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    posted a message on [19w09a] [Whitelisted] Minecubed SMP (Hermitcraft/Mindcrack like) - Looking for new members!
    1. IGN (in-game name): [/b]Bircan
    2. Country/Timezone:[/b] CST (Centeral US)
    3. Age?: [/b]17
    4. Discord Tag(Username#0000): [/b]Jelly#2441
    5. Why do you want to join Minecubed?: [/b]I’d like to join minecubed because there are quite a limited about of good smps on snapshots and none that require to be as active as you expect, and i love that! im extremely open to any conversation that people might have in minecraft or in general life, this server seems to be a close knitted family that id love to join!
    6. Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you better: [/b]Ive been playing minecraft since the beta/alpha days and love playing on small servers to get to know people more, but most of all i love building and making little simple auto farms and im willing to learn more from people that seem to be open to teach
    7. What other games do you play?: [/b]Ark(taking a break), CS:GO, R6, and tons others
    8. Screenshots of your builds (not mandatory): [/b]None ATM
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    posted a message on Ceres Season 1 [Vanilla Minecraft SMP Server] [+16] [New]

    Minecraft IGN: Bircan

    Age: 17

    Time Zone: CST US

    Playstyle (Builder, Redstone Engineer, etc.): Builder and minor Redstone engineer (willing to learn more!!)

    Version of Minecraft you started playing in (Alpha, Beta, etc.): Beta/Alpha on my old little laptop

    What you believe you can bring to the community: Community events and helping everyone get along and awesome shops!!

    Why you are interested in joining: Ive been on the hunt for a really good smp server and yet to find one until i found this one! which seems to be set up nicely and to be seen as a long running server

    Approximate hours per week you expect to play (not counting long AFK sessions): 1-3 hours at least a day

    Discord (Username and Number): Jelly#2441

    Why should we consider you (minimum 30 words, maximum 200 words): Because i love interacting with new people and getting involved with a community and trying new things and learning more with people!

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    posted a message on SMP, HermitCraft Style server, Looking for Players (Whitelisted).

    Minecraft username: Bircan

    Age: 17

    Minecraft skills: Building and redstone

    What type of player are you?: A builder of all sorts along with helping others

    Reasons for applying?: i'd like to join a good smp and call it home and make some new friends!

    Do you have a YouTube channel?: no but i have a twitch

    if so, would you make a series on the server?: most likely

    Link to channel?: https://www.twitch.tv/bircan

    Discord?: Jelly#2441

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    posted a message on ♦️ Farenway SMP ♦️ 1.13.2 ♦️ Whitelist ♦️ 16+ ♦️ New Season: fresh world! ♦️ Looking for active players! 🌟

    IGN: Bircan

    What should we call you?: Jelly or Bir

    Age: 17

    Country + Timezone: CST US

    Discord: Jelly#2441

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Ive been playing minecraft since alpha/beta and always loved joining smaller servers to be apart of the community and talk to new people and help thoes new people out, and id like to make myself at home in the little community that you have decided to start, along with that i really enjoy smps specifically because of hermit craft and one life on how knit together their group is.

    What do you wish to bring to the server? Do you have any goals?: Id like to be better at minecraft and build more long term builds and help people and make at least 2 themed villages

    What is your favorite thing to do in-game?: Building and Redstone (only minior redstone) and making little fun projects for everyone to enjoy!

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    posted a message on PerthroSMP (Whitelist) | NEW WORLD | Looking for an active community | 17+

    - Name (a given name is fine) : Jelly

    - Age: 17

    - IGN: Bircan

    - Discord (Username and Number): Jelly#2441

    - Time-zone: CST

    - How long have you been playing Minecraft? (years or version is fine) : Since around Beta

    - Play-style (Builder, engineer, etc.) : Builder / Minimal Engineer

    - Why are you interested in joining PerthroSMP? : I love smps' since watching hermitcraft, and hope to find some fun people to make shops for and play minecraft with!

    - Would you be recording/streaming while playing? : Streaming (only 34 followers UnU)

    - If you plan to use a mod that isn't Optifine, what would you be using? : None i only use optifine

    - What's the coolest thing about you? (besides your quad witch hut farm, and your silent automatic storage system.): Im pretty good at planning community events

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    posted a message on Deleted

    IGN: Bircan[/b]

    Age (16+ only): 17[/b]

    Gender[/b] (Not necessary): Female[/b]

    Timezone & Country: CST United States[/b]

    How much do you plan to be online: at Least 1-3 hours a day[/b]

    What do you like doing in MC: Building and Decorating along with farming and community activities[/b]

    Additional Comment: I can help with what ever is needed im also pretty good with basic redstone [/b]

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    posted a message on 1.13.2 SMP Brand new Server Whitelisted Hermit Craft Data Pack

    IGN: Bircan

    Age: 17

    Country/Region: CST (Us central, Midwest)

    Are you a group/team player: im a bit of both i can take on requests of players except mostly strip mining (i have really bad luck with mining)

    How long have you been playing: Since beta but its been on and off recently but now im looking to get back into it! so ill be on more!

    Tell me a little about yourself: I love and enjoy building and building villages and large builds along with interacting with others to start communities and friendships with people

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