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    What is your in-game name?: Edward_Talbot
    How old are you?: 16 Years old
    Do you have any clan experience?: Yes
    Why are you interested in joining?: Looking for a Military Styled Clan
    Force of choice? (Army, Air Force & Navy): Air Force
    Are you in cadets or the military?: No
    Skype Username? (You MUST have Skype): bichinaitor
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    Cool server! Having fun so far! Keep up!
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    Minecraft Username: Edward_Talbot
    How did you find us?: A friend told me about it.
    Why do you like our server?: I have been looking for quite some time for a Mature Comunity where to stay at. Most of the MC servers are filled with little children and although sometimes is fun to hang with them, is not my thing. Also because its a simple survival server, not many now a days that everyone is making Tekkit or Prision based servers.
    Any suggestions based upon your first impressions?: None
    Have you read our rules?: I have read them.
    What command should be used if you need a mod, would like to report griefing, or suggest something?: /modreq
    Anything else we should know about you?: Im a 16 year old teenager from Mexico, I can speak english very nice but you'll still notice my spanish accent. Just that.
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    "Im Tau'ri Jolinar, and Im a trader"
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    Looking for Images to add to the post, if any user wants to contribuate with some please reply on this thread or PM me or iDQ
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    -Currently building a new smaller map, this map will be launched soon and will have closer capitals. The lore behind the map is previous the main modern events on the wiki's lore.

    -Applications have been changed, now its easier to apply for the server...

    Welcome to the World of Emorta! Happy Roleplay!
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    Remember also that if you like the server and want to support it, post a reply on this thread, doesn't take more than a Minute and helps more than you can imagine
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    We will be adding a new version of Anti-cheat soon. Also new admin tools have been added to overwise the server...
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    We will be adding a new version of Anti-cheat soon. Also new admin tools have been added to overwise the server...
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    Quote from iDQ

    Running for a week straight ! Believe me this server is worth a try!

    Indeed it deserves it
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    Just giving out some feedback... There are no mod applications yet... Hempshine wants to keep the server clean...
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    posted a message on "The Curse of Cultherex" NearbyGamer's role play.

    Builders Application:

    links to pictures previous builds -

    Click that and Switch Pictures to view the full city.

    The City Of Salvus:

    The city of salvus was my biggest project that I worked on, it was a city to be placed
    in the LORD OF THE CRAFT Roleplay server, I worked building it in creative
    as in survival mode. Most of the buildings are of my own since then
    I Haven't had any major projects though I consider my building
    skills quite high. I can also recommend some friends that helped me
    out with the project which might be able to help. The city stand
    still in the original server but I decided to quit the server after a few
    months of the project’s end because of metagaming and powergaming
    from a lot of the administration. The server still clocks around 150-200
    people per day. (Note this is not SPAM I quitted the server and I just
    wanted to give you a reference where I’ve worked in.)

    do you use a texture pack - Yes I use
    various texture packs depending on what I'm building. Currently my
    texturepack folder has around 50-100 texture packs which I know and use
    very often. I’ve also tried to build up my own personal texture pack with parts of this, but I Haven't been able to finish it yet.

    Actors, 10 needed -

    do you have any experience - I do, I have a lot of experience mainly in roleplay, I’v been roleplaying in various minecraft servers for over a year and I’ve participated on a lot of simple and independent roleplay series like the
    one you’re trying to start. I find myself very
    qualified since I know perfectly how to roleplay
    in minecraft, in other games and if you
    want I can show it to you.
    Also I love to write roleplay stories and I love to write lore. Down here
    you can find a little example of what I like to write and pretty much
    that's how I actually roleplay by my own. Though I prefer many times
    to follow a script.

    The Story of Edward Talbot: The First L’ashor

    Edward Talbot, son of William and Katherine Talbot, was born in a little Ll'ashor village of unknown location and name. His father, William, was Head Guard of the town, and his mother was a farmer. Edward had a sister, Sarah; She was 3 years younger than Edward. Edward cared a lot about his sister Sarah, because she had been kind to him as long as he could remember. He helped her as much as he could during their first years and he protected her to the best of his ability.

    They both grew up together in a little house in the village, not much there was to do in there but they had fun for sure. Edward and Sarah explored the nearby forests of the village, looking for mushrooms and seeds for her mother to farm, but also looking for little and shiny treasures to keep, like strange looking pieces of wood or broken glass lying on the ground. They both carried this junk back home to turn it into beautiful scrap jewelry that they will gift to their parents in birthdays or they will store them on a little wooden box.

    One fateful day, Edward and Sarah were wandering around the woods when a patrol of 3 Vor'mar Soldiers appeared and sighted them wearing the Ll'ashor clothes in the woods, the kids noticed the Armored humans and ran towards the village, the most terrible mistake on Edward's life. The Vor'mar followed them until they reached the village where his father William, from up his watch tower sighted the men following his kids. He ringed the Alarm Bell in rush to then go down stairs and protect his kids. The children ran towards his house as a group of Guards of the Village came from out the tower, all prepared to kill the Vor'mar patrol. The 3 Humans reached and cornered the brothers not noticing the guards heading towards them. Edward standing in front of his sister to protect her. One of the men approached the kids and raised his sword ready to slay the innocent child. But as soon as he attacked another sword blocked the kids, it was his father.

