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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.20.2 has been updated to fix compatibility with NeoForge 20.2.59-beta and later. This means, that you need at least NeoForge 20.2.59-beta to play SecurityCraft v1.9.8-beta2. Download links:

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4882380
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/futvrU9j

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft is now available for Minecraft 1.20.2! Like we said previously, starting with 1.20.2, SecurityCraft will only be compatible with NeoForge. This does not affect older Minecraft versions. When using SecurityCraft on 1.20.2 and above, please download and install NeoForge from here: https://neoforged.net/ You need at least NeoForge 20.2.41-beta for SecurityCraft to work.
    As this is a beta, please be aware there may still be some porting-related bugs. Please report any bugs you find on our Discord! Thank you!

    Download links (CurseForge not approved yet at time of writing!)
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4855267
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/1T1DXrhi

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft v1.9.8 was released a couple days ago (sorry for the late post)! The most notable new feature in this version are colorable lasers. With the newly added Lens item, you can color your lasers and inventory scanner fields, as well as claymore and trophy system lasers in any color that you desire. This change means all of these will be white when first placed down, however adding a red lens to the block will make it look just like before. Lenses are cheap, and can be colored just like leather armor.
    We would also like you to know about a change regarding the universal block reinforcers: Because an Unbreaking 3+Mending reinforcer of level 2 is effectively a level 3 reinforcer, we have removed the ability for reinforcers to be enchanted with Mending to make it more enticing to upgrade to level 3. Existing reinforcers will lose their Mending enchantment. In the future, we plan to revert this change and disable/remove the level 3 reinforcer, with the level 1 reinforcer not being enchantable, but upgradable to level 2 in the smithing table. We can currently not make this change as we are still supporting 1.12.2 which does not have the smithing table.

    As always, there are more new things and changes for you to explore like the floor trap, a miniature keycard reader or the scanner trapdoor, and of course quite a few bugfixes. You can learn all about the full changes, as well as find the download links below. Please note that this is the last update of the mod for 1.19.3.

    A word on Minecraft 1.20.2: We are aware that Forge for 1.20.2 is already out, however we have chosen to continue development of the mod on NeoForge for MC 1.20.2 and above. The NeoForged team consists of most of the old Forge team members, and they are currently working hard to get all the necessary things ready so they can release NeoForge for Minecraft 1.20.2. Until that has happened, SecurityCraft will not be available on 1.20.2. You can see all the news regarding the mod port over in ⁠our Discord server, where we will also post once we have started working on the port.

    1.12.2: (The minimum required Forge version is

    1.16.5: (The minimum required Forge version is 36.2.20)
    1.18.2: (The minimum required Forge version is 40.1.48)
    1.19.3: (The minimum required Forge version is 44.0.18)
    1.19.4: (The minimum required Forge version is 45.0.58)
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4795160
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/jtRsK8D0

    - New: The Sonic Security System's functionality can now be inverted (blocks are accessible by default, and get locked when the correct tune is played)
    - New: The IMS can now automatically recharge itself with bouncing betties from a chest, barrel, etc. below
    - New: Simplified Chinese translation (Thanks DrIceTea!)
    - New: Lens item to be able to color laser and inventory scanner fields as well as a couple other things in any desired color
    - New: Level 2 and 3 Universal Block Reinforcers can now be used to unreinforce blocks in the world by toggling the checkbox in their UI
    - New: Reinforced Ladder
    - New: The Projector can now optionally project blocks regardless of which blocks exist in the world
    - New: The status of a Redstone Module in a Security Camera can now be seen in the Camera Monitor screen
    - New: Animals are now ignored by several blocks like the protecto or mines if the animal and block are owned by the same player (example: tamed wolves)
    - New: Floor Trap
    - New: The redstone signal length of the Inventory Scanner and Laser Block can now be changed
    - New: Keycard Lock. A miniature Keycard Reader that can only read cards, and not link them
    - New: Scanner Trapdoor
    - New: The Briefcase can now be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing
    - New: [1.16.5+] Item tags "securitycraft:reinforced/glass_panes", "securitycraft:reinforced/pressure_plates", "securitycraft:reinforced/stone_pressure_plates"
    - New: [1.18.2+] Vanishmod support
    - Change: The recipe for the Laser Block now uses 4 glass panes in total
    - Change: You can no longer break the code of passcode blocks/briefcases that you own using a codebreaker
    - Change: Universal Block Reinforcers can no longer be enchanted with Mending. Old reinforcers lose their Mending enchantment when used. This is to make it more enticing to upgrade to a level 3 reinforcer. In the future, this idea will be expanded upon.
    - Change: The item textures for the Camera Monitor, Codebreaker, Mine Remote Access Tool, and Sentry Remote Access Tool have been modified to be more immersive and intuitive
    - Change: The recipe for the Mine Remote Access Tool has been modified to match its new texture
    - Change: The Codebreaker can now not be used for three seconds after its last usage
    - Change: A Sentry's head will now face the player when the Sentry is placed down. It will still be within the body by default, though
    - Change: The Keycard Reader now has indicator lights
    - Change: The recipe for the Keycard Reader has been slightly adjusted
    - Change: The Portable Radar now sends proximity messages to everyone on the same team instead of just the radar's owner
    - Change: The Trophy System's model has been changed to be more true to the original from Call of Duty
    - Change: Electrified Iron Fences and Electrified Iron Fence Gates can now convert any mob that is converted by lightning instead of just creepers
    - API: IReinforcedBlock has been moved to the API package
    - API: New methods IReinforcedBlock#convertToReinforced and IReinforcedBlock#convertToVanilla
    - API: New method IOwnable#allowsOwnableEntity to check whether an ownable entity's owner owns the block entity
    - API: Added an EnumOption subclass of Option
    - Fix: Blocks can be pushed into a Sentry using a piston
    - Fix: Possible loss of data of passcode blocks
    - Fix: The Trophy System's "Ignore Owner" option does not work
    - Fix: Blocks that have a custom name lose the name when getting broken
    - Fix: Sentries can get unbound when opening the Sentry Remote Access Tool sometimes
    - Fix: The randomize button is not disabled when someone on the allowlist looks into a Keycard Reader
    - Fix: The Inventory Scanner has a delay when checking and collecting prohibited items from inventories (Thanks Tenebrosful!)
    - Fix: The Inventory Scanner can void items
    - Fix: Sentries still attack teams that are allowed through an allowlist module

