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    IGN: bennaflynn
    Skype: ben.flynn96
    Age: 16
    Admin before(when/where): I was leader of a clan (monks of the ender dragons) and an admin on multiple servers with that clan, a couple months ago we disbanded
    Any other detailed information(Good to put something here): Ah nothing really other than do I need to install tekkit to play?
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    The Monks of the Ender Dragons

    The lore tells the history and the future of the Monks.

    Many century lived a young man named Silo, Silo Belczyk had a great life before fate took its toll. He grew up on the outskirts of Indawar, an isolated village deep within the Hevdra mountain range. He had loving parents and many siblings who all cared and loved each other, the community was wealthy and friendly, it was a place for someone to grow up. Since the community needed everyone to survive everyone had to have a job. Silos job was gathering, he was amazing at this and soon made trips out of the village for days at a time. He knew what plants cured the flu and what herbs make a stew taste spectacular. This life was not to last though, for when he was 16 he arrived home after a week long expedition to find his entire village buried in a rockslide. There were no survivors. Silo then entered a state of great depression and left that valley forever. For many years he walked until finally he stopped in front an immense mountain and cried for forgiveness at his failure and surrender into the void. But something awoke from inside the mountain and as if from the very stone itself came the deep, ancient, sorrowful voice of the mountain. The mountain talked for many days and Silo listened with a rapt attention, never wavering. It talked of the land before humans and of when the mountain was young. It talked of the old beasts that walked the land. But the most ferocious and magnificent of all was the dragons the children of the sky and the flame. He talked how they kept the peace in the world and how when the humans arrived, the humans forced them to leave. The dragons were tired and wished no fight so did as they were told and were absorbed into the earth, water and fire, and have never been seen since. Then the mountain talked of how the dragons were returning and how they will once again bring the peace as before. Silo then committed himself to the mountain and meditated under its glare for 100 years. And after the 100 years Silo opened his pure white eyes and standing with his long beard shouted seven words of extraordinary power and he was absorbed into the mountain. Silo then became the mountain in its endless slumber waiting for the dragons.

    For a long time he waited as the mountain, listening for the signs that would prove the return of the dragons. But nothing was changing with the land, sadness enveloped him and he nearly lost hope that the dragons would ever return... then Maxxis appeared, ragged and fatigued, and as Silo had done so long ago, he prayed to the mountain and asked for its forgiveness and surrender into the void. This was Silos calling, this man was to free him from his sadness and despair. So he awoke and gave life to Maxxis, then Silo taught Maxxis the way of nature and of life's joys and wonders. Then he educated Maxxis of the dragons and how they were returning and how he and Maxxis were to find followers and teach them the way of the EnderDragon. For years they travelled and they gathered followers to be educated in the way of the EnderDragon. Hence they named themselves The Monks of the EnderDragon, and the world witnessed an era of peace.

    But as it seems with everything in our world, it could not last. The Monks wealth and power made them many enemies in the land of minecraftia and one fateful day, a group of bandits found the Monks home, robbed it of everything, killed its inhabitants and burned it to the ground. Few escaped, just Silo, Maxxis and a few other loyal followers. Together they travelled to a isolated area where they were sure no one would find them. They built there life there but realized there would never be peace because this new enemy would never stop hunting them down. It was time to take action. The built a force and readied there army for battle. This war draws close and they need help to vanquish there enemies. Will you help them?

    I deleted all of this because it is not needed. On the new server you will have the opertunity to do as you wish but you must keep up the RP!

