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    posted a message on [RP] Every story has two sides (Now accepting)
    Name: James Becktrom
    Species: Human
    Rank: Miner
    Attitude: Under-exaggerates and thinks he is weaker than he really is.
    Weapon: My pickaxe (Stone or Iron) and a pocket knife.
    Bio: Blue eyes, Blonde hair, 17 years old, and usually wears a red shirt with jeans and tennis shoes.
    James comes from a small town in Kansas and whittles as a past-time. He enjoys carving and using wooden knives.
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    Quote from wormyish »
    so you accept the alliance?
    weve grown considerably since last post btw

    If you can find our webpage in this forum I will gladly accept you as a representative for your clan.

    (At everyone else)

    Try to solve my riddle! Read Between The Lines
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    posted a message on Forest Rangers!
    I will gladly accept your alliance if you can READ BETWEEN THE LINES.
    It is a test for those who seek knoledge. Those who do may join.
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    posted a message on Falcons\eagles\Hawks, Oh my
    You didn't explain it thoroughly. Sorry!

    I can't give an opinion when I hardly know what you said!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Two More Insects (V5)
    Quote from GnomeWorks »
    Quote from KodaichiZero »
    Be assured that the Aether wiill have its fair share of interesting mobs.

    ...which is fine, I suppose. Judging by the hype - and the screenshots - I expect that the Aether mod will be quite fantastic. Provided compatibility, I'll most likely be using it when it's done.

    But that's different. It's a different place; it's quite a bit of a Zelda vibe to it, I suppose, so I'm sort of expecting that kind of experience there. It's like... well, I'm not sure how to explain it.

    As an example - it'd be nice if there were a mummy mob, or something, that spawned only in the desert, and had a slightly different behavior than normal mobs. Something to carry the feel of the place, to help differentiate it, to make the world feel more varied and alive and to give the feeling that there's something more to the world than just what you're seeing.

    Adding human mobs doesn't work, IMO, because there's too much intelligence in humans, and the mod would have to take that into account. They'd have to act intelligently to be believable. I'm more a fan of ruins, of random chests littered throughout the landscape or hidden in places - they make sense, they give a feel that the world isn't empty, but they don't break the immersion. Ruins don't tell stories, you have to put it together yourself; even if there isn't an actual story behind it, your mind starts to formulate one, subconsciously, to try to make them make sense. It works.

    The Aether having its own mobs is one thing, but it's a separate place. They help carry its feel. Core MC doesn't quite have that - you go in a swamp, or the desert, or a deep cave, you're going to see zombies, skeletons, creepers, spiders. That's not to knock on Notch (easy to forget that the game is in beta, and as such isn't really a finished product yet), but it is something that I think should be addressed, if not by him than by the modding community.

    To be honest, I'd much rather see small "packs" like this, that introduce one, maybe two mobs, that fill a more specialized niche in the world. Mummies that only crop up in deserts, cockatrices that only appear in forests, salamanders that only show up around lava - things of that nature, that help make the world seem less "same-y."

    Does that get what I'm going for across, or does that not make sense?

    Just ........
    Wow. I have never seen anyone describe ideas so....
    I understand every word you said. Every word.
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    Hey! I was wondering if I could join this server.
    I would like to inform you that I have been kicked from a server.
    I was walking next to a building when it was being stolen from.
    I was kicked for 2 minutes and then was let back on.
    The person stealing was still in the building.....

    In-Game Name: bjbond007----> (My mom made it when I made a webkinz account when I was five.)
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    P.S. I read the rules. (Just for secrecy.)
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    Basically add new armour for looks?
    Ummmm. I don't know what to say! I feel in between :SSSS: and :iapprove:
    I guess it's ok.
    It's not the most appealing suggestion......
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    Quote from deathguardian97 »
    Already suggested. Read that huge thread called "Oceancraft" and post your thoughts there

    Off Topic: I cannot go to any suggestion that might turn out good with little improvements with-out him ending it saying "Post your crap here!

    On Topic:
    I actually agree with everyone on how you move faster "underwater" then on the surface.
    And for scuba gear? Why create that yet?

    Minecraft basically evolves like in time through updates!

    Minecraft in a nutshell:
    1800's: Basically survival.
    1850's (or so): Elecricity! ( Redstone)
    1900's:basic flight methods (Soon to be added)

    Get it?!
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    posted a message on Forest Rangers!
    Everyone please note we now have a forum!
    I only let those in that can READ BETWEEN THE LINES.
    Every ranger must be able to seek out every detail.
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    I see you have many testers but...
    Do you have room for another?
    Because I can record,do commentary, and post it on my Youtube channel.
    I am also pretty good at capturing glitches!
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    posted a message on Grab something before entering this thread. (Be dressed)
    Quote from KuruKuruGuy »
    Clones really come in handy..... *headcrab attacks* Woahh....... Duuuuuude..... *trips out*

    A cloning machine?!
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    posted a message on Count To _____ Before A Moderator / Admin Posts.
    Seven swans a swimming!
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    posted a message on Grab something before entering this thread. (Be dressed)
    Quote from KuruKuruGuy »
    Hmm? What headcrabs? You mean those things that made a mess on my steel-toe boots? Well, they're long gone now....

    They jump at your head......
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    posted a message on Craft the above user's avatar!
    [] :Orange: []
    [] :Notch: :Diamond:
    [] :stone: []
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    posted a message on Grab something before entering this thread. (Be dressed)
    Great! Now you have to use that item to survive the Black-Mesa incident till you find someone!

    HAHAHA! Now try and avoid the head-crabs!

    (You have a Half-Life fan on your hands!)
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