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    posted a message on Question about PC or Laptop ! help mehh

    Hey guys, i got a question o3o well here it goes :

    1.For You-Tube-ing, which is better pc or laptop ? (Upload vids)

    2. which got better speed /compressor thinggy... while gaming?

    Please answer :D ty

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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages

    Balthier Fall for his own trap ._.

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    posted a message on Crossrails and Changes to Current Rails! (THREAD MOVED)

    Speed rails 1.5x speed , o3o balanced enuf. but blaze powder ? x.x quartz ? meh o3o as long as i can use it

    Partly support

    Problem i sees :

    1.Speed rails , doesn't it just like powered rails ? o3o

    2.Speed rails, does it need redstone ?

    need more info :D but still


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    posted a message on Your Worst Mistake

    Just made another mistake !!

    I went to the nether,fight some mobs, accidently knocked into lava, by mistake... clicked q on my diamond sword with sharpness V, fire aspect II, looting III T_T

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    posted a message on Your reasons for automated resource "farming"?

    I do a lot of mining ._. kinda boring, kinda fun, i know why notch almost name minecraft " cave game" xD but yeah, it's actually great wasting time mining o3o especially when your pc is laggy as hell xD

    So, when i go back, i really need food right on time o3o yeah, prob the reason for 9 stack of chicken per hour

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    posted a message on My fast and easy diamond mining method!

    Diamonds spawn at limit of 16 ._. i actually mine a lot... and for efficiency or the best way for diamonds... meh

    I got my own way ._. which... vary on luck ofc... once i got 38 diamonds below 15 minutes, and then none until the next hours ._. meh, what ever the best way is, there is some thing that we all know well :

    1. Base on luck

    2.Picx !! it broke o3o ( loads of pickaxe )

    3. Foodddd...(pork o3o) Don't kill cows, kills pig instead :D

    4.Toreches ! ( torch )

    5.Timus ! ( time, in latin i suppose ? o3o just for style )

    6. And last but not least, Night vision potion.

    You guys might not believe this, but, remember to keep at least 3 night vision potion on you if you can make em, all you need is a bit nether farming anyway x.x

    This help by a lot, especially in cave, there is tons of moments, where we mine, and just hate putting loads of torches, and because the dark area, we didn't even notice those diamonds in the cealing.... ya.. dat happend alot to me, so, in any case, if you can ! make those potion ! they really worth it ! I usually brought 4 or 5 with me ( cuz i mine about 30 mins per session, )

    So, how good the way is, unless you can detect the ores, there is no perfect way to mine, but you can sort the way o3o, i do my own way :3

    My mining tech :

    1. Dig a 4x4 hole

    2. Make a stair case until y = 16 lower (i know i know, its pretty much the same u might think, but hey, as i say luck may come with you o3o if you dig a 1x1 hole making a stair case, who know, beside the stone, there is a diamond o3o. )

    3. Make a room of 7 by 7 ( so you only need little amount of torches so mobs wont spawn )

    4. Branching.. duh, but instead, mine foward 7 block, put a torch, then break 5 block to all side ( up , down, left, right , foward ) if you find non, stop, move to the other branch o3o

    5. if you finish all branch, make another room 7 by 7 ( side by side, or seperated, ur call )

    My tech actually make my pickaxe last a lot longer o3o and it might not be the greatest diamond way, but it stop mob from spawning, and, even if I miss the diamonds, at the end, i still will find it because... i usually make the room... kinda circle o3o don't judge meh xD

    btw, here some tips :

    1. Bring some slab with you , and place them, place them in the entrance from your way up to below, now... it might seems hard, annoying, long time... but it's efficient on saving your hunger, you do not need to jump every now and then, just.. walk o3o that is Food and time efficiency

    2. When mining, put a torch with 7 block between if you don''t want mobs to spawn o3o and it helps the place... does dat make any sense ? ( btw, save beyond wealth )