    >>----> Members and Heirarchy <----<<
    Abbott bennaflynn ~ Leader and Senior Monk

    Preceptors ~ Council Members and leaders of the brotherhood
    Preceptor Danul83 (MCF: Blargle111) ~ Ambassador and Roshi (Master) to all novices
    Preceptor Gryze_Jager ~ City Planner
    Preceptor NghtShad ~ Master Architect
    Preceptor bran96 ~ Master of War

    Monks ~ Accepted as a full member and dedicated solely to a specific role within the brotherhood

    Novices ~ In training to become a Monk
    Sister dalia44

    Initiates ~ Newly welcomed and untested to become Novices
    Bigerkiwi (MCF: BiggerKiwi)
    Screamsaver123u (MCF: MegaHatena)
    Prominence0z (MCF: Prominence)
    Dometheus (MCF: Dometheus95)

    MCF = MineCraft Forum Name

    How to apply:
    Whats your experience with role play?:
    Did you read the rules?:
    Your Minecraft skills?:
    Will you be an active member of the clan?:
    You will be asked by one of the council members to do a job, you will do it?:
    Your IG story. (In game story):

    1. This is serious RP if you act like a tool you will be banned. If you act like a real RP you will be promoted.
    2. Don't grief, I am lenient here but if you go out of your way to wreck the server... Well yeah.
    3.Anybody who has a higher ranking then you has command over you! I will never abuse people on the server and if I asked you to do something it would be fair. If somebody was abusing there place of power please inform me and I will take the action necessary.
    4. Probably the most important rule!! Never ever harm a dragon or insult them in anyway! This is a perma ban and I am serious! Even if your a mod, an admin or just a player you will be banned. If a mod/ admin should see someone abuse a dragon you must ban the person on the spot. If a player sees another player harm a dragon, kill the person and tell a mod or admin or myself.
    5. Every week you must pay tribute to the dragons by giving them gems or riches. There favorites are diamonds and gold. Do not give them a Ender pearl. (they take great offense) But anything else is accepted. Even if you have nothing you can ask somebody to help you.
    6: You do not build until you are told to build.
    7: If somebody from the council tells you to collect sand, wood and/ or other material you will do it without hesitation.
    8: You are only aloud to speak in faction chat press /f chat until it says faction chat.

    Rules for building a home:
    - House plots are max 15 by 15 blocks.
    - Can build till 20 - 30 blocks below. basements also may be 15 by 15.
    - make it fit with the other houses.
    - dont build it to close to other houses, at least 5 blocks between houses.

    I have made some plots free for use, these are 15 by 15, but watch out, there may be a ravine underneath.
    for others that will log on and there are no plots left. please wait when one of the council membere are on to sign a plot for you, we have plans what we want to build and we dont like demolish your house cause it is standing on the place we plan that building for that.
    also dont build on the mountains. we want to create a village feeling. this does not help if you build your house away from all the others.

    Right now you are the bottom of the food chain, you will build when told to, gather resources when told to and you will role-play! If you do not you will be an outcast! If we go to war you are the front lines and have to battle the horde of onslaught like never before.

    And be active on the forums
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    Quote from dawgbot44


    Do you actually like dragons?:Yes,they are awesome.I have never seen a dragon in a game that isnt epic.

    Did you read the rules?:Yes

    Your Minecraft skills?:I am a good survivor.I played for a total of 8 hours on hardcore(not all at once)

    Whats your minecraft experience?:Epic,the landscapes I have found are awesome,I have had so many epic battles.

    Would you ever harm a dragon and if you saw somebody who did would you take the appropriate measures?: I would not harm a dragon,I would take the appropriate measure to someone who was hurting them

    Your IG story. (In game story):I always wanted a good expedition on a new fronier,with endless possiblilities.I would do anything to have an adventure.Finally,it was time that happended.I packed up my stuff and moved to a new land.I built a house,eager to do what I want.I thought it would be easy,but I was not alone,but I thought I was.They came in waves,burning down my work,and stealing my goods,my automatic farm was destroyed,and I had nothing left.
    I needed a pathway to relief,so I moved as far away from the cold-hearted villians that destroyed my land,but I knew,I had no defense.I wanted to go back home,back to the familiar,and somewhat safe part of minecraftia.But it was too late,I couldnt go back.My days were terrible,always getting destroyed from the green villains,known as "creepers".I was about to give up,then I found a good mine and everything went up hill.I found iron,coal gold,and finally diamond.I made a diamond sword,and I mined tons of stone,it was time to stand up for myself.
    I made a fortress,with draps made from dispensors,arrows redstone and lava.They could not get to me,but everyonce in a while,I went out there and fought.The monsters would not haunt me anymore.Now,I see a creeper and say "meh,no big deal".I am a dedicated miner,and I love to mine. (Based on my first days of Minecraft)

    nice accepted :smile.gif:And on an off topic note,
    i just wanted to tell all of you that...

