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    farming has barely been changed since it was added in 2010, we lowkey need to make this the new cave update hype

    • more crops like corn, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce, bananas, rice, cotton etc. these aren't too complicated and would be a neat little addition
    • this could also be an opportunity to insert new tools such as the sickle and the scythe
    • new mobs such as deer & turkeys
    • make composters less expensive, the payout is horrible

    more abt crops: you could find these new crops in the wild just like in real life, such as bananas in jungles which would also add more material to the biome and realistic growth environments like rice growing in water blocks & water logged slabs, cotton could poke and do tiny damage like the raspberry

    more abt mobs: deer could be bred with mushrooms or grass, giving a bit more of an incentive to collect those and turkeys could be bred with any seeds and any berries. opportunity for vulture mob that got passed up! Turkeys could also drop turkey meat/just 'turkey' which would look similar to chicken

    also remove beetroots no one uses beetroot

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    posted a message on 1,000,000 Build ideas for Minecraft Creative mode!!!

    i got some

    1. a castle, every mc world has to have a castle
    2. a football stadium
    3. giant statue of your or a friend's skin
    4. boat race track

    you could really build anything neat, even smth small like a big log that looks like its been carved thinner and thinner toward the center
    also the PVP arena could be turned into a colosseum-type structure

    edit: military base, factory & pirate ship/ship in general
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