    William started fighting with the Vor'mar as his friends attacked too. The patrol was out-numbered and the guards killed 2 of them easily while the last Vor'mar started running towards the woods, the guards followed him. "Divide yourselves, he can't be that far." The guards obeyed their leader as they snuck into the woods looking for the remaining Vor'mar. William sneaked all by his own, alone, when all of a sudden the Vor'mar appeared. They started fighting while his father stood bravely against the human, unfortunately the Vor'mor was stronger and he defeated Willia,m leaving him on the floor with a wound in the chest. The Vor'mar managed to escape as the guards carried the wounded William back to the village.

    That night he spoke to his children for the last time. As he lay on his bed Edward and Sarah approached him, drowned in grief when the Village Medic said there was nothing that could be done. William spoke first with Edward, who asked him to please, not die. William smiled at his brave son as he spoke. "Edward... you will take care of your Sister... no matter what happens... you must always lookout for her and your family." With a tear on his innocent face, young Edward nodded to his father as he closed his eyes for the last time, letting death take him.

    The next day was worse than the last one, the Vor’mar guard that escaped told his superiors about the Ll’ashor village lying in the middle of the forest. A large battalion of 20 people headed towards the village, ready to take it and torture their people until they reveal information about the Ll’ashor settlements. The town’s guards started barricading the streets.

    Edward’s mother, Katherine was already packing, ready to leave the town. The kids woke up as they saw their mother rushed for leaving the town as soon as possible. Edward and his sister started helping their mother gather clothes and food and they left the house. Sarah picked up the wooden box from under her bed. They finished packing and they headed towards the front door, but it was too late. As soon as they opened the door, Katherine sighted in his porch the murder of a guard by a Vor’mar stabbing his sword in his head and cutting it like a piece of bread.

    Katherine closed the door fastly and locked it. “Open now!” The Vor’mar shouted. Katherine looked at her kids as she asked them to head to the back of the house and don't head back, the kids nodded as their faces were covered in tears and obeyed their mother. The Vor’mar hitted the door and managed to make a hole. The kids started running towards an open window in the back of the house. Sarah jumped first as Edward followed her, they ran as fast as they could, towards the woods, leaving their home-town in fire.

    3 days passed while the brothers walked in an unknown way. They were exhausted and the forest didn’t seem to had an end. Edward carried the sword of his father in his back while Sarah walked with the little wooden box in his hands. They both stopped at the edge of a River to rest when a dark figure appeared from the shadows of the trees. Edward looked back to see a Dark dwarf with a long coat, a great nose and a giant beard. The dwarf looked at the brothers with a serious sight. “Are you two lost?” He asked to the children, “Because that’s a really nice sword you have there little boy... Wonder who you stole it from...”.

    “I didn’t stole this sword, this belonged to my father and his father before him, you don't know how many Vor’mar lives this sword has stolen!” Edward exclaimed. The dwarf listened carefully to the words of the kid. “So you’re not Vor’mar children... You must be Ll’ashor, good.” The dwarf said, “If you are hungry you can come with me, my house is not far from here...”. The kids followed the Dwarf to a little hut in the middle of a prairie. The building was made out of wood and looked quite old. Inside there was a pot cooking soup over a warm fireplace.

    The dwarf took 3 bowls and placed them in a small table in the middle of the room. He invited the children to sit while he took the pot and served some soup in the bowls. “So, how do 2 little Ll’ashor children ended up alone in the middle of the forest, are you prisoners or you lose your parents?” The dwarf asked the kids. “Our home was attacked by the Vor’mar we are alone...” Sarah said. The dwarf looked at the kids. “I guess you can stay here while we find a place for you to stay.” And thats how the days turned into weeks and weeks into years, and so on. The kids grew up in the dwarf’s hut of name Throric from clan ForestAxe.

    While they grew up, Thoric teached their apprentices the art of battle with his bow and his waraxe. Sarah very skilled in archery and Edward with the axe. They hunted for Thoric and this cooked the meat to serve it at dinner. And so the years passed as Sarah turned 15 and Edward 18.

    One day while Edward and Sarah were hunting squirrels and boars in the forest, a group of 10 Vor’mar appeared at Thoric’s hut. The Vor’mar were informed that a Dhamnar dwarf was holding 2 Ll’ashor humans in the middle of the forest, they started interrogating Thoric about Edward and Sarah. Thoric cheated the humans convincing them that he has been living alone in his hut for almost 10 years after his wife died from disease. In that moment the two brothers opened the door, making the Vor’mar smile. “Get them...” one of the ordered. Edward and Sarah resisted and raised their weapons but they were outnumbered. The Vor’mar cuffed the brothers and Thoric and escorted them to a nearby Vor’mar Fort.

