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    posted a message on give our things back
    There are already servers with a command that does this. It is "/keepInventory" without the quotations.

    As for your things, they are gone forever. Sorry about that.
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    posted a message on Chicken Jockeys - REALLY!?
    Chickens are now the beings of your nightmares. May all of us be lucky enough to survive these creatures.
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    posted a message on Zipline
    Hmm, can Ziplines go up as well? If not, maybe a Powered Zipline Rail using Redstone? Other than that, support.
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    posted a message on New Original Pets- Bonding with more Mobs
    Currently, we have three tamable mobs, the Wolf, Ocelot, and Horse/Donkey/Mule. However, I feel as if Minecraft should have a few more mobs by your side. That's why I present five new ideas (I'll try to keep the ideas as original as possible) for new "pet" mobs!

    The Parrot
    First off, I present the Parrot! The Parrot is a flying mob similar to the Bat, but spawns in Forest biomes. The Parrot has 8 Hearts, is 1.205 blocks high, and 0.45 blocks wide. It is mainly red, but has orange and green feathers on its wings. It also has a pointed yellow beak. It flies away when hit by a mob or the player. Lastly, Parrots do not take damage from touching Cactus blocks.

    Parrots can be tamed by using Seeds, similar to Wolves and Ocelots. Parrots take 2-4 Seeds to tame and once tamed, gains blue eyes and its eyes open wider. It also gains a small collar, similar to a Wolf. By right-clicking on the Parrot, it flies in the air. By right-clicking on a block with your hand, the Parrot will swoop down to that block and sit on it. Tamed Parrots' health be can restored by using Seeds. Tamed Parrots breed by using Pumpkin Seeds.

    Parrots, wild and tame, will sometimes swoop down into Water and come out with a Raw Fish in its talons, similar to real-life birds of prey. Tamed Parrots have a 50% chance of dropping it next to their owner. Parrots drop 1-2 Feathers when killed and are hunted by Ocelots.

    The Rabbit
    The Rabbit is a tamable mob that naturally spawns in Desert, Mesa, and Plains biomes. The Rabbit has 6 Hearts in the wild and 8 Hearts when tamed. Rabbits are 0.65 blocks tall and 0.45 blocks wide. Rabbits are gray or white and have two stubby black eyes and a white small tail on its rear.

    Rabbits are tamed not with food, but by gaining its trust. By standing still next to it for a few seconds, it will turn its head diagonally like an Ocelot. After right-clicking it 4-8 times (acting like brushing the Rabbit's fur), it begins to follow you slowly while visibly looking at you the entire time. After a few minutes, it walks at a normal speed to follow you. By right-clicking it after tamed, the Rabbit will sit down and not follow you. Rabbits breed by using Carrots (sometimes the Rabbits will spawn up to three Rabbits at once).

    As a special ability, if you hit a Rabbit, all the nearby Rabbits will run away from you for thirty seconds. Rabbits drop 0-1 Rabbit Meat (Restoring 1 Hunger Point raw and 2 Hunger Points cooked). When using Shears on them, they reveal their yellow skin as 1 Rabbit Fluff dropping. Rabbits also attack Silverfish.

    Rabbit Fluff can be brewed into a Potion of Jump Boost.

    The Komodo Dragon
    The Komodo Dragon is a neutral tamable mob that spawns in Mesa biomes. The Dragon has 15 Hearts, is 1 block tall, 0.75 blocks wide, and 1.5 blocks long. The Dragon will attack if hit and nearby Dragons will also attack. Komodo Dragons are generally slow and are orange, similar to their environments. Komodo Dragons deal 3 Hearts of damage. Dragons also usually spawn in packs of 2.

    The Dragon is tamed using any Raw Meat and takes 3-6 Meat in order to tame. The Dragon once tamed, turns a greenish-orange color and gains purple eyes. The Dragon attacks nearby Cows, Chickens, and Pigs, however this is not the case once tamed. Komodo Dragons breed using Sugar.

