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    Quote from jotun»

    1. Would it run noticeably better if the world is on an SSD instead of HDD?

    It depends on what's holding back your computer. Open task manager on the host PC while the server is running (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), then at the bottom click on 'open resource monitor'. You should be able to find your hard drive active time there. If that active time is close to 100% most of the time, then the hard drive can't keep up which slows down your computer. In that case, an SSD could help, but it may just be background tasks that keep the hard drive busy.
    You can try to turn off all programs you don't need, including the background tasks in the system tray (at the right side of the task bar, next to the clock). If the hard drive activity is still very high, turn off the server and keep the PC running for a few hours. It's possible that Windows is still using the hard drive in the background.
    If you only need the PC for server hosting, then you could also look into installing a Linux distro on it (possibly in a dual-boot configuration), since Linux-based operating systems are generally less demanding, leaving more resources for the Minecraft server.

    If you want to install mods in the future, then you might want to start with a Forge server and install forge on the clients. Forge is used by most mods and while it doesn't give you performance enhancements, you won't need to switch to other software when you want to start with the mods.

    If the performance only gets bad after a while, then it may be an energy saving feature. Some computers cap the CPU activity at a low value like 10% when there hasn't been any input for a while, which can cause a lot of lagg since your computer is only 1/10th as powerful as usual then.
    There probably is a setting somewhere to fix that, but the easiest way is to install a program named "caffeine.exe". That program simulates a keypress on a nonexisting key every minute, which shouldn't have any effect on running programs but it keeps your computer from going to sleep mode.

    If your problems still persist after that (and the java settings other people posted here), keep asking and I'm sure the rest of the community can provide further help.

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    Quote from Democreeper5»

    I had an idea if there was a blue version of the redstone, which wont effect eachother.

    I don't really like the idea of making a completely different redstone-like material, since that could make things quite complicated, but maybe add dyable redstone instead? It would give you even more types of redstone that don't connect to each other and then there's also no need for a new type of ore that most survival players don't really need.

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    The conditional and unconditional blocks allowed me to create a circuit that does basically what my suggestion does, but since it relies on changing a block with /setblock, it always uses the result from the previous time the command block was triggered. This doesn't make a big difference in clocks, but when you only run a row of command blocks on certain events, then it can mess things up.

    Decision-making on a singe tick is curently possible by using a controler entity with a scoreboard value (since even when a conditional block doesn't run, it keeps the chain running). You can for example use an armour stand with a "success" score. Then you set the success score at the start of a command block row to 0, then execute the command you want to test, then add a conditional command block which sets the succes score to 1, then you use execute commands that check for a succes score of 1 for the commands that should run when the test command was succesfull and run execute commands that check for a succes score of 0 for the commands that should run on failure.

    But, since both chain command blocks and repeat command blocks were already somewhat possible using redstone and command magic, I'm not dropping this suggestion yet. They're making command blocks more intuitive and more programming-style, and I think that controlling which branch runs is a very basic control structure that really could use a more intuitive way to build.

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    Do you already know the new command block types we got in snapshot 15w34a? Well, they allow you to easily chain up command blocks that will all execute within 1 tick, as well as command blocks that trigger every tick when they're powered.

    While this will definitely make complex command block contraptions more compact and easier to work on, I think there's still a crucial element missing: We now have normal command blocks, chains, and clocks, but not really anything that can make decisions. That's why I'm suggesting...

    The branch command block
    Mockup of the branch command block

    Well, I admit that my texturing skills aren't that good, but I didn't write this suggestion for looks, it's the function that is important.

    What this command block does is very similar to the chain command block, but with one crucial difference: If the command fails (so that a comparator connected to it would stay off), it will act as if it's pointed the other way.

    Here's an example of how a circuit utilizing this mechanic could look:

    Circuit example

    If the command in the yellow command block is executed successfully, that block acts as a normal chain block, and the execution path will follow the direction of the white arrow, which in this case means that the top row of command blocks will be executed. If the command isn't executed succesfully, it'll act like a chain block turned the other way, and the execution path will follow the direction of the black arrow. In this circuit, that means that the bottom row of command blocks will be executed.

    If you don't need to run commands for both a positive result and a negative result, then you can just add them 'inline', like this:

    Inline example

    On the top row, the chain blocks to the right of the branch block will only be executed if the command in the branch block executed succesfully.

    On the middle row, the chain blocks to the right of the branch blocks will only execute if the command in the branch block didn't execute succesfully.

    In other cases, it'll act like the bottom row, and the execution will stop once it reaches the branch block (those blocks are secured so that they can't trigger multiple times on one tick, so that loops don't cause a freeze). I just noticed that the normal command block at the start of the bottom row is turned the other way, so just imagine that it's rotated 180° for now.

