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    by bauzadubz


    Hey guys.
    Today I would like to introduce you to our latest project.
    The plan is to create an immersive medieval-fantasy MMORPG. For this purpose, we will use various plugins that allow us to create custom mobs and items.
    Some of these monsters will have skills to fight the players. The mobs will also have a level and drop matching loot accordingly.
    To give the system a really deep sense, the items will have different attributes, a minimum level to use and we will also have different weapons/cosumor types.
    The goal is to use a massive inventory of weapons and items to give the player many different ways to play his caracter.
    We will also offer quests on the server to tell the story of the world in addition to collecting madness.
    You can gain a few impressions with the attachments provided at the bottom.


    Currently our HeadBuilder creates a custom world map which we will then use to build towns, villages, camps, outposts, fortresses, ruins, dungeons and so on.
    The players will be on a large island.
    This island is also surrounded by several small stretches of land.
    This map will already contain trees, mountains, cliffs, lakes and rivers.
    The world is divided into 3 different climate zones.
    North: Mountains (snow & ice)
    Middle: Small mountains (grass and forests)
    South: desert/oasis (dried trees).
    We would like to incorporate different small details, so that there is always something to discover and the world remains varied.
    We are currently building templates to insert them later on into the custom world.
    We will also do this with various ruins and other features such as piles of stones or abandoned houses.
    With your imagination, we can bring in many more things.


    The team currently consists of 8 people.
    Among them we have:
    1 Owner
    1 HeadBuilder
    4 Builder
    2 Developer
    The team will be at your side and answer your questions.
    We work very closely together to combine as many different ideas and influences as possible.
    As we grow, we also want to keep the ranks in order to optimize our communication with one another.
    We will also create new designs together and plan the layout.


    Click 'JOIN NOW' to fill out the application:

    Thank you for your time!

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    Quote from Hexalobular»

    Unless you want the change to be permanent!

    When you restart the game you're back in Hardcore.


    Actually, you never leave Hardcore, being in LAN with cheats lets you use commands you couldn't otherwise, like gamemode but all all [/gamemode survival] does seems to be to let you continue playing if you're dead.

    And [/difficulty] has no effect.

    That's true, at least you can respawn easily. But you'd have to do it every time.

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    Just launch your world in LAN, activate the ''Cheats''.
    Now you're able to change your gamemode with /gamemode survival
    No need to install mods or something.

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    The build features a spawn area and a shop area, where you can trade you nasty dirt for some gold.
    You're able to buy equipment, enchantments, and stuff here then.

    The build consists of:

    >Cobblestone (Block/Stairs/Wall)

    >Stone Bricks (Block/Stairs/Wall)
    >Stone (Stairs/Slab/Button)

    >Spruce (Log/Slab/Fence/ButtonTrapdoor)

    >Iron Bars



    >Random decoration elements

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