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    posted a message on Ocean?
    looks like a fun world actually
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    posted a message on Futurecraft
    You have my vote for president :smile.gif: And yes I think this idea is amazing and extremely dangerous at the same time :smile.gif: I have always wondered how awesome it would be to have inter-server travel... yes, I have thought about because I am a clan leader and it would be epic to have interclan wars on the servers.

    2 quick questions?

    1. How do you plan to code this? It would be insanely difficult!

    2. Can I help? I am currently learning to code lines and I would love to be apart of such an epic project!
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    Quote from IrishEIK

    IGN: IrishEIK
    Do you actually like dragons?: I wear a silver necklace with the dragon's tail holding onto a chain fashioned to look like dragon scales. And it seems I'm wearing a shirt with a Dragon on it.
    Did you read the rules?: Yup
    Your Minecraft skills?: fluent in Redstone, every type of farm (food to mob). Made a full working power grid with controllable lights for an underwater city "Rapture", ended up being about 2 kilometers across.
    Whats your minecraft experience?: Only had since about August, was bored and everyone seemed to be playing. My friend's server I've played on daily is only up about 6 hours a day on a good night, so I want something more stable, and more fun.
    Would you ever harm a dragon and if you saw somebody who did would you take the appropriate measures?: Never, On my oath of my soul to the keeper of the underworld.
    Your IG story. (In game story):

    Raised from birth by just a father in the middle of no where, no contact with anyone. Father was a genius though. We traveled deep into mines where I was able to see the machinery that had taken a score of men years of labor to accomplish, if just for a simple purpose of drilling deeper into the earth to search for more redstone. That's what sparked my curiosity and future devotion to the stuff. The simplest elements taken from the earth being turned into works of creation that can do something no man can do alone.

    Sadly my father died when I was nine, but we had a self sustaining farm with lots of bacon. He had taught me all he could with his time. I was able to survive, even flourish in the land that he had carved with his own intellect.

    A few years later while down in the mine looking for more redstone my drilling machines, the tnt uncovered a preexisting passageway that had been made years earlier by the looks of it. I had hoped it was made by my father, and followed it until it ended at the surface. The scene I saw was like nothing I could have fathomed. It looked like my own farm, but it was all I could see. I started to walk around, maybe there was someone, or even a couple thousand people here looking after this farm. I couldn't see anyone though, it was deserted, but there was food everywhere.

    After a few hours of walking, a noise started to sound. I'd heard the noise a million times before, it was pistons. Never though, had I imagined that the dirt the very crops were planted on had pistons under them. As one, millions of pistons went up, harvesting the crops within seconds. Enough wheat for a million people, harvested without the help of anyone, and within a second. Once down, ships started to appear in the sky, something I've never seen before, they landed in between the crops and unloaded a score of men each. Each ran through the rows and replanted the seeds with amazing speed.

    They paid no attention to me at all, within a few minutes they jumped back on the ship and went away. But they all went in the same direction. Which meant civilization was that way. I ran all night just to see the lights of the city in front of me. They seemed to be lit with glowstone... Father always said that was too dangerous of a material to obtain to make it ever worth using in mass amounts. Either these people had found a way of doing what I didn't think possible, or they were willing to sacrifice the lives of as many men as they wanted to obtain their goals. I really hopped it wasn't the latter.

