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    Quote from eleazzaar

    I like isabella, but a lot of the blocks are rather hard to tell apart, and with most of the colors muted, all you have to tell a lot of the blocks apart is a slightly different noise pattern, and a different shade of grey or brown. Distinguishing what's what will be even trickier when you add the dyed clay & coal. I'd like to see some of the blocks get more of an individual, unique texture.

    I personally never have/had that problem. The more you use it, the quicker you get used to it I guess.
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    Quote from Lyuka

    Wrong Section
    And this Texture is kinda
    Who will use this ?
    Is the regular one.
    Just different leaves.

    It's a Map to VIEW a texture you have install. Not a texture to use.
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    Thanks soo much! I realize some of this code from a program which name I can not recall. If anything. Just give me a list of the commands and tell me what they do and you'll find me being able to make almost anything :biggrin.gif:
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    Realistic Mod Pack Updates
    Follow us as we update you for this Mod Pack


    Due to many Minecraft updates, this pack will be put on hold


    The follow will be in the Mod Pack, Green is confirmed, orange is depending.

    Somnia bed mod (Sleeping as the world continues, More info)

    Peaceful Pack! (Get your stuff via peaceful! More info)

    Treecapitator (You cut one piece the rest coming following!More info)

    Recipe Book (Tell's you how to make this and that! More info)

    Many more mods will hopefully will be included, some mods listed here have others but if we put all, this will be one long forum :biggrin.gif:


    Big thanks to thanks to AleXndrTheGr8st and Archenemy. They both have brought things to my eye that I over looked. And big thanks to AleXndrTheGr8st for making a Mod pack installer. Check his forum here to use it for your own use! It's still a work in progress!
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