    As a special ability, Komodo Dragons have a 20% chance to give a Poison effect on Normal and Hard difficulty and a 50% chance to give a Slowness effect on Hard difficulty. Tamed Komodo Dragons will growl loudly when a hostile mob is nearby.

    The Hedgehog
    The Hedgehog is a shy tamable mob that spawns in Redwood Forests. Hedgehogs have 5 Hearts and is slightly taller than a Silverfish. Hedgehogs are brown and have a reddish-brown fur similar to Silverfish.

    The Hedgehog is scared of the player and runs away from it. However, sneaking up to it with Sugar Cane makes it hop up and down. If right-clicked with the Sugar Cane, the Hedgehog belongs to the player. Hedgehogs breed using Sugar Cane.

    As a special ability, the Hedgehog can scare away Silverfish mobs and will make sniffing noises near Stone, Cobblestone, and Stone Brick Monster Eggs. Hedgehogs drop 1-2 Seeds and 0-1 Pumpkin Seeds upon death (as they feed on seeds in real life).

    The Skeletal Wolf
    The Skeletal Wolf is a mob spawned in the Nether. If you hit a Skeletal Wolf, it will attack and nearby Skeletal Wolves will watch the fight. Skeletal Wolves have the same dimensions as a regular Wolf, but is made of bones, similar to a Skeleton. Skeletal Wolves have 12 Hearts.

    If fed Nether Wart 2-3 times, the Skeletal Wolf is the player's. Tamed Skeletal Wolves can be ordered to sit by right-clicking on it. Right-clicking on your tamed Skeletal Wolf when it is sitting makes it stand up and follow you. Skeletal Wolves cannot breed.

    As a special ability, Skeletal Wolves scare away Zombies, Chickens, and will attack Wither Skeletons on sight. Also, they act curious around Wolves, turning their heads (As the Wolves do the same). When killed, Skeletal Wolves drop 0-2 Bones.

    If a Skeletal Wolf is to fight a Skeleton, the Skeleton has a 2% chance of dropping a Music Disc.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion! If you enjoyed my ideas, please give some support in the comments if you'd like. If you have a suggestion or find something wrong with the ideas, please let me know!
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    posted a message on /authorize: Choose People's Power (on your server or map)
    At first I thought this would be an /op clone, but this is actually a very good idea. Support.
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    posted a message on The Plant Update- New Vegetation with Uses
    There are only two kinds of flowers in Minecraft. As you walk along the grass, it feels empty. If we had more kinds of flowers, these problems would be fixed. I give you the Flower Update, adding new flowers to Minecraft.

    The Flower is a strange item. Why is it called a Flower if there is a Rose (And other flowers on the list)? I suggest the Flower should be renamed a Marigold because of its yellow color. Nothing else should be changed about this flower.
    The Dreadgloom is a new plant that rarely spawns. It is a dark purple color and black dust surrounds it. When picked by a hand, it turns into black dust. When the Dirt underneath is mined, the Dreadgloom drops as an item. When placed down, the Dreadgloom attracts Zombies, Silverfish, and Cave Spiders.
    The Athula spawns in Taiga biomes and is a white color. It is 0.5 blocks tall and has no special purpose. It can be placed on Dirt, Grass, and Snow (Block) blocks.
    The Felicia has the looks and properties of the Cyan Flower from the Pocket Edition Minecraft. It has no purpose other than decoration and spawns a little rarer than Roses or Flowers.
    The Sunflower spawns anywhere except underground and Taiga biomes. As it gets older, it grows up to 3 blocks high. When destroyed, the Sunflower drops Sunflower Seeds. These seeds can be eaten for 0.5 Hunger Points or planted to grow a new Sunflower. Sunflowers Seeds can be smelted into Raisins as well, which can be eaten for 2 Hunger Points.
    The Calypso is a flower that has a yellow stem and a purple "head". It is 0.5 blocks tall and attracts Bats.
    Night Terror
    Night Terrors grow in the Nether, usually near Lava. When picked, it drops as an item. Night Terrors make your Hunger deplete 1.5 times as fast but scares away Nether mobs.

