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    Minecraft Avd game goals

    My idea is to add labor saving machines for advanced players in a well established base with loads of extra resources.

    The concept is a way to actally use all those chests of cobble, coal, iron, etc.. that you will never be able to use ingame. The ideas for the contraptions should only replace the menial tasks that a player has already experienced a million times.

    There are 3 parts to my idea

    1. New "Concentrated" resources blocks, Empty those chests!

    2. What to do with these fancy new Concentrated blocks, Contraption Ideas

    3. How to build Contraptions

    So the premise is to create machines with all that extra stuff laying around, we cant build with 10 stacks of 64 cobble, but if we could concentrate those blocks into one block....


    So take your stacks of 64 cobble and fill up all 9 of your crafting bench slots and vola! 1 block of "concentrated" cobble stone! Yes thats 574 blocks of cobble, but these are not for a fledging base. See them as goals to aspire to. This could be applied to other resources as well that make sence, so no concentrated water blocks.

    For Iron and gold, we already have a 9 block concentrate. Which I will use for now.
    We can work out the details if you guys think this idea has legs.

    Also since these blocks would be so dense, their value would be high. And since their value is great and they are very dense, their toughness would be x5 to deter theft and greif.

    2. Contraption ideas,

    Okay now to name some useful, not overpowered, minial task performing machines you can build with these "Concentrated" blocks.

    2a.Cobblestone generator (one that works in SMP)

    A large machine that spits out cobblestones with no need to mine them, just walk infront of it to pickem up.

    Minial task solved: Mining cobble for building large projects.

    Overpowered?: Depends on how much cobble is produced per minute. I suggest as much as mining with a iron pickaxe per minute. Now in order to prevent players from using one cobblestone generator to build another, and another and...... have the cobble it spawns named diffrently like the charcoal vs coal.

    Required concentrated blocks?:

    Since it produces cobble, alot should be required for construction. For starters I'd say 10 concentrated cobble, 5,740 blocks of cobble. 1 block of Concentrated Iron=128 blocks of iron and 1 block of concentrated redstone=128 blocks of redstone. Also 4 lava source blocks, and 4 water source blocks.

    This sounds like quite a bit.

    Feedback requested.

    2b.Automatic Bore (Invision a large drill head on a minecart)

    A slow moving mechinical drill you create, that once it is pushed by a powered minecart it leaves the track and starts drilling in a straight line, leaving behind a clean 1x2 tunnel. but it destroyes all blocks it mines except bedrock. Can only be turned with tracks

    Menial task solved: Tunnel mining, either for long distance rail, or explortory mining shafts.
    Overpowered?: Not since it destroyes all resources. Will also depend on its speed, and fule useage. Should treat all blocks, obsidian, redstone and diamond as stone. Drilling speed is between stone and iron picks. Or create a diamond drill tip in its place, though i've never had that much diamond.

    Required Concentrated blocks?: 4 iron blocks, 1 gold block, minecart.
    Fuled by Concentrated coal blocks?
    [] :Iron: [] []
    :Iron: :Iron: :GoldBar:
    [] :Iron: :chestfront: <- is a minecart

    Taking suggestions

    2c. Automatic track layer (Dispencer filled with iron on a Minecart)
    Same as 1b. but lays iron tracks. Most likley used behind 1b. should have a ablity to go up/down some grades of elevation. Perhaps will make more efficent use of iron

    Menial task solved: laying long - LONG lengths of track connecting bases/areas.

    Overpowered?: Depends of effecienty of iron per track, instead of 6 iron per track, make it 4 to start. No wood required. * Automated tracks this machine deploys can be destroyed, but not harvested, like the machined cobblestone. You cannot abuse the savings this machine enjoys for use elseware.

    *Cannot drill

    Both 2b. and 2c would turn water and lava into obsidian on contact.

    3. How to build the "contraptions"

    One you have procured the required building materials, you have to place them in a certain pattern like the portals.


    Beansly JOnes
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    Hm, could you be specific about what you don't like? The whole economic concept? Or just not worth the difficulty to implement? Btw, have you played MULE? Untill you played it, it's hard to explain the fun of it.