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    We are now releasing SecurityCraft v1.9.7, and with it the first beta of the mod for Minecraft 1.20.1! There are numerous changes in this version, but the most significant one is a complete rework of how passcodes for blocks like the Keypad or Password-protected Chest are saved. For security reasons, they are no longer stored in plaintext on the server, but rather in a hashed (and salted) form. This means, that someone who has access to the server files, does not have access to your passcodes anymore. Because of this change, mods like Jade, TOP, and WTHIT can no longer show the owner of a block its passcode, and the Admin Tool will no longer be able to tell admins the passcode of the block - though the latter is superfluous anyway, as the Codebreaker can be used to bypass the passcode of any block.

    Another new notable feature is the Keycard Holder, which can hold up to 5 keycards, and upon right-clicking a Keycard Reader, automatically selects the correct Keycard to open the reader with. Very useful for inventory management!

    And there are new reinforced blocks! If you are playing in Minecraft 1.19.3 and above, you also have access to all the new vanilla blocks in their reinforced variants! As 1.20 got released, we decided to add reinforced variants for experimental blocks (the bamboo wood set, chiseled bookshelf, secret hanging signs, ...) as well. They are also present in the 1.20.1 version of SecurityCraft!

    As always, there are many more new features, changes, and most importantly fixes, that you can all read about in the changelog below!
    A note on 1.19.3: We will continue supporting this version for at least one more update, meaning v1.9.8 will be released on 1.19.3, but v1.9.9 may not.

    - New: Reinforced Blocks:*

    - [1.19.3+] Block of Bamboo

    - [1.19.3+] Block of Stripped Bamboo

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Planks

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Mosaic

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Stairs

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Mosaic Stairs

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Slab

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Mosaic Slab

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Pressure Plate

    - [1.19.3+] Bamboo Button

    - [1.19.3+] Chiseled Bookshelf

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Log

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Wood

    - [1.19.4+] Stripped Cherry Log

    - [1.19.4+] Stripped Cherry Wood

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Planks

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Stairs

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Slab

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Pressure Plate

    - [1.19.4+] Cherry Button

    - New: Randomize signature button for the Keycard Reader

    - New: The pitch of the sound an alarm plays can now be changed

    - New: The SecurityCraft Manual now shows default values and the range (if applicable) of a block's options

    - New: Maximum Distance option for Retinal Scanner and Scanner Door, to define the maximum amount of blocks from which the block can be activated

    - New: Passcodes entered in the text box of check passcode screens can now be shown using a checkbox

    - New: Keycard Holder

    - New: Keypad Trapdoor

    - New: [1.16.5+] The Alarm, Motion Activated Light, and Portable Radar can now be waterlogged

    - New: [1.16.5+] Laser and inventory scanner fields can now be waterlogged, which means the Laser and Inventory Scanner now properly work underwater without air pockets

    - New: [1.19.3+] Secret Bamboo Sign*

    - New: [1.19.3+] Secret Hanging Signs*

    - New: [1.19.3+] Sonic Security Systems and Portable Tune Players now support mob head and custom note block sounds*

    - New: [1.19.4+] Secret Cherry Sign*

    - New: [1.19.4+] Suspicious Sand Mine (can be defused to get the item without it exploding)*

    - New: [1.20.1] Suspicious Gravel Mine

    - New: [1.20.1] Secret signs have been updated to match vanilla functionality (editing, double sidedness, waxing, ...)

