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    Definitely support. I have about a stack of quartz blocks lying in my chests on a server that I play on, unable to uncraft them because you apparently can't do that.
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    Quote from thepickminer»
    I mean I like the ideas. I put tb instead of the.

    You could've just edited your post.

    I support the idea. It bugs me having blocks that don't have stair or slab forms.
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    This update to the mod has annoyed me, Thanks for messing up a great mod and making it so much more tedious, Throwing things into a puddle and waiting, 5 step process to get a basic processor. What were you thinking changing all the recipies. please put them back to the AE 1 recipies, oh yeah and the Stupid channel system!

    Score 2/10

    I think it was for balance.

    In AE1, you could potentially store millions of items in an AE system, assuming you had the resources to do it.

    That combined with fast autocrafting, a few blocks from other mods, and some ingenuity, you could potentially make a self-building AE system using Extra Utilities/Buildcraft (for quarries), Extra Utilities/Thermal Expansion/MFR/Some other mod that has power gen, and ComputerCraft (To place and insert the Disk Drives and storage drives). This most likely made Algorithm to balance how to make the various machines.

    Besides, once you can automate crystal growing, you pretty much have it set.
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    Quote from EpicGaming37»
    can i join?

    Join what? Forgecraft?

    No, you can't. It is a private, whitelisted test server for the devs of the Forgecraft mods and several others, like Dire, Soaryn, and Auralien.
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    posted a message on Type of stone produced is based on where the water touches the lava.
    This would screw up the original Skyblock maps if you can't make tools from the new stones.

    If you can, then support.

    But I support it anyway.
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    posted a message on ModernPack Resource Pack
    Could you perhaps have an actual in-game screenshot?

    F1 to remove the hotbar/HUD, and F2 for screenshotting.
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    posted a message on Noah's Sillicraft [UPDATED 3.1]
    Download's not working; just sending me back to the thread.
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    posted a message on Tweak the Main Tool Durabilities to be Divisible by 32 or 64.
    Quote from CORPORALCRUSH
    This wouldn't be useful because if you mine ores then the number of stone you mined won't be 64 or 32. No support.

    If you're just strip mining with 2 picks (an iron work-pick and a diamond ore-pick for example), you'll always receive the stack (or half stack) of cobble from the work pick as you're saving all ores for the ore pick.
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    posted a message on Tweak the Main Tool Durabilities to be Divisible by 32 or 64.
    See title.

    According to the wiki, wood has 62 uses, stone 132, iron 251, gold 33, and diamond 1562.

    As you can see, all of these values are very close to numbers divisible by 32 or 64 (an entire stack). Adding (or subtracting) a few blocks before it breaks would make it a whole stack (or half stack).

    So, the suggestion is to tweak wood to 64 uses (1 stack of items), stone to 128 (2 stacks), iron 256 (3 stacks), gold 32 (1/2 stack), and diamond to 1568 uses (24-1/2 stacks).

    These tweaks are very minor (wood getting 2, stone losing 4, iron getting 5, diamond getting 6, and gold losing 1).
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