now both use the resource pack's redstone/sugar texture
    - API: Added hook for mods to define a block that can open Reinforced Doors/Reinforced Trapdoors/Reinforced Fence Gates. For more info, see IDoorActivator
    - Fix: An item stack cannot be put into the Universal Block Reinforcer's slots if the stack's count is larger than the Reinforcer's durability
    - Fix: I.M.S. entity gets stuck in mid-air when leaving and rejoining the world
    - Fix: Portable Radar does not respect the "respect_invisibility" config option
    - Fix: I.M.S. attacks players in spectator mode
    - Fix: The Briefcase's NBT contains empty Briefcase inventory slots
    - Fix: Some of SecurityCraft's tools don't lose durability when used on a block while held in the offhand
    - Fix: Reinforced Buttons and the Reinforced Lever can get washed away by water and destroyed by pistons
    - Fix: Mines can be placed on some blocks that don't have a solid top side
    - Fix: Claymore explosions ignore the "shouldSpawnFire" configuration option
    - Fix: Placing a Scanner-/Keypad Door in a block space that is powered will place the door in an open state
    - Fix: Universal Block Remover does not take damage when breaking a deactivated Cage Trap
    - Fix: The message that the Codebreaker has been disabled in the configuration file doesn't get sent
    - Fix: Placing a Sentry in replaceable blocks, such as grass, does not work
    - Fix: Some mines ignore the "smallerMinesExplosion" configuration option
    - Fix: Copying/Pasting module lists does not work properly
    - Fix: Mobs can spawn inside of a block pocket
    - Fix: Potential crash when placing down blocks next to a password-protected chest
    - Fix: Laser-/Inventory Scanner Fields don't have the proper owner assigned
    - Fix: Newly placed Laser Blocks/Inventory Scanners don't synchronize with the Laser Block/Inventory Scanner they connected to
    - Fix: Rejoining a server/world while being mounted to a camera teleports the player to that camera
    - Fix: Rightclicking a block while attempting to change a Briefcase's owner does not change the owner
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Placing blocks using tools of other mods (like Better Builder's Wands) does not set the owner correctly
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The wooden Reinforced Button's sound is incorrect
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Scrolling using the mouse wheel in the Username Logger's GUI does not work
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Blocks that are disguised using blocks with support for CTM don't render
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Projector placing/breaking/etc. sounds are incorrect
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Ownership does not get set properly when converting blocks (namely Chest -> Password-protected Chest and Frame -> Keypad)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Motion Activated Light crash
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Trophy System has incorrect place/step/break sounds
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Keypad Door recipe is incorrect
    - Fix: [1.12.2] SecurityCraft Manual pages don't get sorted
    - Fix: [1.14.4-1.15.2] Briefcases cannot be opened
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Double Crystal Quartz Slab does not drop two slab items
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Using TAB to navigate menus does not work properly in some of SecurityCraft's interfaces
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Pressing ENTER to press buttons in SecurityCraft's interfaces does not work
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] The fourth I.M.S. Bomb doesn't get shot properly
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] The SecurityCraft Manual does not properly reflect recipes that have been disabled via datapacks/3rd-party mods
    - Fix: [1.15.2] Reinforced (Stained) Glass is see-through
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Sentry does not attack hostile mobs from Lycanites Mobs
    - Removed: Ability to take screenshots via middle mouse click while being mounted to a camera, as it is unneeded due to Minecraft's own screenshot feature
    - Removed: [1.14.4+] All configuration values that disable recipes. Use datapacks or 3rd-party mods to disable recipes instead
    - Removed: [1.14.4+] Version Checker integration (Forge's update checker is already being used instead)
    - Misc.: [1.14.4+] All of SecurityCraft's blocks now have loot tables
    - Misc.: [1.14.4+] Added data generators for more blockstates and models and renamed some textures and models along the way. This will break resourcepacks
    - Misc.: [1.16.5] The minimum required Forge version is now 36.0.42
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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    Hello, hello! A new update for SecurityCraft has been released! v1.8.21's main changes are an overhaul for the sentry and block pocket manager, as well as restructuring the mod's configuration settings, removing some of them in favor of ingame per-block options. Of course a bunch of other new features and fixes are included as well, the details of which you can see in the changelog below.