    - New: [1.20.1] Secret signs now have separate options for making the front and back side secret

    - Change: Several technical blocks' sounds have been adjusted to better match how they look

    - Change: Improved visuals when holding a taser

    - Change: Some alarm options have been moved to a separate screen

    - Change: The minimum radius of the Portable Radar is now one block

    - Change: The maximum allowed signature for a Keycard Reader is now 99999

    - Change: Passcodes of passcode-protected blocks and briefcases are no longer directly accessible by clients, and are thus no longer displayable using mods like Jade/TOP or the admin tool

    - Change: Passcodes are now stored and compared using secure hashing functions like PBKDF2, using a randomly generated salt that is stored on the server

    - Change: All occurrences of "Password" in block or item names have been switched out with "Passcode" (for example, Password-protected Chest -> Passcode-protected Chest)

    - Change: The storage location of passcodes in the NBT data of Display Cases has been changed from "Passcode" to "passcode"

    - Change: The Universal Key Changer can now be used by players in creative mode on any passcode-protected block or briefcase, regardless of its owner

    - Change: Passcodes no longer have a maximum length restriction

    - Change: Initially setting the passcode of a Briefcase now uses the same UI as inserting the passcode when opening a Briefcase

    - Change: The "Reset cooldown" option for alarms is now set to "true" by default (does not apply to already existing alarms)

    - Change: [1.12.2] SecurityCraft's recipes now work with the ore dictionary wherever possible

    - Change: [1.16.5+] Where applicable, recipes now use the securitycraft:reinforced_stone_crafting_materials tag (similar to minecraft:stone_crafting_materials, but with the reinforced variants)

    - Change: [1.20.1] Reinforced wool and carpets can now be dyed using any color wool or carpet

    - API: Renamed Option#readFromNBT to Option#load and Option#writeToNBT to Option#save

    - API: All occurrences of "password" in API class and method names have been switched out with "passcode" (for example, IPasswordProtected#getPassword -> IPasscodeProtected#getPasscode)

    - API: IPasscodeProtected#setPasscode now returns a byte array, IPasscodeProtected#getPasscode now takes a byte array as its only parameter

    - API: New methods IPasscodeProtected#getSaltKey, IPasscodeProtected#setSaltKey, IPasscodeProtected#loadSaltKey to get and set the block entity's salt key or read it from a block entity tag

    - API: New methods IPasscodeProtected#getSalt to access the block entity's salt using the stored salt key

    - API: New methods IPasscodeProtected#hashAndSetPasscode and IPasscodeProtected#loadPasscode for easier passcode management

    - API: [1.12.2] Renamed Owner#writeToNBT to Owner#save

    - API: [1.12.2] Renamed Owner#readFromNBT to Owner#load

    - API: [1.16.5] Renamed Owner#write to Owner#save

    - API: [1.16.5] Renamed Owner#read to Owner#load

    - API: [1.19.3+] IModuleInventory#getModuleDescriptionId to make it possible to have shared descriptions

    - Fix: Shields do not take damage when blocking a taser that deals high enough damage

    - Fix: The death message of a player killed by a taser does not contain the player firing the taser

    - Fix: The Sentry-/Mine Remote Access Tool screens do not show the item's custom name

    - Fix: Reinforced Doors can be closed by giving them a block update

    - Fix: Reinforced Doors that are next to, but don't face, each other can act as double doors

    - Fix: Certain blocks don't update their indirect neighbors properly when getting destroyed while in a powered state

    - Fix: Some reinforced blocks and mines can be destroyed by pistons or flowing fluids

    - Fix: Several items like the Admin Tool or Universal Block Remover (and more) cannot be placed into a Display Case

    - Fix: The Keycard Reader can accept signatures that are not within the allowed range

    - Fix: Briefcase inventory access exploit

    - Fix: The text box within the check passcode screen always places inserted characters at the end of the string rather than the cursor position

    - Fix: Some SecurityCraft blocks are displayed with the wrong color on a map

    - Fix: Reinforced hoppers can automatically validate their owner in certain cases

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Entities around a player sometimes get invisible when the player dismounts a camera

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Directional power sources like Reinforced Levers and Reinforced Buttons cannot toggle adjacent blocks

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Inserting a module into a Laser Block or Keypad/Scanner Door via the GUI will disable the module in all other connected blocks

    - Fix: [1.12.2] EMC values do not load when ProjectE Integration is installed

    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Ignore Owner option is inaccessible in the Rift Stabilizer

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Keypad Doors always have the custom name "Air" when placed as the last item of the stack

    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Alarm's name does not show up in its GUI

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Duplicate status message when placing a Sentry

