About Me

BeCrafty is a whitelisted Minecraft server for adults over the age of 25. We are a mix of about twenty people who really enjoy playing the game with no pressure. Nobody here is in a race for end-game OP type play, and you would be right on time to gel with our fantastic group. Whether you're a lone-wolf building, hanging around in a cave or hole in the ground, simply feeding chickens, or into large-scale personal and/or community projects- there is a Minecraft home for you here!

BeCrafty is a Spigot server with a vanilla feel, and a couple perks! Players have ability to make land claims via Grief Prevention, and take advantage of 51% sleep to pass the night. Once in a while you will get a mob head. You are able to see your builds online in 3D. The map is still pretty new, and is set to 20k in each direction, most of it unexplored. There is no plan to ever reset. Instead, we will expand the border, and group together for a new spawn, along with future Minecraft updates.

We enjoy a relaxed and lasting play strategy. We are in this for long-term enjoyment, not OP as fast as possible, so no AFK fish-farm type farming. Machines that are useful, and don't cause lag, are encouraged. If you feel this is you, please message me!