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    i think

      Redstone Automation: Redstone can be complex, but there are many tutorials and resources available online that can help you learn more about automating processes using Redstone circuits. You can find guides on YouTube, forums, or Minecraft community websites.

      Resource Packs: There are numerous resource packs available that can change the look and feel of Minecraft, including adding new block textures, item models, and even furniture. You can search for resource packs on popular Minecraft community platforms like Planet Minecraft or CurseForge.

      Mods: Minecraft mods are third-party modifications that can introduce new features, mechanics, and content to the game. There are many mods available that can add furniture, vehicles, and other modern objects. However, keep in mind that mods may require specific versions of Minecraft and can sometimes be incompatible with each other.

      Minecraft Marketplace: The official Minecraft Marketplace offers a wide range of maps, skins, texture packs, and other content created by the Minecraft community. You can explore the marketplace to find new resources and additions to your game.

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    Nice . is that your channel?

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