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Disguising a Sentry makes it inaccessible

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Some sliders don't get colored when hovering over them

    - Fix: [1.12.2] Items carried by the cursor disappear when closing the Universal Block Reinforcer or Passcode-protected Furnace screen until the screen is opened again

    - Fix: [1.16.5] The Keypad Barrel does not drop itself when removed and can be destroyed by the wither and ender dragon

    - Fix: [1.16.5] Teleporting near a Rift Stabilizer leads to a crash on a dedicated server

    - Fix: [1.16.5-1.18.2] The new crystal quartz blocks from v1.9.5 don't have an EMC value associated with them

    - Fix: [1.16.5-1.18.2] Crash when using the Disguise Module

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Crashes when rendering some modded block entities in a Projector, or using them as a disguise

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Blocks cannot be placed on the side of any of SecurityCraft's doors

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Reinforced Lever duplication exploit

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Crash when placing any type of named passcode-protected furnace

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Iron fences don't connect to fences they should connect to

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Items carried by the cursor get deleted when closing the Universal Block Reinforcer screen

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Using tab to navigate through the SC Manual has an unintuitive order

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Crash when trying to create a superflat world with a layer of a reinforced block

    - Fix: [1.16.5+] It's impossible to close a Keypad Door that had its "Signal length" option set to 0

    - Fix: [1.18.2+] Reinforced cauldrons don't get updated properly when their contents change, leading to unexpected behavior

    - Fix: [1.18.2+] Using pick block on reinforced cauldrons containing something doesn't work

    - Fix: [1.19.3+] Jade does not properly hide blocks

    - Fix: [1.19.3+] The Reinforced Mangrove Button and Pressure Plate can't open reinforced doors

    - Fix: [1.19.3+] Reinforced pistons can push vanilla's reinforced deepslate

    - Fix: [1.19.4+] A player shooting a guardian with a taser gets damaged by the guardian's thorns

    - Removed: Ability to use name tags on the Sentry and other certain blocks. To give them a name, rename them in an anvil before placing

    - Misc.: [1.16.5+] More texture updates

    - Misc.: [1.19.4] The minimum required Forge version is 45.0.58

    in Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.4, these are only available if the update_1_20 datapack is enabled

    1.12.2: (The minimum required Forge version is
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4605454
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/rEpBPkLj
    1.16.5: (The minimum required Forge version is 36.2.20)
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4605455
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/PHg8gOHe
    1.18.2: (The minimum required Forge version is 40.1.48)
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4605456
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/WLXQeCCs
    1.19.3: (The minimum required Forge version is 44.0.18)
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4605457
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/525PQYt2
    1.19.4: (The minimum required Forge version is 45.0.58)
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4605458
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/Z4zJECrS
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4605459
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/pAOYhSFG

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    posted a message on [1.19.2] SecurityCraft v1.9.4 - Projector. Instant client crash when chunk loaded

    EDIT: Oops, wrong thread. Sorry!

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    Surprise! We are now releasing the last update of SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.19.2. As said in a previous announcement, we acknowledge that the point in time where we stopped support for Minecraft 1.19.2 was too early. To remedy this, SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.19.2 is now getting a release of version v1.9.6.1, which means it contains all new things and fixes from v1.9.5 AND v1.9.6 in one big update. Included are new block mines, new module support for passcode blocks, FTB Teams support, the Password-protected Barrel, and much more. The full changelog for this can be seen on the CurseForge/Modrinth page of the update.

    We also included some bonus fixes: Because v1.9.7 will *not* be released for Minecraft 1.19.2 (see the linked post above as to why, TL;DR we only support the two most recent minor MC updates), yet v1.9.7 contains a few important fixes, we added a select few of them in this release to make sure we're publishing a stable last version that we're happy with. Thanks for your understanding, and we hope you enjoy this release on Minecraft 1.19.2 :)

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4531283
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/DcU219qe

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft v1.9.6-beta1 is now available for Minecraft 1.19.4! As this is a beta release, we are expecting that bugs may still occur. If you find any, please report them in the #bugreport channel on our Discord server! You need at least Forge version 45.0.2 to play.
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4446037
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/dqiNt7l6

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    posted a message on [1.19.2] SecurityCraft v1.9.4 - Projector. Instant client crash when chunk loaded

    There's nothing you can do about this other than waiting for a fix from Mekanism's side, or outright removing the block from the world with an external program like Amulet.

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    posted a message on [1.19.2] SecurityCraft v1.9.4 - Projector. Instant client crash when chunk loaded

    If Mekanism adds a null check for this variable, the bug will be fixed. It's sadly something that SecurityCraft can't check for, as the Projector can potentially render anything.