    1. Due to the new sentry modes, your sentries will not behave as in previous mod versions. Make sure to set them to the correct mode again, otherwise they will attack something you don't want to be attacked! Do note, that due to an additional fix regarding the Sentry, Sentries placed above water, lava, or other liquids will be removed and dropped as an item!
    2. (This only affects 1.14.4, 1.15.2, and 1.16.4/.5) Your SecurityCraft config will reset! This is because the mod's configuration file has been split up into client and server configs, and some config options have been removed in favor of ingame per-block configuration (accessible by rightclicking the block with a Universal Block Modifier). Read the changelog below for details. If a configuration option is not mentioned, it has simply been moved to the server config. The server configuration can be found in the serverconfig folder within your world folder. The client configuration can still be found in the normal config folder. You can find your old configuration in the config/securitycraft-common.toml file.

    - New: Sentries now have more modes. They can now attack only players, only hostile mobs, or both, and can be either always active, camouflaged, or idle
    - New: Hovering over a Sentry's name in the Sentry Remote Access Tool now shows the Sentry's position
    - New: The Whitelist Module can now be used in the Scanner Door
    - New: Adding a whitelist module to a Reinforced Hopper will allow whitelisted players to access the hopper and use it to extract items out of their own blocks
    - New: Customization option to change how long the Retinal Scanner emits a redstone signal when it has been activated
    - New: Customization option to change the player search radius of the Username Logger
    - New: Customization option to change the length of the pause between alarm sounds
    - New: Customization option to change the range of blocks in which the Claymore can be tripped
    - New: Customization option to change the range of blocks in which the I.M.S. can find potential targets
    - New: Briefcases can now be dyed the same way as leather armor
    - New: Nameable SecurityCraft blocks and Sentries will keep the custom name of their item form when placed
    - New: Customization option to change the time the Scanner Door will stay open before it closes again (set to 0 to disable)
    - New: The Projector can now project horizontally
    - New: The height of a Projector's projection can now be changed
    - New: Customization option to allow Inventory Scanner fields to solidify when a prohibited item is detected
    - New: Quark's wooden chests can now be converted to Password-protected Chests
    - New: Wire Cutters can now deactivate a Cage Trap. Use Redstone to reactivate it
    - New: Sounds when defusing/arming mines
    - New: An offset can now be set before automatically building a Block Pocket, removing the restriction that the Block Pocket Manager has to be in the middle
    - New: The Storage Module can now be used in the Block Pocket Manager to add an inventory for storing building materials for the Block Pocket
    - New: Keypad Door
    - Change: Reinforced Hoppers can no longer be accessed by anyone
    - Change: Some customizable options have been adapted to allow for finer control
    - Change: Reinforced Iron Bars spawned by a Cage Trap no longer drop
    - Change: If not in creative mode, auto-assembling the Block Pocket now only works if the proper building materials are provided in the Block Pocket Manager's inventory (accessible by adding a Storage Module)
    - Change: Removing a Storage Module from an Inventory Scanner or Block Pocket Manager will now drop the contents of the block
    - Change: [1.14.4+] The configuration option "sayThanksMessage" has been moved to the client configuration
    - Change: [1.14.4+] The configuration option "cameraSpeed" has been moved to the client configuration
    - API: Added hook for mods to alter if the Sentry can attack their entities. For more info, see IAttackTargetCheck
    - API: Added hook for mods to add a way to have their own blocks be convertible to password-protected variants. For more info, see IPasswordConvertible
    - API: Inter mod communications related code has been moved to the SecurityCraftAPI class
    - Fix: Trophy Systems shoot bullets of their owner's sentries
    - Fix: Modules sometimes do not get synched to a linked block (e.g. Laser Block, Inventory Scanner)
    - Fix: Removing the block under a Sentry does not remove the Sentry in numerous cases
    - Fix: Sentries target invulnerable entities
    - Fix: Sentries can be placed above liquids
    - Fix: Players in spectator mode can activate some blocks (e.g. Portable Radar)
    - Fix: Some recipes don't get displayed correctly in the SecurityCraft Manual
    - Fix: Rightclicking a block while attempting to remove a Briefcase's code does not remove the code
