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    Yesterday, I see my OpenGL error so I tried to reinstall Minecraft. after I reinstall Minecraft my Minecraft started to feel lagging so bad this issue happened for 2 days and I still can't fix it. 12 Aug 2020 I try to fix it by extending my disk c by getting 15 GB from disk d. it works but, tomorrow it happened again. after I realized that Minecraft uses gallium 0.4. which is is a driver used by Ubuntu. but I use Windows 10 and GTX 1050 ti. because of ubuntu driver, I run Minecraft with 0 - 10 fps I can't play Minecraft for 2 days now. I tried to use the older version of Minecraft but it is still doesn't work. I watch youtube tutorial from Indian guy still doesn't work I also reading Minecraft forum about this. someone had this same issue he fixed it by deleting some strange file like Titanium32.dll that replaced opengl32.dll. after I check my system32 I have opengl32.dll, not Titanium32.dll. That post was made 6 years ago which is 2014. Maybe the system changed after 6 years and I don't know what to do. I don't need sleep, I need answers.

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