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    posted a message on Rolling and Sneaking
    Not bad for a first post, actually.
    Although if it's to go into smaller areas, wouldn't you rather go prone instead? Getting stuck in a tight spot in the middle of a roll sounds painful.

    Welcome to the forums!
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    posted a message on Better swordplay
    As everyone here probably knows, sword play in minecraft is a little lackluster.
    Here is how I think it can be improved:
    Mouse movements during attacking.

    The idea is that if you want to attack something, you have to swipe the mouse cursor into or across it rather than just aiming and clicking, otherwise the attack doesn't work.
    The damage dealt is related to how far the mouse is swiped within the target. So overhead attacks do more damage, but people expect that and are more likely to block there.

    You can still block like right now, and it blocks all damage, but your viewpoint will be pushed the same direction as the attack, forcing you to manually bring your sword back into line before you get skewered by a follow up attack("Stagger" for now). How much your viewpoint is pushed depends how far the mouse was swiped inside you.
    If you're attacking someone with a weapon, and he swings at you at the same time and opposite(or nearly) angles, the two attacks subtract eachother in terms of viewpoint pushing stagger. So you can block with that axe you've been carrying around by what amounts to a counterattack/block parry.

    Monsters would also get new attack animations that reflect all this. For example, zombies have windup times for punchs, giving you warning enough to block or counterattack, and would also parry if they had an item. Zombie pigmen would act like players swordfighting, since they have swords.

    Update:Mining works as normal.
    Incidentally, this makes sneak attacking working miners very unwise; might just take your head off with the pickaxe when he turns around.

    Update 2:Dunno how knockback would work. I'll set up a poll.
    Edit: Fixed knockback per weapon is voted in 8 to 3. Relax lads, knockback enchantment still works.
    Update 3:3pix has been kind enough to make a picture:
    More of his work here:

    Update 4:Found a way to do stabbing! When you crouch, you can power up your sword like a bow before stabbing. Harder to block, but does less damage for the time you take compared to slashes.
    Edit: Voted in 5 to 3.
    Also, grappling of a sort; when you block or get blocked, you have to release left click to let go. If you swipe first, though, you can inflict knockback proportional to how far you swipe, and in fact, steer it in the direction of the swipe. It's the first person that lets go that inflicts knockback though; think fast!
    Edit: Voted out 7 to 1.
    I'll try to set up a poll(no promises, though)
    Update 5: Semifinal results are in, see above.
    NOTE:Semifinal, not final. 11 voters are hardly a good sample.
    Update 6: This goes for all items. Including your hand, which would do scratch damage, but knock the person back more(less pushing his viewpoint though:Stagger, is what Frog calls it.)
    Update 7:It only works when you're using left click. Don't know why I didn't type that in in the first place. Derp.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    Quote from pinballboy7

    When were guns invented?
    China, 12th century or so.
    How do guns function?
    Gunpowder burns, forming gas that forces a projectile out of a barrel.
    Are all firearms self-loading?
    What are muzzleloaders?
    Loaded from the front.
    Is modern machinery required to build a functional gun?
    Sten guns were DESIGNED to be built in a smithy. It can also be done with AKs.
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    posted a message on War Rockets
    ...Naw, this is OP. Most of the payloads you want to launch in war rockets can be launched with more effort. Having war rockets removes the challenge and lets any idiot blow up someone's house from a safe spot and laugh.

    That being said...
    Quote from ShadowHunter12

    There are about 50 mods that do things like this, from hand held gun mods to ballistic missile launchers fired from a launch gantry.

    ...this was uncalled for. This was a suggestion for VANILLA minecraft. Saying there's a mod for that is not a valid argument and in fact is something of an insult(Insisting something is A when it's B and berating the listener for thinking it was A type crap.)
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    posted a message on The Extruder - Automatically place and collect blocks!
    Because of time not wasted picking away at it?
    The material cost for obsidian is still the same(redstone, or lava.) I'd say it's not OP at all.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    Quote from pinballboy7

    Ugh...I shouldn't have posted. Prepare for a wave of noobs to see this thread and begin posting...

    Present a foolproof anything, and they'll make a more effective idiot(I don't dare say better), or worse, a more effective lawyer.
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    posted a message on Other applications for the new launcher
    So I've seen the interview concerning the new launcher and how Minecraft is programmed now.
    For those that haven't, Minecraft is going to be broken up into swappable files, so modding is easier and you can switch versions easily.
    This suggests some other applications:
    1.Modded/different version servers:
    Have the game automatically swap files as needed to match up with a server. New files are downloaded from the server as needed.
    This allows easy access to modded or outdated servers.
    2.Different versions/mods per save:
    Have the game "associate" different mods with different saves, allowing for a vanilla and a modded save to be used without having to switch out different .jars.
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    posted a message on Something fresh for Minecraft - Drawers.
    Quote from Mordikins

    Drawers would be quite sexy. This would go great with the Closets thread someone put up a while ago...

    Curse my very active imagination.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    ...Also, Blue, I fail to see how guns in Minecraft will corrupt children when, say, MapleStory features them and there's no more shootings than usual.
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    posted a message on The Official Gun Thread
    Quote from ThePatriarch

    Haha, y'think? I think that a 1/50 random fail might balance the weapon for PvP, but I also think that the advantages of a gun would tempt players to use it just about as much.
    It's frustrating, is what it is. You're basically hoping the Random Number God doesn't have it in for you every time you fire the gun. It puts emphasis on luck rather than skill, which is something we want to avoid as much as possible.
    I mean, as long as the reload time was sufficiently long, but I think that with an early gun that goes without saying. Also, (legitimate question, not being condescending) does savescumming hurt anyone else in any way?
    It only works in other games, and is really annoying anyway.
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