    - Fix: Slider tooltips overlap sliders when changing their value (affects Projector, block customization, ...)
    - Fix: The names of nameable SecurityCraft blocks cannot contain braces
    - Fix: Inventory Scanner does not drop stored items when broken
    - Fix: Projector does not drop its contained block when broken
    - Fix: Some text in the Inventory Scanner's GUI is not translated
    - Fix: Some text in the Inventory Scanner's GUI may not display correctly when using certain languages
    - Fix: Prohibited Items slots in the Inventory Scanner's GUI are overlapping
    - Fix: Prohibited Items in Shulker Boxes get destroyed by the Inventory Scanner when a redstone module is equipped
    - Fix: The custom name of Password-protected Chests doesn't show up at the top of the chest's screen
    - Fix: The default name of the Password-protected Chest's screen doesn't get translated
    - Fix: Large Password-protected Chests have the wrong label at the top of their screen
    - Fix: Defusing/arming some mines does not decrease the durability of the wire cutters/flint and steel
    - Fix: Defusing some mines decreases the durability of the wire cutters when in creative mode
    - Fix: Attempting to defuse some mines despite them already being defused, decreases the durability of the wire cutters
    - Fix: Size and show outline settings of a Block Pocket Manager don't get synchronized to other players
    - Fix: Crash involving capabilities of Password-protected Chests/Furnaces
    - Fix: SecurityCraft's Doors and the Reinforced Trapdoor are open when placed while powered by redstone
    - Fix: Players mounted to cameras are able to break blocks and hit/interact with entities
    - Fix: The camera's zoom can't be decreased when increased for too long (and vice versa)
    - Fix: The Block Pocket Manager can sometimes allow to activate block pockets that aren't built correctly
    - Fix: Bouncing Betty is invisible after being tripped
    - Fix: The Intelligent Munition System cannot target players
    - Fix: [1.12.2] I.M.S. GUI sometimes has faulty text
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Disguise Module does not accept some modded blocks
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Block of a disguised Sentry sometimes does not properly reappear when broken
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Password-protected Chests can connect to vanilla chests, causing visual glitches
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Password-protected Chests sometimes visually disappear despite them still being on screen
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Block Pocket Manager outline color is incorrect
    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.15.2] Sentry does not attack hostile mobs from Lycanites Mobs
    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.15.2] Some messages don't get translated when playing on a server
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Reinforced Light Gray Stained Glass/Stained Glass Panes/Terracotta have faulty recipes (Thanks shroomdog27!)
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] SecurityCraft's doors cannot be placed underwater
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Sliders (e.g. in the Projector or the customization screens) give no feedback when the player hovers their mouse over them
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Tile Entity data does not get synchronized properly in some cases
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Reinforced Doors sometimes drop an item when broken in Creative mode
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Sentry Remote Access Tool tooltip shows incorrectly
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Fake liquids can sometimes be picked up when they shouldn't
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Crystal Quartz blocks drop when breaking them by hand
    - Fix: [1.16.5] Switching cameras while being mounted to a camera does not work
    - Removed: Configuration option "alarmSoundVolume"
    - Removed: Configuration option "alarmTickDelay" This is now a per-block option
    - Removed: Configuration option "claymoreRange" This is now a per-block option
    - Removed: Configuration option "imsRange". This is now a per-block option
    - Removed: Configuration option "motionActivatedLightSearchRadius". This is already a per-block option
    - Removed: Configuration option "portableRadarDelay". This is already a per-block option
    - Removed: Configuration option "portableRadarSearchRadius". This is already a per-block option
    - Removed: Configuration option "usernameLoggerSearchRadius". This is now a per-block option
    - Removed: [1.12.2] Configuration option "debug". It was unused
    - Misc.: The messages sent on joining a world have been updated to remove outdated messages, improve existing ones, and add one notifying the user of an outdated mod version
    - Misc.: [1.15.2] The minimum required Forge version is 31.2.10