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    Hey everyone! SecurityCraft v1.9.6 is here 🐸 This update brings Password-protected Barrels, a Laser side config, and Smart Module support for the Alarm. Additionally, FTB Utilities/FTB Teams are now supported when team ownership is enabled. v1.9.6 also includes a whole bunch of fixes - you can find the details as well as the download links below.
    Our Minecraft server is also updated to use v1.9.6, join using securitycraft.nodecraft.gg.

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/all
    Modrinth: https://www.modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/versions

    Some words on 1.19.x and version support going forward: We are aware that dropping support for 1.19.2 was the wrong decision and we acted on this too early. This new release cycle Mojang has adopted is still new to everyone, and the way we thought we would handle mod updates with it was the wrong call. That's why going forward, we will always support the two most recent minor versions of a Minecraft update, and drop support for the older ones as time goes on. This means, that we will be supporting 1.19.3 and 1.19.4 for the time being, and some time after 1.20 gets released drop the support for all but the most recent version of 1.19.x. This does not affect older Minecraft updates, we are continuing support for 1.12.2, 1.16.5, and 1.18.2 as normal.
    With that said, 1.19.4 got released yesterday, and Forge some hours later. We are working on the port as we speak, but know it may take a bit of time before a first beta is published. Once that is the case, we will let you know in our Discord.

    - New: Laser blocks can now be configured to have lasers on specific sides be disabled by using a Smart Module
    - New: Configs "sentryAttackableEntitiesAllowlist" and "sentryAttackableEntitiesDenylist" for controlling which entities a Sentry can and cannot attack
    - New: The Alarm can now play any sound when a Smart Module is installed
    - New: The Alarm can now be disabled with the Universal Block Modifier
    - New: Alarm option "Reset Cooldown" to set whether the cooldown between alarm sounds should reset once the alarm is powered on
    - New: [1.12.2] Support for teams from FTB Utilities when having team ownership enabled in the config
    - New: [1.16.5+] Support for FTB Teams when having team ownership enabled in the config
    - New: [1.16.5+] Command "/sc dump " to be able to copy all of SecurityCraft's registry entries of the specified registry
    - New: [1.16.5+] Password-protected Barrel 🐸
    - Change: Lasers and inventory scanner fields are now removed silently
    - Change: Inventory scanners and password-protected chests now only drop their modules if the last scanner/chest is removed
    - Change: Changing the owner of a Reinforced Hopper now needs validation of the new owner (akin to reinforced pistons)
    - Change: New look for the Claymore
    - Change: The Alarm's "Delay" option can now be found in the new GUI of the Alarm, accessible by rightclicking it
    - API: IModuleInventory#shouldDropModules to determine whether a block should drop its modules when broken
    - API: [1.12.2] Numerous renames across the whole codebase to make porting from newer versions easier going forward
    - Fix: Turning off camera rotation or the Sonic Security System leads to (extreme) stuttering of the camera/SSS
    - Fix: Shift-clicking a potion in the brewing stand screen puts the potion into the wrong slot
    - Fix: Redstone does not automatically connect to the Alarm, Projector, and Username Logger
    - Fix: Some text in the check password screens doesn't show up properly
    - Fix: Options are not synchronized between newly placed laser blocks
    - Fix: Modules are not properly synchronized between laser blocks in certain situations
    - Fix: The Sentry's head could sometimes rapidly stutter in height when completely extended or retracted
    - Fix: The Reinforced Hopper checks for the wrong allowlist sometimes
    - Fix: It's possible to remove other players' laser/inventory scanner fields
    - Fix: Cannot place blocks against laser blocks from other players
    - Fix: The tooltip for long names in the Sonic Security System list does not always show up
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Scroll list in the Block Change Detector's UI slightly moves up and down
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Players can sometimes no longer see themselves after viewing a camera
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Reinforced Piston is able to push blocks while not being validated
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Creating a reinforced double slab does not retain the owner
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The Codebreaker has 3 uses instead of 5
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The Block Change Detector list cannot be scrolled using the mouse wheel
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Severe lag when a player mounts a camera on a dedicated server when other players are connected
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Dragging some scroll lists scrolls faster than it should
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] It's possible to select entries while the mouse is outside of a scroll list
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Many blocks don't show their custom name in their GUI
    - Misc.: The Spanish translation has been updated (Thanks Globi10!)
    - Misc.: Updates to SC Manual entries and other text, to bring them up to date with actual functionality of the mod
    - Misc.: Dialects for German (de_at, de_ch), French (fr_ca), and Spanish (es_ar, es_cl, es_ec, es_mx, es_uy, es_ve (not 1.12.2)) are now supported. While these are not proper translations into the specific dialects, they should be better than having to resort to English
    - Misc.: [1.16.5+] More texture updates

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    We have released SecurityCraft v1.9.5! This update features smart and harming module support for passcode blocks, a new ignore owner option, and of course a whole bunch of fixes again. If you want to see some of these features in action without loading up the game, take a look into #dev-showcase on our Discord server where they were showed off during development. In the update, there are also some new block mines, and the crystal quartz collection of blocks is now complete.

