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    Quote from tigereye504

    Part One: Generating the Product

    Table 1: Number of potion effects in one Lava Java
    Probability____ Result
    30% ________ 1 positive effect
    25% ________ 1 positive effect, 1 negative effect
    25% ________ 2 positive effects, 1 negative effect
    20% ________ 2 positive effects

    If a entry on one of the tables below has already been rolled once during the generation of a given brew, it cannot be rolled again. This means that you can get, say, a Caffeinated Spicy Lava Java but not a Spicy Spicy Lava Java. It also means that you cannot have multiple effects be Extra Strength, though one could very rarely be both Large and Extra Strength. Its also worth noting the Extra Strength and Large are always listed before other effects in the name.

    Table 2: Positive Effects
    Weight _Value_Result______________Name
    2______1____ Movement Speed_____Caffeinated
    2______2____ Strength____________Spicy
    2______2____ Fire Res____________Creamy
    1______2____ Instant Healing_______Sweet
    1______4____ Armor______________Thick
    1______4____ Regeneration________Soothing
    1______4____ Filling* _____________Filling
    1______x3____Level II effect, re-roll__ Extra Strength
    1______x3____Extended effect, re-roll_Large

    *Filling is a new effect that I think fits the concept, though it can be dropped without significant change. If functions as a reverse food poisoning, filling saturation and/or hunger over time, with similar duration to speed potions.

    Table 3: Negative Effects
    Weight_ Value_Result
    2______2____ Slowness
    2______2____ Weakness
    2______2____ Food Poison/Hunger
    1______3____ Instant Harm
    1______4____ Nausea
    1______4____ Poison
    1______1____ Mining Fatigue
    1______x3___ Level II effect, re-roll
    1______x3___ Extended effect, re-roll

    Lava Java doesn't like to advertise adverse effects, so they don't alter the name to reflect these (though the effects are shown below as normal)

    Also, can we brew in the mugs using this system? If you brew up a potion in a clean mug, you also get a chance for more positive/negative effects like above no repeats, etc.
    Edit: Also for the negative effects, respectively:
    Bugger if I know.
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    posted a message on Chunk 'Timer' System - Grow Plants Without Being Near, Without Added Lag
    I like this idea...
    ...but I'd think it'd only work on plants, and you'd need to simplify the growth coding to avoid severe lag.
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    Quote from Mangabors101

    Sorry though its a bag, it sounds unrealistic, to the nature of a medieval-themed video game. I personatly do not like this idea, but i do like the idea of powering-off TnT.

    Partial Support

    I don't think they'd add TNT in the first place if it's medivial.
    Quote from joefoggie

    Half support. Maybe an extra strong piece of TNT or something.

    ...Why would we need a stronger TNT, as opposed to a explosive that just pushes hard?
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    Powder bags would (in a bit of a misnomer) be composed of entirely gunpowder.
    They would not do explosive damage at all(except to set off other explosives), but would have twice the "push" on entities as opposed to TNT.
    Also, when ignited by anything, it goes off immediately.
    Why would we use this? Well....
    #Detonators: When you want your explosive set off NOW.(Not for mines though-the gunpowder might just launch you clear of the TNT explosion!)
    #More powerful and safer(to operate) cannons:
    #Traps: Push your enemies off that cliff!
    And why would we not?
    #No block or entity damage
    #Mines:Again, the gunpowder explosion might blow you clear of the TNT explosion.
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    posted a message on Its time for a SHARK ATTACK! Now HOT!
    I mean:
    Have one type of shark instead of three. Use other sea creatures instead of 2 more sharks(Whales and actual fish?)
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    Also, you could try making it a reusable magic net instead of an enchant. Maybe a dungeon loot item?
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    posted a message on Its time for a SHARK ATTACK! Now HOT!
    Could we have just one, hostile shark?
    Seems a bit much to have three of them with different temperaments.
    And would sharks hunt squids and other fishes(if they get added)?
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    posted a message on New Bow Enchantment: Capturing
    You do know that whatever you spawn would be very, very close to you?
    Including hostile mobs.
    So no need for preventing the capture of hostile mobs.
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    Could it interrupt teleports if the enderpearl passes through the field on it's way to a tp on the other side?
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    Quote from daedroug

    Will the new nodes still be movable? will they combine?

    Had a thought about that. Maybe you could convert them into "node lamps" that you can carry around in your inventory and place like the current jars. Or hang in your chestplate slot, in which case it hangs from your thigh and acts like a personal node.
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    posted a message on Spider nests now POPULAR and HOT!
    Quote from flaminghawk83

    I guess, I just think that if they do that, it would seem that every mob should have something special to do when the sun starts going up.

    Zombies and Skeletons already run for shade when the sun rises. Why not?
    Quote from erik4556

    100 hearts is the same as the ender dragon and nests would be about as rare as a either skele dropping its skull.

    Maybe a bit less for a miniboss like this? Maybe 75 hearts?
    And that's "wither."
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    Quote from MrEconomist

    There is a mod which adds many new movement options, etc. CaptainSparklez has done a mod showcase on it, I will link below:

    Here is the Minecraft Forums page:


    I hope this helped.


    You know there's a rule against this sort of thing, right?
    How much else should we have besides prone? I'd like an improved sneak that actually lowers your hitbox.
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    posted a message on Painting pictures
    I support this.
    Can we have redstone cameras too? You give it a canvas and a redstone signal, it spits out a painted painting of what's in front of it. Good for security cameras and recon.
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    I was playing this Hunger games type setup at Hypixel, in some sort of cave/Mines of Moria type map. Found no gear during the beginning rush(which usually means you're screwed) and got found someone that had gotten a bow(usually why you get screwed.) I bum rushed him anyway. Hey, I was screwed anyway, right?
    I ended up chasing him and dodging most of his arrows(and getting in some punches when he did stop to shoot) until he ran out of arrows and tried to run. At which point I ran him off a waterfall into a lake(no damage) caught up with him and beat him to death.
    Granted he only had chicken on him and it took all but three of my hearts, but hey, its not every day you beat a better armed opponent to death.
    I didn't survive that round, though, as another, much better equipped contestant found and killed me a few minutes later while trying to loot a ship in said lake.
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    I support.
    Also: can we con Merchants and Villagers?(Use an anvil to rename, say, dirt into gold and sell it.) There's a random chance(25%?) that the reciepent catches on(Maybe subsequent transactions up the chance?) The villager simply resets it's trade(as if you hit it) but the Merchant keeps an Iron Golem around that pounds you to death if he thinks you're conning him.(He also resets his trades, just to spit in your face.)
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