    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3203501
    1.14.4: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3203502
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3203503
    1.16.4/.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3203504

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    Another tiny bugfix update has been released that should fix the issue people were having which resulted in a crash upon starting the game when Electroblob's Wizardry was installed. Additionally, the track mine being see through, and reinforced panes not connecting to walls has been fixed.


    - Fix: Potential crash while starting the game
    - Fix: [1.15.2+] Track Mine is see-through in certain cases
    - Fix: [1.16.4] Reinforced (Stained) Glass Panes and Reinforced Iron Bars do not connect to walls and vanilla panes


    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3109599
    1.14.4: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3109600
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3109601
    1.16.3/.4: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3109602

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    We just released a tiny update to fix a crash when reinforcing blocks! This update is available for Minecraft versions 1.12.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, and 1.16.3 - all the versions we currently support. Grab the update here:

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3090828
    1.14.4: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3090829
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3090830
    1.16.3: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3090831

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    A new update of SecurityCraft has been released! This update adds 1.16 related content and features to the mod. We also included lots of smaller new features, and fixed a ton of things! Download for these Minecraft versions:

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3088772
    1.14.4: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3088773
    1.15.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3088774
    1.16.3: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3088775

    - New: The name of a camera is now displayed in the top right when the player is mounted to it
    - New: Inventory Scanner modifying option to have inventory scanner fields be horizontal
    - New: A briefcase's owner can now be changed if its owner rightclicks while holding the briefcase in their off hand and a named Universal Owner Changer in their main hand (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: The codebreaker can now be used on a briefcase by holding the briefcase in the off hand and the codebreaker in the main hand and rightclicking (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: Customization option to change how long the Keycard Reader emits a redstone signal when it has been activated (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: Secret Signs can now have a whitelist (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: New customization option to make the text of Secret Signs visible to everyone (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: In inventories, block mines can now be distinguished from their vanilla counterparts
    - New: [1.12.2] Modules can now also be added to a block by (sneak-)rightclicking them onto the block instead of using the Universal Block Modifier
    - New: [1.12.2] Security Cameras, Reinforced Iron Fences, and Reinforced Iron Fence Gates now get affected by ICBM Classic's EMP blast. Blocks that have been hit can be reactivated by rightclicking them with redstone
    - New: [1.14.4+] Reinforced Lantern (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.14.4+] Modules can now also be added to a block by rightclicking them onto the block instead of using the Universal Block Modifier
    - New: [1.16.3] Reinforced Blocks: Crimson Nylium, Warped Nylium, Crimson Planks, Warped Planks, Crimson Stem, Warped Stem, Stripped Crimson Stem, Stripped Warped Stem, Stripped Crimson Hyphae, Stripped Warped Hyphae, Crimson Hyphae, Warped Hyphae, Crismon Slab, Warped Slab, Soul Soil, Basalt, Polished Basalt, Cracked Nether Bricks, Chiseled Nether Bricks, Crimson Stairs, Warped Stairs, Quartz Bricks, Warped Wart Block, Netherite Block, Crying Obsidian, Blackstone, Blackstone Slab, Blackstone Stairs, Polished Blackstone, Polished Blackstone Slab, Polished Blackstone Stairs, Polished Blackstone Bricks, Polished Blackstone Brick Slab, Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs, Chain, Blackstone Wall, Polished Blackstone Wall, Polished Blackstone Brick Wall, Soul Lantern, Shroomlight, Crimson Pressure Plate, Warped Pressure Plate, Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate, Crimson Button, Warped Button, Polished Blackstone Button (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Ancient Debris Mine, Gilded Blackstone Mine, Nether Gold Ore Mine (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Secret Crimson and Secret Warped Signs (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Piglins now love Reinforced Gold Blocks (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Striders now find Fake Lava comfortably warm (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Reinforced Blocks are now immune to lava (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Block/item tags: securitycraft:reinforced/crimson_stems, securitycraft:reinforced/nylium, securitycraft:reinforced/pressure_plates, securitycraft:reinforced/warped_stems (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - New: [1.16.3] Support for the following block/item tags: minecraft:infiniburn_overworld, minecraft:mushroom_grow_block, minecraft:nylium, minecraft:pressure_plates, minecraft:soul_fire_base_blocks, minecraft:soul_speed_blocks, minecraft:strider_warm_blocks, minecraft:wither_summon_base_blocks, minecraft:piglin_loved (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Change: Inventory Scanner Fields now cannot be destroyed when between two Inventory Scanners (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Change: Laser and Taser damage no longer bypasses armor
    - Change: The Admin Tool now only works in creative mode
    - Change: Instead of using a crafting table, a briefcase's code can now be reset if its owner rightclicks while holding the briefcase in their off hand and a Universal Key Changer in their main hand. (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Change: Balanced Fake Liquids: Reduced damage of Fake Water by 70% and added regeneration effect to Fake Lava instead of healing instantly