    3. Pickaxe , just enchant it bro... the lowest level(level 1 enchant) , mining give you level, it don't hurt to waste 1 level on stone or iron pick, it might help you ! especially the low seen unbreaking enchant,or efficiency ! faster o3o

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    posted a message on Pre-made server up for grabs FREE owner

    ._. my comp would died if you can pvp x.x i can't join even if i wanted to o3o too laggy for me, comp from stone ages x.x but she is still beautyfull to meh *^* (nvm my lone chat xxD)

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    posted a message on Nether Portal
    Quote from HotnSalty»

    I have another question but im kinda thinking i already know what the answer is going to be... if i am travelling a long distance in the Overworld, and i mean like days away form home just exploring and collecting goods, is there any way to build a nether portal to fast travel home? or am i touching on an old subject? i just thought it would be so easy to venture like a week away from home base, then build a portal, step into the nether, then step back out at home again, you know?

    Never mind my above text, and for your answer, yes you can o3o. but you do need to remember the coordiantes of your portal anyhow ... o3o messy thing

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    posted a message on Nether Portal
    Quote from HotnSalty»

    Hi everyone, I haven't been playing Minecraft for very long, sorry, but i recently made my first Nether portal out of that blue-purple stone. so anyway when i went through the portal i died while digging up some soul sand. then i woke up next to my bed in the regular world, which is fine, but then the next time i went to the nether I walked back out and found myself in a the forest a long way from home, and nowhere near where i actually built the portal. i was lost in the woods for ages because i didn't have my compass and in the end i just decided to kill myself and i spawned next to my bed again. Am i making any sense? is it normal for a portal to reproduce itself in random places???

    1. Sorry i just like quotes :D

    anyhow, i think i saw someone got the same prob, i think it was :

    1. When a portal is build, if a portal build is a same location as... i forgot this part, but anyway, it will first teleport you to a random place, and when you enter again, you are back in the nether, i think it is the beacon glitch o3o do you by any chances got a beacon nearby ? o3o

    2. and yeah, you mean obsidian o3o just for info :D

    3. What version are you playing minecraft in? in diffrent version, carry diffrent bugs... :D

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    posted a message on New ore

    Yes, it is vague o3o and sorry, i rarely say this, but.. no support T_T sorry, but a randomizer doesn't fit minecraft, on the other hand, make it as a mod :D

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    posted a message on command ideas

    Spawn an auto mining machine ,or an auto crafting machine, better ? both ~_~ if you can, i will display it on you tube, as if i can get anyone watching it xD joke, meh True idea :

    Orespawn in minecraft xD impossible huh ? or...

    Fish in minecraft in one command block ! ( i mean actual fish, visible, and fishable )

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    posted a message on Need Advice: Run a command when an entity is NOT in the area
    Quote from Styxxium»

    I could be wrong, but i seriously doubt that can be accomplished with just a command block. Is the Reason because of lack of room in that area?

    1.8.4 , command block got unlimitted space, and yeah, more than 1 command, don't be lazy >.> all u need is just around 18 command block copy paste lol

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    posted a message on Minecraft : An UnSolved Paradox

    So, you know, i know, the normal minecraft ending is after we beat THE END, jump in hole, bla bla, yay story telling by the universe x.x i bet you guys just left your PC ._. Now, is it just me, or that mine craft ending is just about the universe and gods ? >.< any one got any theory ? still working on mine ._.

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    posted a message on Automatic mining machine
    Quote from theirongoldem»

    The automatic mining block or multi block will probably be banned from servers because people can use it for mass griefing.

    You need tons of tnt , 1 tnt = 1 block, they won't , a house probably got um.. more than 100+ block, just destroying a house, requires 100+ tnt, as if they can config it and make it take everything... not that simple mate

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    posted a message on lets go big

    I am cb noob x.x noo please ~_~ just when i open the spoilers, it hurts my brain ! o3o

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