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    Quote from Smuck

    Cat jumped on the desk when I was right next to a lava lake.


    Oh baby, if that was my cat and I had diamond, that hairball would've been disowned before you can say 'meow!'
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    All those are hilarious xD Mine is Rambo
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    In-game name:billybobkenobi
    Location and Age:I'm from BC Canada and i am 15 years old.
    Previous bans:N/A
    Referral:The internet? lol
    Reason you should you be accepted:I have participated in a few different servers, though I did'nt like most of them or simply the community playing on them I am still searching haha. I think I would be a great addition to the community because I know a lot of minecraft and I love to have fun with other people and against other people :wink.gif:
    Additional info: i would show you some pictures of my creations on my personal server just for me and friends but I do'nt have FRAPS :sad.gif:
    Special Key: HCB14
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