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    posted a message on Paste whatever is in your clipboard!
    We already have a thread for this (, please use that instead.
    I'll lock this one.
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    posted a message on DragCave Dragons
    Please refer to the official Dragon Cave thread in the Forum Games section.
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    posted a message on What will you do if you have your laptop has an unlicensed OS?
    Please use the Report feature to request a lock in the future. That way we'll get notified of your request and we will be able to react to it quickly. This also prevents the possibility of us missing the thread entirely.
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    posted a message on AMD Adapter Help!
    Graphics Adapter is the 'technically correct' name for what everybody calls a Graphics Card. So basically, your AMD Control Center is complaining about your AMD graphics card (or onboard graphics chip) being disabled, but that's simply because you just upgraded your computer with a better Graphics Card. To fix the issue, you can uninstall the AMD Control Center, as you won't need it anymore.
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    posted a message on Business wise is it a mistake for Mojang to not at least start on the ground work for MC2?
    Java is what makes Minecraft as mod-friendly as it is, so switching to a different programming language would mean modding would be impossible without an extensive API. Considering that they have promised such an API for Minecraft for years now, without any results, it seems unlikely that they would be able to provide it for "Minecraft 2" within a reasonable amount of time.

    As a result, they'd be better off sticking to Java, and if they're sticking to Java, they might as well stick to the game that they already made. Minecraft has a very iterative development process; it would make more sense to continue to improve the current game than to throw it all away and start over from scratch. Apart from switching to a different programming language (and even that isn't completely impossible - just way too much work), most features that could be added to Minecraft 2 could just as well be added to Minecraft 1 instead.
    Also, releasing a Minecraft 2 would split up the community, and probably make a lot of people unhappy because they would feel more or less forced to upgrade.What it comes down to is that developing a sequel would cause quite a few issues, and there wouldn't really be too many advantages to it. They could definitely do it, and they would most certainly make a lot of money in the process, but it seems Mojang would prefer keeping their community happy to making a lot of money (which, by the way, they have already done). They seem less like a company focused on maximizing profit, and more like a company focused on making enjoyable games.
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    posted a message on Best Free Forum Software for me?
    Unfortunately most forum software hasn't managed to evolve much over the past decade or so. PHPBB is probably the biggest culprit here. It still looks and behaves like most forum software in the early 2000s did. Even software such as IPB (which is what this site uses), which at least doesn't look outright ugly, is still mostly stuck with the 'old' paradigm. If you're looking for something more modern, try taking a look at
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    posted a message on Will linux work on my ANCIENT laptop?
    Ubuntu won't work, see for yourself:
    Even Lubuntu is probably too much, so you'll need something even more lightweight.

    What are you planning to use it for, though? Nearly all modern applications aren't designed with memory efficiency in mind, at least not to the extent that they're expected to run well on a system with only 64MB of memory. Considering the kernel and drivers are going to take up a certain amount of memory regardless, it may well be very difficult to use that laptop for any practical purpose.
    You can take a look at this list, see if you can find anything that might work for your situation:

    But as I said, keep in mind, you might be able to run Linux, but that doesn't automatically mean you're going to be able to run semi-recent applications on it.
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    posted a message on Are you nice to your animals?

    I think the answer is no.
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    posted a message on My New Game
    Quote from danield1697

    first off look up ASCI on google, ASCI came before ASCII , ACSII is a extension of ASCI, and ASCII binary is a Character set of binary with ASCII character sets,

    also ram does read binary, if your ram and other components in your computer could not read binary they would not function at all, and binary is a just a controlled flow of voltage that tells the ram, processors, ect. what to do.

    RAM does not read binary in the same way that a book does not read the alphabet.
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    posted a message on Java And DirectX?
    I guess DirectX is similar to Java as in, they're both programs that are required by other programs on your computer in order to run properly, which is all that matters to consumers. From a game developer's perspective they aren't similar: Java provides a runtime environment, software libraries, and probably a compiler, while DirectX is a software library that make it easier for game developers to make their games communicate with graphics cards, play back sounds, display fonts, get input from keyboards, mice and controllers, and so on.

    None of this really matters though. Just install the game, which will install DirectX along with it, provided you don't already have it, and start playing. Nearly all PC games require DirectX, so it's certainly nothing special.
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    posted a message on How do you get internet drivers on a refurbished laptop?
    You will find the network drivers on the website of the laptop's manufacturer.
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    posted a message on C++ DirectX Tutorials
    Are we talking about the same website here? MSDN has a rather large amount of in-depth tutorials and documentation. This should be a good starting point:
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    posted a message on I want to make a game
    Using a framework like XNA, or even just OpenGL (legacy OpenGL isn't very complicated to start with, and it's sufficient for simple 2D games), it doesn't take much effort to create a 2D game. Telling people what kind of game they should make first is going to kill their enthusiasm really quickly, which isn't exactly helpful. As a beginning programmer, it's better to start with a 2D game you're excited about making than a text adventure game you're just sitting trough because people told you you should make one before looking at 2D games.

    Anyway, back on topic, I'd suggest learning C# to start with. Once you have a decent grasp of the language you can start experimenting with the XNA framework. Of course, other programming languages like Java, Python or C++ would work too, but since C# is a pretty nice language all around, and because XNA is so simple while still offering advanced features, it's what I'd suggest. No matter which language you choose though, take some time learning how to use it before diving into making games. Game development is difficult enough on its own so you really should make sure to at least know the basics of the programming language you're going to be working with.
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    posted a message on Simple Hit registration

    Like many, I was (and still am) very frustrated with Cod's hit registration. So I thought, how hard can it be?

    It's not the hit detection that is the problem. The problems come from playing a very fast-paced multiplayer game like an FPS over an internet connection. There will pretty much always be at least 50ms between you doing anything and somebody else seeing your actions. Generally the delay will be much longer than that. This means that everybody you see running around on your screen isn't actually there. It's where they were 50ms to half a second ago. Hit detection, then, can be done either clientside or serverside. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. With clientside hit detection, hit detection is calculated by the computer of the player firing their weapon, using the last known position of the person they're shooting at. This means that, when you're running to cover, you can be killed just after you got behind it, because even though to you, you're behind cover, your enemy is still seeing your character out of cover, where you were a moment ago.
    Serverside hit detection also has its problems, because that means you can be shooting at somebody, but because the signal has to travel to the server first, this means that by the time it has arrived, the enemy has moved a bit and you'll miss even though you were aiming right at them.
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    posted a message on Post your favorite little-known Windows features here
    A lot of people I know don't know about Windows Mobility Center (Win key + X) even though it's very useful for laptops. It doesn't work on desktops, for obvious reasons.
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