    - Change: The Panic Button now emits a light level of 4 when turned on
    - Change: Just Enough Items now shows proper recipes for un-/reinforcing blocks - the old info screen has been removed in favor of this
    - Change: The level 1 Universal Block Reinforcer can no longer unreinforce blocks. At least level 2 is required for this now
    - Change: The codebreaker is now 100% effective when using in creative mode
    - Change: [1.14.4+] The inventory scanner's texture is now up to date with the new Minecraft textures
    - Change: [1.16.3] Sounds of reinforced blocks now match the sounds of their vanilla equivalent (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Change: [1.16.3] Reinforced Carpets can no longer be used as fuel
    - API: Added hook for mods to define blocks that can extract from Password-protected Chests/Furnaces. Fore more info, see IExtractionBlock
    - Fix: Taser does not reliably hit entities (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: Camera overlay's time and hotkey texts sometimes get obscured or render partly offscreen
    - Fix: Anyone can reset a briefcase's passcode (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: Confirm button in the Universal Key Changer's GUI doesn't properly react to changes in the textboxes (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: Defused Claymore model is incorrect (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: Keycard Reader sometimes sends incorrect messages (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: Fire doesn't get removed after exiting Fake Lava
    - Fix: Transparent pixels in Codebreaker and Sentry Remote Access Tool textures
    - Fix: Panic button has no sound
    - Fix: Pipe interaction with Password-protected Chest/Furnace
    - Fix: Portable Radar sometimes doesn't turn off the redstone signal when it's supposed to
    - Fix: Vanilla redstone power sources can still activate Reinforced Doors and similar in specific cases
    - Fix: Reinforcing a hopper in the world drops its contents
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Inventory Scanner and Inventory Scanner Field metadata is calculcated incorrectly (This means that the orientation of your Inventory Scanner (Fields) might reset!)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Some customizable blocks don't drop their items correctly when broken
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Rare crash
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Rotating/mirroring some blocks (e.g. using mods like Recurrent Complex) does not work correctly
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Incorrect Reinforced Hopper sounds
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Incorrect Reinforced Lever sounds
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Changes to installed modules don't sync to clients on a dedicated server
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The first rightlick of a Whitelist/Blacklist Module does not open the GUI on a dedicated server
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Cannot exit GUIs using escape key when a textfield is focused
    - Fix: [1.12.2,1.14.4] Admin Tool has to be sneak-rightclicked in order to show information
    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.15.2] WAILA exploit
    - Fix: [1.14.4] Projector is missing its English translation
    - Fix: [1.14.4] Reinforced Grass Block has a faulty model
    - Fix: [1.14.4,1.15.2] Double Stone Slab has no tint (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: [1.14.4,1.15.2] Crash on SC Manual pages with subpages, when using a language that does not use spaces to seperate words (Thanks jihuayu!)
    - Fix: [1.14.4,1.15.2] Welcome message doesn't show
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Secret Signs can be colored by anyone (Thanks Redstone_Dubstep!)
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Reinforced Hopper does not drop
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Reinforced Doors and Scanner Doors cannot be placed by rightclick the side of a block
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Reinforced Doors and Scanner Doors can remove blocks
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Crashes
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Sliders in GUIs sometimes don't stop sliding after the mouse button has been released
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Universal Block Reinforcer dupe
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Rotating/mirroring some blocks (e.g. using mods like World Edit) does not work correctly
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Sentry bullets don't disappear upon hitting a block
    - Fix: [1.14.4+] Disguised blocks don't get tinted correctly when the reinforced_block_tint configuration option is turned off
    - Fix: [1.16.3] Walking through a block pocket wall blocks vision
    - Fix: [1.16.3] Tooltips in SecurityCraft Manual don't completely show on the screen
    - Fix: [1.16.3] Redstone cannot be placed on Reinforced Hoppers
    - Potential Fix: First Alarm sound sometimes does not play
    - Removed: Taser Bullet entity
    - Removed: [1.15.2+] Fix for Cyclic's Sack of Holding (Cyclic has a fix in place itself)
    - Misc.: Various French language fixes (Thanks supercat95!)
    - Misc.: [1.16.3] The minimum required Forge version is now 34.0.3

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    We released another hotfix for SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.16.2, fixing incompatibility with newer Forge versions, as well as the harming module recipe not working. https://curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3043344

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    posted a message on [v1.9.4] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    We ported and released SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.16.2 today, also fixing a crash with disguised blocks: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3031063

    SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.12.2 also got a couple updates (changelogs below), the latest of which can be found at this link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3022712

    Changelog v1.8.19.2
    - Fix: [1.12.2] SecurityCraft is incompatible with OpenCubicChunks
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash on SC Manual pages with subpages, when using a language that does not use spaces to seperate words

    Changelog v1.8.19.3
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Packet exploit

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