    As was stated previously, we dropped support for Minecraft 1.19.2, so v1.9.5 is available for 1.12.2, 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, and 1.19.3.

    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/all
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/versions

    Our Minecraft server is also updated to Minecraft 1.19.3 now, hop on using securitycraft.nodecraft.gg
    We hope you enjoy!

    A note on 1.17.1: Due to low demand, this is the last time that we will release an update for SecurityCraft on Minecraft 1.17.1. Going forth, there will be no further updates or support for 1.17.1.

    - New: The reinforced block tint color can now be changed with a config setting
    - New: Netherrack Mine and End Stone Mine
    - New: The damage dealt by a Laser Block containing a Harming Module can now be changed with a config setting
    - New: More modded wooden chests can now be converted to a Password-protected Chest
    - New: Ignore owner option for blocks like the Inventory Scanner or Block Change Detector
    - New: Smart Module (incorrect code = cooldown) and Harming Module (incorrect code = damage) support for blocks that require a passcode
    - New: Config option "incorrectPasscodeDamage" to define the amount of damage dealt to a player who inserted an incorrect passcode
    - New: [1.16.5+] Crystal Quartz Bricks, Smooth Crystal Quartz, Smooth Crystal Quartz Stairs, Smooth Crystal Quartz Slab, and their reinforced variants
    - Change: Password-protected blocks can now only be activated if a password has been set, even if the player activating the block is on the allowlist
    - Change: Passcodes now have to be manually confirmed by using the new enter button found in the check password interface (or by using the enter key on the keyboard)
    - API: Changed IPasswordConvertible#getOriginalBlock to IPasswordConvertible#isValidStateForConversion for finer control over what can be converted
    - API: New methods IModuleInventory#isAllowed and IModuleInventory#isDenied to check whether an entity is listed on an allowlist or denylist module respectively
    - API: Moved and renamed Owner#isOwner methods to IPasswordProtected#isOwnedBy
    - API: New methods IPasswordProtected#startCooldown, IPasswordProtected#isOnCooldown IPasswordProtected#getCooldownEnd, and IPasswordProtected#getIncorrectPasscodeDamage
    - API: New method IPasswordProtected#verifyPasswordSet which returns whether a password has been set for this IPasswordProtected
    - API: Removed the IOwnable parameter from IPasswordProtected#setPasswordGUI because the relevant code has been moved to IPasswordProtected#verifyPasswordSet
    - API: New linked action ILinkedAction#StateChanged which is used when the state at the linkable block entity's position changes
    - Fix: Crash when inserting a module into a single Inventory Scanner
    - Fix: Some animations stutter
    - Fix: Using /kill to remove a camera entity, or removing it by other non-standard means, does not update the camera block properly
    - Fix: Breaking an Inventory Scanner/Laser or one of its field does not break all fields, if the respective config setting is lower than the amount of fields present
    - Fix: Breaking an Inventory Scanner Field with the inventoryScannerRange config setting set to >=3 does not break and reinstate all fields properly
    - Fix: Players that are on the allowlist of a Security Camera cannot toggle the camera's redstone output
    - Fix: The Redstone Module in a Laser Block does not respect ownership
    - Fix: Disabled option in laser blocks does not work properly
    - Fix: In the check password screen, using the enter key to press focused buttons does not work
    - Fix: The Username Logger sometimes cannot be activated by a short redstone signal
    - Fix: The Codebreaker sometimes loses durability when rightclicking a block even though no codebreaking attempt has been made
    - Fix: Taking an item out of a Display Case does not work when the offhand is not empty
    - Fix: Issues when unloading and saving chunks containing linkable block entities
    - Fix: Some scroll lists can be scrolled a tiny bit even though there is no scrollbar
    - Fix: Some mines explode when detecting a player in creative mode
    - Fix: Laser blocks that are indirectly connected to a laser field detecting an entity don't activate
    - Fix: Laser fields can activate disconnected laser blocks in some circumstances
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The One Probe doesn't display some of SecurityCraft's blocks correctly
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Startup crash in combination with other mods (e.g. Blue Skies, Reborn Core)
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Admin Tool description in JEI is incorrect
    - Fix: [1.12.2] List module messages of the Display Case are not translated properly
    - Fix: [1.12.2-1.16.5] The Reinforced Grass Block doesn't have a reinforced tint
    - Fix: [1.16.5] When viewing a camera that is far away, entities around the camera don't load
    - Fix: [1.16.5-1.18.2] Error when breaking an Inventory Scanner that contains a module
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Several instances of chunks not loading correctly when changing the view distance while viewing a camera
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Some scroll lists cannot be scrolled far enough to show all entries
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] The Reinforced Water Cauldron and Reinforced Grass Block don't have a reinforced tint
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] The Reinforced Moss Carpet has a different sound compared to the vanilla Moss Carpet
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Error when unbinding the last mine/sentry from a Mine/Sentry Remote Access Tool
    - Fix: [1.19.3] Reinforced Stained Glass Pane items display incorrectly
    - Fix: [1.19.3] Breaking a disguised Inventory Scanner does not update the disguise of the connected scanner
    - Fix: [1.19.3] Placing an Inventory Scanner facing a disguised scanner does not update the placed scanner's disguise
    - Fix: [1.19.3] The Cage Trap and Password-protected Furnace/Smoker/Blast Furnace are black instead of see-through
    - Misc.: [1.19.3] The minimum required Forge version is now 44.0.11