    Fort Sungard was a frontier outpost between the lands of the Vor’mar Human Empire, and the Dwarven Independent lands. Although constant warefare was held years ago in the surrounding areas, the Vor’mar managed to claim the sector and no battle has been held since then. The guards pushed the brothers and the dwarf towards the containment cells, they were held in there for almost 5 days along with other Ll’ashor prisoners and bandits. 2 wagons arrived from Del’dane ready to transport the prisoners. One wagon will carry the women to Del’dane to work for the Lords and the Emperor as servants, the other will transport the male prisoners to the north to the mines of Northwind, where the miners will work for getting iron and minerals to supply the Vor’mar troops until they die.

    Sarah and Edward knew their destinies and that both went into different directions. They hugged each other and cried while the guards tried to get both into the wagons, they achieved it and the 1st wagon with the women left the fort, Edward climbed up the wagon followed by Thoric and the group of prisoners. Looking to his tutor, Edward let a tear fall from his eyes, knowing he will never see his sister ever again and dishonoring the last words of his father. The horses started walking as the wagon headed towards the main gate.

    In that moment the sound of a dwarven war horn was heard in the distance. “Incoming!” a Vor’mar in the main watchtower shouted as the troops started running towards his defense positions. The archers aimed their bows at the front part as the swordsmen and berserkers lined up in front of Fort Sungard prepared for the battle. Commotion started growing as the loud steps of the dwarves were heard closer and closer, then the sound stopped. In the horizon a large group of dwarves appear welding their axes, hammers and bows they lined up and start shooting to the gate as the Vor’mar archers did too.

    The other dwarves started hitting the main wooden gate until they made a hole big enough for them to enter, that’s when the Vor’mar soldiers started charging. Dwarven and Vor’mar blood was spilled as the horde of dwarves obliterated the Vor’mar fort. They finally reached the wagon where Edward and Thoric were and free them along with the rest of the prisoners. One of the dwarves approached to them wearing a golden armor and wielding a Golden warhammer. “Thoric! My brother, I’ve heard you’ve been having some “human” problems lately...” the dwarf told to Thoric. “Faror, my old brother. What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in years.” Thoric said while hugging his old brother. “Well, we heard from very good sources that a dwarf of the ForestAxe clan was being held in this Vor’mar outpost, and you know, we can't leave a brother behind, it would be dishonorable for us!” Faror said while he handed a golden axe to his brother. “But for now, lets slain all this Vor’mar fools and take this pretty building. Who is your friend here?” Faror said noticing Edward in the floor. “Nevermind, you’re a prisoner, that means you are either a Ll’ashor or a bandit, here help us kick some Vor’mar asses!” Faror gave Edward a silver axe as he ran towards the battle, Edward and Thoric started fighting on his side killing every Vor’mar that stepped in front of them.

    The battle lasted quite a bit, the Vor’mar forces resisted the attack, but at the end the dwarven warriors took over the Vor’mar Fort of Sungard. That night the dwarves celebrated their victory over the humans with ale and typical dances of the dwarven culture.

    The next day in the very morning Edward started packing supplies, Thoric noticed him. “Where are you heading son, we won the battle!” Thoric pointed to Edward. “They have my sister, I must search for her, I promised my father I would always take care of her...” Edward said while saving some fruits in his bag. “I’ll find her, even if I have to travel to Del’dane to get her back safe.” Edward took a dwarven bow and placed it at his back as well as some arrows. “You can’t do this alone, I’ll help you, we will get her back I promise!” Thoric exclaimed. “I have to do this alone, she’s on the Vor’mar capital and they will cut off your head as soon as they see you, I plan to go unnoticed. “You’re right, I guess I can’t stop you, but I can give you this...” Thoric took off his necklace and gave it to Edward. “This necklace has been on my family for generations, it has given luck in battle to my ancestors and their sons. I'm giving it to you because you’ve been like a son to me and I wish you all the luck on this your long journey you have ahead. Edward smiled at Thoric as he hugged him saying goodbye. He grabbed his stuff and headed towards Del’dane, but before he stopped by Thoric’s old hut and looked for the sword of his father and the little wooden box. He took them and kept his journey, towards the Vor’mar city in look of his lost sister.

    would you be willing to change your skin -

    I will be, I have a collection of skins in my computer that I’ve used
    since I begun playing minecraft. I don't care if I really have to
    change my skin and I always love to wear roleplay skins.
    Also I have multiple accounts which I use to roleplay sometimes.

    The name of this accounts are:


    Skype Name: bichinaitor
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    Im still playing on this server and I find it awesome... Love ya hempshine :D
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    posted a message on Looking for mature, no pvp server
    Get in Gather N Craft, we are looking for new players to join, its a really friendly comunity with plugins optional PVP and good admins...

    Brand new open and directed to new players or players that are looking for a simple Server.

    IP Address:

    Owner: Hempshine
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