About Me

Last updated: 7th March 2020

1. Born 1996, male, living in Germany.

2. I'm studying computer science.

3. Retired sectional moderator for Mapping & Modding as well as Servers.

4. Hired September 30th 2013, retired September 8th 2014 due to school. After a break of a few months, I rejoined the MnM staff team April 11th 2015. On March 10th 2016 I joined the Servers section to help out the few fellow moderators there. I completely retired on October 9th 2019.

5. My Minecraft mods can be found right here.

6. I'm a co-author of SecurityCraft.

7. Twitter: @bl4ckscor3

8. I'm no longer active on this forum, so why don't you Come join me on my Discord!

Location Germany