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft for Minecraft 1.19.3 is here! This is a first beta version, so please note that there may still be some bugs. If you find any, please report them in the #bugreport channel on our Discord server. There are a few changes from the 1.19.2 version of the mod, namely two new gamerules to control source conversion of fake liquids, a creative tab revamp (though not as significant as vanilla), and relevant reinforced blocks utilizing vanilla's new nether wood sounds. You need at least Forge 44.0.11 to play.
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/4166593
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/version/yAcmyKhO

    A note on experimental 1.20 features: We will not be actively supporting them as long as they have not been fully released, as Mojang said that experimental features may change at any point. This does not mean that they don't work with the mod, we just won't explicitly add support for them until their full release.
    Lastly, we will no longer update SecurityCraft for 1.19.2. This means that update v1.9.5 of the mod will be released on Minecraft 1.19.3 instead of 1.19.2.

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft v1.9.4 has been released, featuring the new Rift Stabilizer (a block that prevents teleportation attempts to/from its vicinity) and Display Case (a block that allows to display your item without anyone but you being able to access it), alongside many fixes and some minor improvements.
    With this release, SecurityCraft is now also available to download on Modrinth!

    Downloads for Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, and 1.19.2 here:
    CurseForge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/all
    Modrinth: https://modrinth.com/mod/security-craft/versions

    - New: Taser effects and damage are now configurable
    - New: The Block Change Detector can now show highlights in the world, marking where it detected block changes
    - New: Ability to change a block pocket's outline color
    - New: Scrolling in the SecurityCraft Manual while holding the control key will now scroll through subpages (if any exist)
    - New: Rift Stabilizer, a block that detects and prevents teleportation attempts in its vicinity
    - New: Display Case. Securely display your items
    - New: [1.12.2-1.16.5, 1.18.2+] ProjectE support (all reinforced blocks now have an EMC value)
    - New: [1.16.5+] Japanese translation (Thanks momo-i!)
    - New: [1.16.5+] The I.M.S. is now waterloggable
    - New: [1.17.1+] Glow Display Case
    - Change: The Laser Block now needs a Redstone Module in order to emit a redstone signal when someone walks through the laser
    - Change: Made Fake Water's damage equivalent to lava damage
    - Change: [1.12.2] The screens of the Trophy System and Sonic Security System item are now no longer pausing the game when open, and can now be closed with the "Open/Close Inventory" key
    - Change: [1.16.5+] Most of SecurityCraft's screens are now no longer pausing the game when open, and can now be closed with the "Open/Close Inventory" key
    - API: Changes to ICodebreakable and IPasswordProtected to cut down on duplicate code and make them easier and more clear to use
    - API: [1.12.2] Changed EnumLinkedAction to an interface and the enum values to records for easier usability
    - API: [1.12.2] Several methods in TileEntityLinkable were changed to account for the EnumLinkedAction change
    - API: [1.12.2] EnumLinkedAction has been renamed to ILinkedAction
    - API: [1.16.5+] Changed LinkedAction to an interface and the enum values to records for easier usability
    - API: [1.16.5+] Several methods in LinkableBlockEntity were changed to account for the LinkedAction change
    - API: [1.16.5+] LinkedAction has been renamed to ILinkedAction
    - Fix: Nether portals can replace reinforced blocks when generating
    - Fix: Can't place blocks on blocks locked by a Sonic Security System
    - Fix: Sentry bullets can remove item frames
    - Fix: The Harming Module does not work when a Laser Block is powered
    - Fix: Several issues in various language files
    - Fix: Potion particles are visible when being in Fake Lava
    - Fix: Briefcase and Disguise Module item duplication
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash involving the Electrified Iron Fence
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Electrified Iron Fence Gate is not affected by EMPs
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Plants and saplings cannot be placed on Reinforced Dirt and similar blocks
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Interacting with blocks while holding a Sonic Security System may sometimes place it for a short while
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] A Sentry's name does not show in the Sentry Remote Access Tool
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Mobs can spawn on reinforced ice and reinforced iron trapdoors
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Password-protected furnaces close even if some players still have it open
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Tooltips in some screens can overlap when tabbing through buttons while hovering over other areas that show a tooltip
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The Sonic Security System has no placing sound
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Some reinforced blocks can be destroyed by unintended vanilla means
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Option tooltips do not update with the new value when the option is changed
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Block entities of reinforced stairs don't get properly removed when the block is broken, leading to inteaction issues with other blocks placed in the same block space
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Grass can grow under disguised blocks when it shouldn't
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Crash when trying to disguise a block as/project some blocks that don't always have a block entity associated with them
    - Fix: [1.17.1+] Block Pocket Manager's size button and offset slider are available to non-owners
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Snow layers can be placed on Reinforced Ice and Reinforced Packed Ice
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Snow layers cannot be placed on Reinforced Mud
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Some blocks don't show up properly in the state selector of the Projector/Disguise Module
    - Fix: [1.19.2] Disguisable blocks do not show the proper block model sometimes
    - Removed: [1.16.5+] Finnish translation due to being outdated and incomplete
    - Misc: [1.18.2] The minimum required Forge version is now 40.1.84
    - Misc: [1.19.2] The minimum required Forge version is now 43.1.8

