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    its all about timing the pistons right, turn off 1, turn off 2, turn on 2, turn on 1 or an abba gate if you wish.

    Here are some pics that I quickly made, hopefully they are clear enough to recreate it. The timings on the repeaters are the key.

    Also I used Grizdale's T flip-flop but you can use any T flip-flop.

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    posted a message on Fuel efficient furnace, stop wasting coal.
    This is my design for a fuel efficient furnace, it uses analong redstone to count the number of items going into the furnace and releases 1 piece of coal for every 8 items that flow through.

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    posted a message on (Help)[SOLVED] Hopper Single Item Counting
    I just made something to count items going into a furnace to release coal every 8 items, I'm sure you could use the same concept to achieve what you are asking.
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    Quote from Aburge

    hi dose anyone have a non laggy idea that would not crash a minecraft server? for me i need help plz tell me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this worked for me on our cray server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! breath !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    posted a message on a new way to control hoppers - (make auto item sorting cheaper)
    This is a new way to control hoppers, without using redstone on the hopper directly.

    only use 18 of an item to sort instead of 82!

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    posted a message on Ultimate one button automatic potion brewing 26 potions [no timers and no pistons]
    Well this is my version of how brewing should be, using the signal strength from the brewing stand to control the brewing process and only dispensing the next ingredient once the current one is finished its brewing cycle. So you don't have them sitting in a hopper queued and no chance of getting out of order.

    It also eliminates the need for timers and makes it easy to add new recipes and have all of them available at the touch of a button. The circuits make good use of the new comparator and it really has cut down on the need to use pistons and this design uses no pistons at all, so far this update has brought alot of good things for redstoners and i can't wait for 1.5 :steve_joyous:

    I already have some ideas on how i can shrink this design some more so will post that up when its done, also this was using the snapshot 13w02a as you will notice the bottles don't show on the brewing stand.

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    posted a message on Convicted [Classic Prison Server] [Non-OP]
    Quote from j4d3rz96

    "The pickaxe I was using was anchanted with efficiency so I dig faster and find diamonds faster."

    see the bit in BOLD "I DIG FASTER" and don't you get the concept of the faster you dig the faster you will find diamonds and every thing else?

    I'm actually astounded you can't grasp basic physics.

    even the wiki says you find stuff faster.
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    posted a message on Mushroom biomes: get rid of them!
    +1 for mushroom biomes
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    posted a message on contest for good builders machines and buildings foto's are allowed
    Contest FAIL!

    Quote from rebunkee

    and with photo 's and discripsion!

    so I gotta take a photo of my monitor with a camera?
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    Quote from GrieferCreeper

    I think this post should be updated to include most amount of stone blocks mined, and farthest distance walked. Basically all the statistics in the pause menu.

    problem with this is iv'e had minecraft crash on me many times and some of those times it has wiped all my stats and achievements, Iv'e even had to "press E" to open inventory many times :dry.gif:
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