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    posted a message on (New) Vanilla Whitelisted SMP Server - Looking for Youtubers (Like HermitCraft/MindCrack)
    1. What is your IGN? Ocarina_of_Newb
    2. Do you have Skype? (If you don't want it in the forum PM me). bobdylan1515
    3. How old are you? 14
    4. How much experience do you have with Minecraft? 2 years, beta 1.2
    5. Why do you want to join this server? Because i want to find a fun minecraft vanilla server and this seems like it.
    6. How often can you play on the server? A lot and almost every day.
    7. Youtube Link? epicguacamole
    8. Can you make videos on the server, and if so, how often can new videos be uploaded? I can but they will be very minimal because i am currently recording another series.
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    posted a message on [=1.4.6=] [ Whitelist ] [ Survival ] [ Vanilla ] { iCraft }
    IGN: Ocarina_of_Newb
    I have been waiting for a good person to play with that also has a Skype.
    Strength: collecting resources, building
    Weakness: working with little kids
    Goals: to become a well known person on the server and build some cool structures.
    Time Zone: Mountain standard time zone
    I have been playing minecraft for 2 years
    I mostly play with my friend and his cousin on their server but they got minecraft taken away and now i don't have a server to play on.
    I can contribute with my strengths of collecting and building.
    I am a very outgoing person who plays quite a bit of games including other gaming platforms such as xbox and ps3 but mainly play mine craft.
    SKYPE: bobdylan1515Gender: Male
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    posted a message on Monstercraft 24/7 -- No Whitelist -- 120 slots -- Dedicated -- PvP -- Clans -- McMMO -- Jobs -- TOP 10
    In game name: Ocarina_of_Newb

    Age: 17

    Have I ever been banned from another server: No
    (if yes for what?)

    I have read and understand the rules above: Yes

    I voted for the server on the three links above: Yes

    I understand that ranking up is not instant
    and may take several hours, I also understand that
    bugging the admins wont make it go any faster.
    In the meantime I will level my jobs and McMMO
    skills up as a squatter: YES
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