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    posted a message on Do you consider this cheating?
    the game is what you make of it. if you consider it cheating, than dont do it. but its up to you and your views.

    i would consider that cheaty.
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    posted a message on i think ive found a glitch
    it is a pretty rare error with chunk corruption and stuff. sometimes random unnatural blocks will be thrown in there, such as jukeboxes.

    no, this will not happen if you try his seed.
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    posted a message on I have a low FPS is that good or bad
    Quote from Toxicswagger1

    I know this is going to sound nerdy but the human eye can only see like 34 frames per second so 30 is as really good to the human eye. For example if you are watching a YouTube video with 35 frames then watch another video with 200 frames the only difference you can see or hear is the annoying person bragging about his fps. :tongue.gif:

    false. the human eye is very complex and doesnt see motion in fps, so narrowing it down to one number is ridiculous and there is no evidence to support that number. and the eye can easily percieve images that are flashed at 100 fps and higher, so that number is far too low if you were just trying to estimate.
    there are other issues with lower framerates, such as unsynchronized rates with the monitor, where a higher fps is beneficial because the rates will match up more often.
    stop trying to compensate for your bad framerate by saying its the same difference. it isnt.

    and dont ask others what is bad. if you dont mind that framerate than it is just fine and dandy. if you cant stand under 50 than 30 would suck. its all subjective. however comparatively that is pretty average for a mid-range computer, especially if you arent running programs like gamebooster or using mods like optifog.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Mountains: A complaint
    i think mountain ranges with similar generation to rivers could be cool.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    make a glass shader!
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    posted a message on NO MORE! (Repetitive Tools)
    Quote from ForR33l

    I believe you are missing something. :smile.gif:

    Please note we are trying to find a solution.

    so whining about the current problems and how they should be fixed when you dont have a solution? thats productive.

    all these unions are counter-productive when there are no rewards at sake.

    and you mentioned above that all the tools now are the same, yet you have a portable minecraft tool. and you think it brings something different to the table. now that is fair, although i havent tried your tool im sure it does. but everybody else thinks theirs brings something new to the table. and providing a goal to work for is counter productive. the goal of having an elite group to join is counter-productive. the goal should be to make the best tool possible, not be accepted by other progammers.
    the forum needs to be moderated better, yes. but this is not the solution. more moderation in the same format is the solution.

    the same thing is happening in the texture pack forum. people are sick and tired because they have had theirs longer and the new people dont deserve the spotlight because their product is inferior.

    the spotlight is everybodys, this is a forum, people post what they make and if it is within the rules they have a right to post it and they have a right to have the same chance as being noticed as someone who has been here a long time.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    put deposits of ores randomly out there so we have some sort of other goal! and floating dungeons and stuff.
    but this is a super fun map. i love it. ive seen stuff just like it before, but this is the best by far.
    make a version with a birch tree! i like birch trees.
    lol at the failed cobble makers.
    if we had pistons i would make a sand generator :tongue.gif: i like having glass, so missing that kinda sucks. i only got one sapling! lol.
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    posted a message on GREIFERS ON SINGLEPLAYER?
    Quote from Superboop

    Endermen aren't really as annoying as creepers.
    Endermen take blocks one by one, while Creepers just blow things up.

    Personally, though, I've never seen an Endermen take any of my stuff, so I don't know.
    The only problem I've heard of was when Endermen took chests, where the stuff contained would be deleted.

    you can stop creepers. you cant stop enderman.
    its not bad for a house you are living in, but if you happen to leave a house and build another one not too far away, than the enderman who can still spawn there will grief you
    and sometimes moats look silly if you dont have a castle.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Griefing is out of Control (Abusive Admins
    cool story bro.
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    posted a message on [16x] Mr-Craft W.I.P
    Quote from TheMirror

    You should call it EffortCraft

    you should get the **** over the fact that people less talented then you are going to post things that arent as high quality artistically, and that this person probably put some effort in, and that even though you think all simple texture packs are made by the devil that some people might think that this texture pack has value. this person is probably just starting and being an asshole because you think it is taking up space on the first page instead of your own precious pack isnt going to make it go away. its going to motivate people to not look at your texture pack, and dislike it. so next time you see a pack you dislike... wait for it... cause this **** is about to blow your mind.

    get the **** over it

    i actually kind of like it. its pretty simple, but it has a nice feel from what i have seen.
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