    Also, in life usually the hard way usually turns out better then the easy path.
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    Mod to implement vintage pc supply demand game "m.u.l.e" into minecraft. 

    Player/team with most money at end of designated turns. 

    Turn Summary: 

    The game will be played in 3 phases. 

    Day / Harvesting phase, team will have a amount of time to harvest resources in designated area some of which are required to survive the night and/or be sold to purchase resources/tools in the auction phase. Also you can build your fort up with thus time to protect your goods at night. 

    Auction phase, team Captains set the amount and highest price to buy resources and also set the lowest price to sell their resources. Only the lowest seller will actually sell each good. Same with buyer, Only the player with the highest price will actually buy that particular good. This is done via blind auction by default.

     Perhaps add a live auction al la original MULE mode later. 

    Also tools and weapons will be auctioned off with the resources. Either permanently or just for the next round. perhaps a price for a days use of a tool or permanently. 

    There is also a bonus auction where you can purchase a chance to raid another team at night. Or purchase a cow for a daily intake of food. Etc. This happens not every night. 

    Night phase, is where concerquenses of the day pay off, or not. Mobs come out at night. The player/team with the least amount of wood/coal to burn each night will make your fort target to attacked by mobs. If you  have not bought weapons, you fight with your hands.  If mobs get into your base,they steal resources. If you have not enough resources for your team or yourself, you suffer penalties the next day. 

    Wood  :    Harvested by: trees
    Used for: building fort.  Half effective at nightly fire. Fences for animal pen
    Penalty for lack of: mob attack at night

    Coal         :    Harvested by: mining
    Used for: nightly fire, 
    Penalty for lack of: night attack

    Food         :    Harvested by: farming, animals. Mushrooms
    Used for: eating
    Penalty for lack of: time penalty of next days actions 

    iron         :    Harvested by: mining
    Used for: 3rd most expensive , required to buy iron tools
    Penalty for lack of: 

    Diamond         :    Harvested by:mining
    Used for: most expensive, req to purchase diamond tools
    Penalty for lack of:

    Gold         :    Harvested by:mining
    Used for: sec most expensive, 
    Penalty for lack of:

    Add your own suggestions!

             :    Harvested by:
    Used for:
    Penalty for lack of:

             :    Harvested by:
    Used for:
    Penalty for lack of:


    The best way I feel to implement the game would be to craft a new item a mule flag . You mark a area to play in by marking the boundaries with 4 flags. Or if unable to do that, perhaps a custom server?

    Via "/ commands" you select your team. And choose rules for auction type and prefabbed level or existing flagged terrain. 

    Perhaps have a betting system along with game creation. All players have to pay to play and winning team splits it. 

    Technical specs:

    I have limited java programming experience and no lua scripting exp. Would this be something viable to create currently (even on a stand alone server)? Or do we have to wait for notch's mod support?

    Also I can use your support to flesh out this idea. Does it sound fun? What would make it better?

    Beansly Jones

    Hm after reading through it seems I have removed the "M.u.l.e.s"from the game entirely. Oh well. Whatadaya think?
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    Seems like the server is down, hopefully Random got the new power controller and is installing it!

    So far I know of 2 towns that have been created secretly for fear of greifers. There has not been a formal declaration of war, but I feel one day rytown will be all but ashes....

    Also don't be insulted if you aren't given the coords of a town or gate if your new. You'll have to prove you wont burn it down while everyones sleeping.

    Side note: I really like this server, and this is the first server i have even considered donating to (and they don't accept donations!) Even when u get killed and lose :Diamond: everything. Just run to your tnt trapped stargate, warp to your far far far off master base, reequip, /home it and head to your groups secret base to plot your revenge.

    Or when you get tired of playing with redstone just go on a murder spree.
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    IGN: BeanslyJones
    Age: 30
    Faction : Bandits
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    Great server with a clean map to build in. Ewbanix is still trying to decide what type of server, but so far it is survival with mobs but no pvp. Also he does not hand out diamond blocks to get gaudy with. You want it? MINE IT!

    Only 1 crash due to having 32 players on. Player limit has been decreased to 20 currently for testing.

    So far he has a great community and things are starting to get built!
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