    There was no guards to get into the city, which was against everything my father had told me. He had said that men tended to guard their homes against fellow men because no one ever thought to trust others. I began walking through the city, no one looked at me. Everyone seemed to be on their way to something, no one was talking, no one was smiling, everyone looked the same, everyone looked bored. Suddenly everyone was inside, I felt alone all of a sudden. Screens showing people on them began to appear all walls allover the place so that no one couldn't see them.

    A fat man with a jet black suit on appeared, he was the first person I'd seen smile since my Father passed. It didn't have the same warmth, or love, or joy that his had though. His had the look that something bad was about to happen, and he was going to enjoy every second of it. He raised his hand, a signal. A youth younger than I was pushing a cage to the fat man. The fat man's smile grew bigger, and so did my fear. He pulled out from the cage the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. It was a Dragon. I had seen pictures and heard about them before, but to see one alive was breathtaking. The fat man asked the crowd: "What do we do with filth like this?" This seemed odd to me, How could the dragon be filth, from what I had heard they were creatures of beauty and magic that didn't harm those who didn't deserve it.

    Within a second the fat man pulled out a curved dagger and cut the head off of the dragon, with a yell I was down on my knees. Hoping beyond hope that what I was seeing was false, that there was a mistake. Within the next moment I was surrounded by guards and knocked unconscious. When I woke I was tied to a chair and there was the fat man sitting in front of me. He said with his murderous voice "So, you like Dragons eh?" I didn't know how to respond to this and just nodded my head. He shrugged, said "Stupid outsiders...", then raised his hand and had me out again.

    I woke next at the base of an immense mountain, I could feel the presence of Dragons here. I knew I had to be here. So I waited. And while I waited I wrote this. This is where the monks found me. I'm currently awaiting their judgement. Hopefully this will be enough, and I won't be killed by them.

    P.S. I made a forum account just for this. I've been reading the forums for months, finally found a thread with a reason to actually post.

    that was amazing :smile.gif: truly epic application, one of the best!!!! You are accepted for sure as a scientist :smile.gif: can't wait to see you on the server, pm me for the ip

    ps your signature makes me smile :smile.gif:
    Quote from ApeirousWolf

    well..... here are some ideas (some good some not so good and some mytholigical places): Monk's-Ford, Capitol, Enderado (ElDorado but more epic, and without all the gold..... but still better), Hidden Forge, Low-Lands, Abyss Valley/Ender Valley, Ender Springs, Monk's Retreat, FirstBorn, First, Avalon, Tir-na-nog (land of the young (celtic mythology)), Abbagon, Hibagon, Orthyos, Agartha, Annawym/Annwm, Asguard

    Could I help with the building of the city?

    good names but i dont know which one yet. and yes of course i want you to help with the city
    Quote from ApeirousWolf

    well..... here are some ideas (some good some not so good and some mytholigical places): Monk's-Ford, Capitol, Enderado (ElDorado but more epic, and without all the gold..... but still better), Hidden Forge, Low-Lands, Abyss Valley/Ender Valley, Ender Springs, Monk's Retreat, FirstBorn, First, Avalon, Tir-na-nog (land of the young (celtic mythology)), Abbagon, Hibagon, Orthyos, Agartha, Annawym/Annwm, Asguard

    Could I help with the building of the city?

    good names but i dont know which one yet. and yes of course i want you to help with the city
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    thank you guys :smile.gif: both of you are accepted :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on CitiesMod [B1.8.1] [1000 + Downloads.]
    add pics!!!
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    posted a message on Bring back the Old Biome Code!
    i think the biomes are better now :tongue.gif:
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    Got a new server host with a 70 slot server and plugins n'stuff :smile.gif:

    Adding ranks :smile.gif:

    Everyone that was accepted before this post is a mod :smile.gif: me and the server host will be admins. But I will still watch ya guys :tongue.gif: lol

    Say hello to maxxis cause he will be hosting the server and he wants to know of any of you guys are good at map editing?
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