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    Quote from HvorErMitPas

    Respect for Eloraam when she takes a break from work to finish the mod. ... Especial considering how the community have behaved the last few days.

    You got that right!
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    Quote from SoNick

    The best I've seen is oliverissocool1's design in , but admittedly I haven't done much research into what can/can't be done with pistons! ^^;

    Actually, I think will work better within the limitations of the McDungeon level restrictions. I had come up with something close to this myself, but he managed to completely hide the wiring, which was better than I did :smile.gif:

    That, and I certainly did not do a video for it :smile.gif:
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    I downloaded 2.3, and noticed a few things.

    • The config files don't include the new room types. Certainly, it would not be a good idea to have huge caverns in a maze config, but for other dungeons it sounds like a great idea :smile.gif: Also, no NaturalCavern in a Hard config, I think :smile.gif:
    • The items list is missing shears, maps, and pistons. Leaving maps out seems like a good idea given they have to have a unique ID (and you cannot set them to show a different dungeon locations, darn it!). Not sure how relevant the Piston entry would be.
    • Actually, you don't have Powered Rails or Detector Rails either. Since my guys are mad for minecart subways, I added them to items.txt :smile.gif:

    If you wanted to include maps (and assuming no one had created any) can you do something like this in items.txt:

    I am working on a new config using the rooms as follows (assuming I have the keywords right):
    Blank: 10
    Basic: 40
    Basicx2x2: 10
    Cavern: 10
    SandstoneCavern: 10
    NaturalCavern: 20
    Corridor: 40
    Circular: 15
    Pit: 6
    CircularPit: 6

    That is for an easy mode dungeon so there is a chance the caverns or chasms can connect with the natural caves on the map. Should be great.

    Hmmm... how about a room with an iron door at one end and a wooden pressure plate. Explorers have to leave something on the plate to get through, and the door will obviously slam shut after 5 minutes. And sometimes the pressure plate just triggers an explosion or a pit trap. Or maybe a lava trap. Mwahahahaha. Obviously, the iron door works better on an "end room" where the explorers do not have to come back up out of the room on the way back out!
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    Quote from Vandergrift

    I've installed this mod but now I can't run the game I can only open the menu with Name, force Update etc. and when I click enter game and when everything is loaded it don't go to Game menu

    3 Things:
    1) This is not a mod, you don't install it -- you just run it on the map and then load it. If you installed it IN the MC jar, then likely that is the problem and you will need to clean out your jar and get a new version d/l from Mojang.

    2) Did you save a backup copy of your map before running the program on it? You should always make a backup before fooling around with a map if you want to ensure you have it available. Restore your backup and see if you can load that without a problem.

    3) MCDungeon uses only vanilla blocks, so it should not be the issue with running. Try generating a new world and see if that loads? (This assumes you have a good version of the MC code)
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    Quote from Eggplant! »
    I just read that Notch added trap doors for 1.6. Muahaha!

    Sweet! :SSSS:

    I was thinking about some other trap options... like a double height room where players come in below and the monster spawner is above with holes in the floor to drop monsters down onto players. Needs to be some access to the generator to make things fair :smile.gif:

    Or maybe a simpler idea would be a spawner on a pedestal and a water current washing monsters onto the party. Adds a nice bit of difficulty as the players have to move upstream to reach the critters. Some more active water flows are in keeping with a "long abandoned dungeon" theme :smile.gif:

    My players are a mix of collectors and builders who look on the dungeon as a source of materials as well as an adventure. The dungeons are not protected, but everyone is good about not digging through walls. But digging up "carpets" is fair game. That is where I got the idea for a pit covered with flooring and a creeper spawner. Same sort of thing could be done with a flammable wall and a lava trap, for instance :VV: . Keeps the players on their toes!

    Perhaps some lava falls in lower level lava rooms? Some lava falling from the ceiling would be entertaining.

    Of course, it is easy to come up with ideas when you don't have to do the code! But if anything I say sparks some ideas to make the program better, I am happy to have helped in any small way.

    Any chance of supporting something like Wormhole X-treme http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/tp-wormhole-x-treme-multi-world-capable-stargates-v0-853-766.1782 as well as Multiverse? WX could let you put in gates between dungeons, which would be its own bit of fun. Of course, that would likely require some work after the initial program runs if I wanted to link dungeons together.

    Oh! That gives me an idea... how about adding a section of quotes to a config file, and throwing in signs in various levels of the dungeon with the phrases from the config file on them?

    Too bad there is no way to make the monsters tougher as you go deeper... Although that is getting way outside the bounds of what you want to do since you are not building a mod. Just wishful thinking.
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    Quote from NuclearDemon »
    Heres some ideas for the dungeons:

    Water or flooding traps
    Sand traps (cave ins)
    Place dispensers at the end of long hallways instead of the walls
    Lava traps
    Secret passages inside the walls
    Explosive traps (landmines)

    After running through a couple, I had some ideas to add

      [*:2blq6iaq]Water pouring down into Pit rooms so that it washed over at least one path on the bridges.
      [*:2blq6iaq]"Ruined" walkways in pit rooms with occasional 1 square gaps missing. Makes getting through pit rooms that little bit tougher.
      [*:2blq6iaq]Top floor of a pit room is "diguised" with flooring and a creeper spawner :SSSS:
      [*:2blq6iaq]Have some pressure plates on arrow traps drop TNT onto party instead
      [*:2blq6iaq]"Balcony" in a pit room with a skeleton spawner
      [*:2blq6iaq]Make water pools deeper than 1 block to make them more annoying -- better yet, how about a 2-story pit room where the top level of a pit room has a floor with a pool in it. The party can swim down the water to the next level instead of stairs down.
      [*:2blq6iaq]How about a room with dispensers ringing the walls, with triggers that fire off patterns of arrows :smile.gif: I know you cannot do that one with the current room depth, but it would be so much fun. Not sure if this is even possible when placing red stone via a program like this one, but figured it would not hurt to ask. At the very least it would be nice to move the dispensers a bit farther away from the triggers than where they are now, as they are pretty easy to disarm.

    We had one of the lower rooms of an easy_mode dungeon with a chasm in the floor. The chasm opened onto a natural cave which made the whole thing even more interesting. I understand the idea of filling in the surrounding area to increase monster spawns in the mcdungeon complex, but it can be a lot of fun to have it open on to a cave complex too. Speaking of cave rooms, how about a new type of room as you go deeper -- an "unfinished" room with rough walls like cave walls?

    I had modified the hard_mode.cfg file to include a chance of zombie pigmen. Interestingly enough, their spawner does not care if there is too much light, but since they are not aggressive by default they can be ignored. However, attacking one will bring down the wrath of all of them on the particular attacker, which can be interesting :smile.gif:

    It would be great if there was a way to make secret doors. My idea of swimming down a pool to a room below was sort of along that idea -- a hidden room.

    I know monster spawners have a 9x9 area where they can generate creatures, but can they do it if the spawner is in a hidden chamber on the other side of a wall? That could be an interesting difficulty increase if it can work. I admit I do not know much about PLACING monster generators.

    What about a chance to have a "ruined" tower on the surface, rather than one in perfect condition?

    We had a lot of fun going through the generated dungeons on our SMP map. Great work so far! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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