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    Hey Dan,

    My IGN is Betternow, I am 23 and currently live in Kentucky. I have been playing MC for 1-2months.

    I have not been involved in an online gaming community for sometime but Minecraft as pulled me in, and after playing on several open servers I would like to join the Redstone community. I play at least some time every evening, however, I get most of my time in on the weekends due to "real life" and a "job" during the week lol. Obviously a greif free server with good community is important to me, because I can't be online all the time to monitor my buildings. I want to contribute to the server, be a regular member, and have some fun building with other creative people!

    my e-mail is [email protected]

    As for any misc. info. I own a Yellow Labrador Retriever named Abigail, and she is da bomb.

    P.S. Atlanta isn't that far from my location, so obviously this would be a good thing!

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    Quote from GrayBread »
    Quote from cybergeek »
    Quote from GrayBread »

    It still tells me to use winRAR in the Mac+Linux instructions, so I guess I'll just have to wait for some thing else :iapprove:

    Use this http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/19139/ez7z to open winrar files is OSX. I don't like the program though and only use it when absolutely necessary. MacUpdates has practically every utility you could need to add on to your mac, bookmark the site, use google, and never ever get stopped at such a basic spot in an instillation process again.

    Also... what are you trying to open that is a .rar file? I just checked, and everything in the mixcraft.zip file is a... well... .zip file. Also, the latest version of the patcher is a .dmg file... so you really don't need the ez7z utility to get this installed, unless I missed something in your post.

    This pack rocks my face off. B-)
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    IGN: betternow

    /woo yeah! woo!
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