    Now that you saw the flowers, I also have ideas for new vegetation.

    Tall Grass
    Tall Grass appears in the Swamp, Taiga, and Plains biomes and is two blocks tall. When broken, 1-2 Silverfish have a small chance of coming out of the grass. If the grass is broken by Shears, the Tall Grass drops as an item and no Silverfish come out.
    Berry Bush
    The Berry Bush is found in the Swamp biome and grows one Berry per Minecraft day, up to five at a time. The Berry is picked by right-clicking the bush and can be eaten for 1 Hunger Point. By breaking the bush, it drops as an item along with its grown Berries. By being placed on Netherrack, it does not grow Berries.
    Thorn Bush
    Thorn Bushes spawn anywhere except in Desert biomes. They work like Cacti, but can be placed in a diagonal line and cannot be placed on top of another.
    The End is blank. I like that, but I think it could use something. The Endsong is similar to a Cocoa Bean plant hanging off a tree but comes out of the ground. When picked, the Endsong drops as an item. It can be planted into Grass after picked, making nearby Grass turn to Dirt until the Endsong is picked again.

    What do you think of the new flowers and plants? Please answer the poll and reply if you want to.
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    posted a message on Mouth as temporary Inventory
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    The mouth should be useable as a temporary inventory slot. How many times have you been mucking around in your inventory screen, and had to eat an item, but didn't want to leave your inventory screen just to eat it? You should be able to drop food items into your mouth while browsing your inventory, and the player will automatically eat the items (slightly slower than the usual speed of eating items). In addition, you can drop a whole stack in there, and you will automatically eat as many as you can before you get full. You can put non-edible items in the mouth slot, but as soon as you exit your inventory, you spit them out automatically.

    Hmm... Seems interesting and useful. I give it support.
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    posted a message on Add more Ores Mojang
    Quote from dillonsup

    why does Everyone forget some of the most important ores and minereals Coal: You wood have been in the dark ages and without coal you can't smelt so coal is the most important will diamond is most valuable. Redstone: You Can't make a gaint rail track without it. you need it to make better defense. Tnt Cannons. Arrow Depseners. In Creative it powers the maps!

    Your argument is invalid. You can smelt with Wood products, make Charcoal with Wood, you can make a large downhill track with normal Rails.

    I'm hoping for a Block of Coal. Coal seems to be the odd man out, even a bunch of dust gets their own block.
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    posted a message on Game Rage
    Quote from deatheater867

    How about Pokemon how many times do you think that they will ever stop making them?

    They will only stop making them once, you know. *Troll face*

    Personally, I think Pokemon has tons of new years ahead of themselves.
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    posted a message on I feel as if the creators of Minecraft are skipping things?
    Quote from WhitemanPC

    ...but instead they add useless blocks like Sponge blocks and Emerald...
    I would also like for them to add blocks like Ruby and Sapphire... I mean the blocks don't have to have purpose-
    Ok, so you don't like how Emeralds and Sponges don't have a purpose, but yet you want useless Rubies and Sapphires?

    And it kinda ticks me off that they wasted an update to add chain armor... like what the crap is up with that? you can't even obtain it in survival unless you kill a zombie thats wearing it and thats if you get super lucky... and even the chain armor is damaged and has almost the same protection as iron armor... what a waste.
    Maybe you could trade with a Villager? Using Emeralds?

    ...again you can't get mossy cobblestone wall in survival...
    Dungeons. 'Nuff said.

    And they should probably remove charcoal... considering it has the very same effects as coal....
    It's almost nightfall and you cannot find Coal. Thinking your safe, you try to make Charcoal, but fail. You have to spend the night in a dark shelter, hoping for survival.
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