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    IGN: bigpie129

    Desired Nation:
    Earth Kingdom

    A young man in his early 20's wear's basic earth kingdom cloths,he has a tunic with his Maiyo family crest placed inside of the Earth kingdom sigil.

    Brief History:
    Jess Maiyo was born into the Maiyo clan, his clan is known for producing some of Kyoshi Island's strongist wariors ,generation after generation.When his parents found out they were having a baby they exspected another powerfull female that would grow up to join the Kyoshi Warriors,but instead they got Jess,Not only was jess a male but he was also an earth bender.Jess's mother died while giving birth leaving him to be raised alone by his father,after growing up feeling like an outcast he decided to leave Kyoshi island and head to Ba Sing Se to hone his eath bending skills.

    Desired Name:Jess Maiyo

    Desired Profession: Mercenary,Earthbender in training

    Desired City: Ba Sing Se
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