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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!
    SecurityCraft v1.9.3 has been released! This is a smaller update than usual, mainly focusing on bringing new reinforced blocks to the mod in Minecraft 1.19. However it also includes some quality of life improvements, like being able to disable SecurityCraft's blocks temporarily using the Universal Block Modifier, or a new way of viewing and removing blocks that are linked to a Sonic Security System.
    Please note, that while we have released both a 1.19 and 1.19.1 version of v1.9.3, we will not continue updating the mod for 1.19, and instead focus on 1.19.1.
    - New: Items can now be dragged from JEI into the Inventory Scanner's ghost slots
    - New: Several blocks now have a new Universal Block Modifier option to disable them
    - New: Blocks that have been linked to a Sonic Security System can now be seen and removed in the item's and block's screen
    - New: [1.12.2] The Sentry can now be deactivated by ICBM Classic's EMP blast. It can be reactivated by rightclicking it with redstone
    - New: [1.16.5-1.17.1] Reinforced sand has been added to the "minecraft:sand" tag
    - New: [1.16.5+] Item and block tag "securitycraft:reinforced/terracotta"
    - New: [1.17.1+] Some of SecurityCraft's blocks, items, and entities can now trigger sculk sensors
    - New: [1.18.2+] Several additions to minecraft's tags, including "minecraft:azalea_grows_on", "minecraft:sand", and "minecraft:terracotta"
    - New: [1.19+] Reinforced Blocks: Mangrove Planks, Mangrove Log, Stripped Mangrove Log, Stripped Mangrove Wood, Mangrove Wood, Mangrove Slab, Mangrove Stairs, Mangrove Button, Mangrove Pressure Plate, Mud, Packed Mud, Mud Bricks, Mud Brick Slab, Mud Brick Stairs, Mud Brick Wall, Ochre Froglight, Verdant Froglight, Pearlescent Froglight
    - New: [1.19+] Support for WTHIT, a fork of HWYLA
    - Change: Reduced the Rail Mine's explosion size by 25% to make it comparable to other mines' explosions
    - Change: Blocks that entities can intersect with, such as Laser and Inventory scanner fields, mines and the Cage Trap, now only trigger when the entity touches their bounding box
    - API: Added DisabledOption for having a default option to disable blocks
    - API: Added Option#getKey and Option#getDescriptionKey to easily access the language keys associated with an option
    - API: IEMPAffected has been added. It can be used to shut down select SecurityCraft blocks and entities when they're within range of an EMP blast
    - API: IEMPAffectedTE has been added as a default implementation for tile entities which want to implement IEMPAffected
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The default display name of some blocks is always "Customize"
    - Fix: [1.12.2] Crash with disguised blocks from before the state selector existed
    - Fix: [1.12.2] The Password-protected Chest sometimes doesn't open when there's an Allowlist Module installed
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Water doesn't render correctly while a Sonic Security System is recording within the player's view
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The reinforced stone pressure plate is not in SecurityCraft's "securitycraft:reinforced/pressure_plates" tag
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] Blocks disguised as a translucent block, like stained glass, don't show up properly
    - Fix: [1.16.5+] The SecurityCraft Manual shows the info for secret signs on the keycard page (Thanks cdgamedev!)

    1.12.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906295
    1.16.5: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906296
    1.17.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906297
    1.18.2: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906298
    1.19: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906299
    1.19.1: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3906301
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    posted a message on [v1.9.8] SecurityCraft~ Security cameras, Retinal scanners, and more!

    SecurityCraft is now available on Minecraft 1.19. The version should be working quite well already, but if you still find any bugs, please report them in the #bugreport channel in our Discord server. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/security-craft/files/3833136

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