    Unlike chain blocks, branch blocks do not have to be powered to run their commands.

    So, what do you guys think of this suggestion? Would you use it? Or would you prefer to find weird workarounds to do stuff like this?

    Note: The chain blocks are already in the snapshot, they are not a part of my suggestion.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]

    1.9 snapshots are finally out :creeperdance: by Alvoria :pumpkin: by thebaum64 :cake: by JerenVidsPC

    Although Microsoft/mojang has not seemed to be doing much, as all they added was a slot for shields(no shields yet :(, and made a few blocks and a new mob :(

    If you read the blog post at mojang.com, then you see that they have left out a lot of features that aren't complete yet. There's still a lot more coming in other snapshots.

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    posted a message on FPS drop after upgrading to Windows 10

    Windows 10 is still a very new OS, and the drivers haven't been fully optimized yet. Just wait untill updates arive and over the next few months you should see some gradual improvements.

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    posted a message on Floating Gravity Blocks?

    I think those lines only appear in creative mode. It'll leave an invisible and unbreakable platform below the sand area though, which may not be what he wants.

    Your best option is MCEdit. The 2.0 alpha versions are windows-only (though they probably work well on UNIX-based operating systems (MAC/Linux) under Wine), but MCEdit 1.x has Windows, MAC and Linux versions.

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    posted a message on Can't run anything above 1.7.2 :(

    Sorry, I didn't know about that driver issue. Seeing how much swap is used, the amount of RAM memory isn't really sufficient for the amount of programs that's running on the computer. And since programs tend to crash when both the RAM and the page file are full (or when the RAM is full and no page file is present), I assumed that this was the problem here.
    Increasing the page file size could be worth a try though. It costs nothing (apart from a bit of extra hard drive space), and can be easily undone.

    Before buying a new PC, it's best to first try updating the drivers. And if you are using a PC, then check if a graphics card is present. It's probably using an on-board graphics card, so if a graphics card is present, it's not used.

    To check this, look at the back of the PC. There should be a panel with lots of different kinds of ports on it (it should contain at least some USB ports, AND at least 1 VGA, DV-I, HDMI or display port connector). This panel is attached to the motherboard. Next to that panel, there is a series of slots in the case. Some of them may contain a panel with ports, others will contain vents or are just covered off. Look for a panel there that contains ONLY display-related ports (VGA, DV-I, HDMI or displayport, usually multiple are present). This panel is connected to the graphics card. If you find this panel, then make sure your monitor (or all your monitors, if you have multiple) is connected to the ports on that graphics card. No screen should be attached to the motherboard when you have a graphics card. Install the correct drivers for that card if you changed the OS since the PC was bought.

    If you have a laptop or your PC doesn't have a graphics card, then you're out of luck. You'll have to be satisfied with older Minecraft versions, get a new graphics card (if you have a PC, not a laptop), or get a full new PC.

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    posted a message on Can't run anything above 1.7.2 :(

    EDIT: read the posts below first

    There's nothing wrong with the GPU.

    This is what went wrong: "Page File: 2346MB used, 2193MB available"

    You have only 2GB of RAM, which is not a lot. Generally, for a Windows 7 installation, 4GB is reccomended.

    What happened during the crash is that your RAM is full, and to compensate this, Windows moves the less frequently used bits of data in the RAM to a part of the hard drive, called a 'page file'. Now, in your case, the page file is limited to 2193MB, and to free up enough RAM to run Minecraft, it needs to store 2346MB of data in that file, which just doesn't fit. Windows then fails to allocate enough memory to run your programs, which means that whichever program asked for memory last will attempt to use parts of memory that don't exist. This is what caused the error.

    The most basic fix for this problem is to close a few programs to free up some memory that Minecraft can use. Also check if Minecraft isn't set to use more memory than it needs.

    To limit Minecraft's memory useage some more: In the launcher, you can click edit profile, then enable JVM arguments, and change the -Xmx1G into -Xmx512M . You may have to lower the render distance a bit then to avoid OutOfMemoryExceptions though.

    The best solution in this case is to add more RAM memory, but only if your motherboard supports it. Since you use a 32bit operating system, 4GB is the maximum that your version of Windows will support. You heavily use the page file, which means that you don't have enough RAM for what you currently do with your computer. I'm not trying to sell you RAM (even though I probably sound like that), but in this case, it can give you much better performance.

