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    posted a message on MineStation13 [Looking for developers!]

    About a year ago I started working on a Minecraft mod to replicate the game Space Station 13. After a while I got bored and moved onto some other projects. The other day I decided that I should really put some more effort into this mod. This mod is a pretty ambitious undertaking and it honestly isn't going to happen without some serious help. Last time I tried building a team from a few of my programmer friends, but they got discouraged pretty quickly. This time I decided to try recruiting some people more familiar with Minecraft and Forge.

    Because I'm, lazy, in college, and don't want to write another essay I'm going to write most of this in a Q/A format.

    What is Space Station 13?

    Space Station 13 is a (very) complicated roleplaying game set on a huge space station with many roles, several gamemodes, an insane community, clowns, and corgis. I would recommend you play it if you really want to know what I'm trying to recreate.


    I'm making this mod because Space Station 13 runs on an archaic, laggy engine called BYOND which was originally designed for MUDs, and it uses a terrible scripting language with completely nonsensical syntax. Space Station 13 is a majestic beast that deserves better.


    There have been many attempts to re-create Space Station 13. Some of them are taking a long time. Some of them are dead in the water. Some are downright terrible. In any case, only a few the original BYOND versions are open source, and I feel like an open source project is the best way to go about recreating SS13.

    Why Minecraft?

    I've tried a number of times to clone SS13. Minecraft was my most promising attempt. Minecraft has a dynamic world and decent modding support (thanks entirely to Forge). It is also one of the easiest 3D games to make custom content for. Programmer art can usually suffice. Most of the SS13 content can also be recycled for the mod.

    What is finished?

    This Imgur album provides a pretty accurate summary of the Mod in it's current state. I got a little more done after that, but the mod actually regressed a bit after I had to upgrade Forge. The inventory and atmospheric systems have been slightly upgraded since that album was made.

    Where do I download it?

    There is currently no release version. If you really want to use it, you can download the source from the Github repo (link below) and compile it, but I wouldn't recommend it since the mod is in quite an unstable state.

    How can I help?

    Since the project is open source, anyone who wants to can contribute. Right now, the project mainly needs programmers experience with both Minecraft/Forge and Git. Models are the next most important thing, and graphic designers/artists could also be useful, although most of the assets will probably be recycled from the old game. Right now I would like to focus on building a small team of reasonably experienced coders, since the code is currently a bit of a trainwreck and getting started could require some coordination. If you are interested, please either post in the thread or send me a PM. If you are friends with any coders who might be interested, please send them this way.

    Here is the Github repository.

    Sorry for the huge block of text. This weekend I will try to sort out some of the messy code and write out a more detailed development plan in the form of a Github issue.
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