    But if your hardware doesn't support more RAM (or you don't want to spend money on it), then there is still one more option (but you need admin rights on your computer to do it, and at least 2GB free space on your hard drive): increase the size limit of the page file. Press [windows logo] + E, then in the left of that window, right click computer and select properties. Click advanced system settings, then in the advanced tab, under performance, click settings. Then in the advanced tab, under virtual memory, click change. Uncheck automatically manage page file size for all drives, select one of your hard drives (usually either C or D is best, but NEVER store the page file on an SSD). Click the custom size bubble and set both values to 4096 (I know that I have 16GB allocated, but that's because Windows doesn't like having a page file that's smaller than the RAM, in your case, 4GB should be enough). Then click OK on all windows. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. I'll add an image of that to this post.

    I hope you'll get Minecraft to work. If you've tried all 3 sollutions and it still doesn't work, besure to post about it, and I'll look into it some more.

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    posted a message on [1.9 is out!] Get ready for 1.9! [Updates and Information from Mojang AB!]
    Quote from takethecake26»


    I think Mojang would have said if there was going to be a Wither dimension?!?!? They're just teasing. We know everything about 1.9 now.

    Is it possible that you confused the new end islands as wither dimension? It is confirmed that there will be multiple islands in the end, accessible trough gateways, that contain plant-like structures and new dungeons. I've heard nothing from a wither dimension though, and as far as I know, the wither's home dimension is the nether.

    If you did find something about a wither dimension though, then can you please post the link of the source here?

    Quote from KazunariAkito»

    I'm pretty sure that player-made ender crystals are used for that... At least what the wiki says.

    I'm not sure where everyone got this "Dragon Breath being an item of some kind" from but I'm pretty sure that Dragon Breath means this:


    Minecraft wiki:Every dragon drops dragon breath, but only one dragon egg can be obtained

    I guess they get it from there.

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    posted a message on Minecraft should let us resize our skins like we can with texture packs

    You're right, I mailny read the OP. Also, I don't know where you live, but here, nearly every ISP has a quota. They all market their internet as "unlimited", but when you've used a certain amount of gigabytes (in my case 100, for the entire family), then it becomes absolute crap. It's technically false advertising, I know, but they still manage to get away with it.

    Back on topic: There isn't just normal resolution and a single HD resolution. You have texture packs in 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16 (default), 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256, ... I've even seen packs going up to 1024x1024. So, when you have an HD skin meant to fit in a 64x64 HD pack, then there are still many resolutions in which it doesn't fit.

    The only way I'd like a feature like this is when all server-side skins stay at the default resolution and there's an option to set the client-side skin. (This is already possible with resource packs if you use the default skin, but maybe an option to make it work when you do have a skin set would be nice.)

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    posted a message on Minecraft should let us resize our skins like we can with texture packs

    Performance is only barely affected by resolution, so that isn't really a problem, but:

    If you'd allow HD skins, then when playing on a popular server, it's not uncommon that your client has to download hundreds of HD skins in a normal playsession. This will cause a lot of unnecessary bandwidth usage, which will not only make people pay more for their internet or push them closer to their internet quota, but will also slow down the internet connection during the download. On a server on which people are joining and leaving constantly, that can cause quite a bit of lagg, especially if your internet is already slow to begin with.

    And I'd much rather stay below my internet quota (when I cross that limit I only have 500kbit download and 100kbit upload, and it becomes really unstable too) and have less lagg than seeing some fancy HD skins.

    no support.

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    posted a message on New DLC Content

    Paid mods? Valve tried that recently, and it didn't really work well...


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    posted a message on Please add a substitute for inverted slimes

    I think he means this:

    You can stack mobs using commands and NBT tags (specifically, the Riding: tag). This stacks mobs on top of each other, but the height at which they attach is fixed.

    A common workaround is adding invisible slimes inbetween them, since you can easily change their size using an other NBT tag (Size:). This used to work both up (with a positive size tag) or down (with a negative size tag), but apparently the negative sizes to move mobs down doesn't work anymore.

    @MCByte_: Did you find any release note that confirms the removal of this feature? I never heard of this being removed. And if you don't find any confirmation, make sure that the command syntax is correct (by spawning visible slimes with a positive size that doesn't spawn naturally, like 20), since if you wrote the size tag incorrectly or in a different case the size will be random. Also iirc visible slimes with a negative size render as if they were size 0, so be sure to try them out in a stack of mobs.

    Regardless of the slimes feature being removed or not, I would love to see an NBT tag that can be used to alter the height at which an entity rides an other entity, so I SUPPORT!

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    posted a message on Brightness: Moody or Bright

    Moody for Horror maps

    Brightness for Non-Horror maps

    Exactly the reverse for me. I usually light up everything with torches when playing normally, but when playing a horror map (which unfortunately often come down to a 'blind snail in a maze simulator' (no light at all combined with extreme blindness and an annoyingly slow walking speed)), I just don't see anything on my monitor (litterally everything is just black then).

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