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    posted a message on [1.8 + 1.7.x] RARE Seed! All Biomes within 2000 Blocks #02

    I went into this on survival mode, built several boats and explored around....

    There's just an epic biome, probably posted by OP, that is huge, and very tall...its like extreme hills on extreme mode, it sort of gave me vertigo when I was climbing it...there's some nice rock spires to build an epic fortress.

    Approximate coordinates:

    x= 500

    z= -800

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    posted a message on [1.8 + 1.7.x] RARE Seed! All Biomes within 2000 Blocks #02

    ^^Correct me if I'm wrong but the map looks like western Europe and North Africa!!

    This looks like an awesome seed! Thanks much! +1 for sure!

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    posted a message on Craftable Satchel/Backpack to add Inventory Space

    Good point, the hit detection isn't particularly directional in the
    first place, just gives +damage if a player encounters attacks by
    mobs/other players. Except knockback, I suppose, that's the only one
    that I've noticed that seems to act with directional +damage

    I'd appreciate it if those who are interested in this, would like to help/contribute and we can come up with a good system that most players could get behind :)

    I think inventory expansion, in some system, would be useful for those occasions when a player goes on a long mining excursion and has too many extra spots of cobblestone and is very far from their main base....at least, well, I know everyone has their own playstyle, but we've all been on a mining spree where we have to keep crafting "throw-away" chests to randomly place to fill with junk items if we're mining a sufficient distance from where most of our stuff is. I usually forget where these chests are, and sometimes I have to decide to destroy or store some items.

    This limited inventory add-on system could reduce the times of picking and choosing stuff to eliminate from inventory, without being so ridiculous as to have a "chest-ception" or storing a chest-full of items inside a chest, and then placing it in the inventory--which would make the inventory obviously too large...I think the mock-up picture I edited to portray a small inventory add-on seems like it would be the best way to go, and in my opinion, I think it should be limited to one satchel at a time. Someone who has 100x leather should not be able to wear 8 satchels and have ~96 slots in their inventory, that's simply too much and would make the gameplay too unbalanced.

    A *single* satchel add-on, or some kind of wearable add-on that players could craft for some extra slots, would come in handy for extra-long mining trips, to help transport some supplies, mats, etc., and would fit right in with the game imo, and not seem out of place, as long as it doesn't expand the inventory by too much and is limited to one inventory expansion, that is, limited to wearing one satchel at a time. I can see some very useful applications for it:

    -an alternative to a chest+minecart that also requires a rail to transport items from one location to another. Someone could make multiple trips back and forth from one place to the other to transport items (ex: if they're setting up a new base, or building something away from their main item supply area), and reduce the total number of trips required

    -allow for players to spend longer periods of time mining underground if they've spent a lot of time in survival mode and have brought food, wood, coal/charcoal with them to help against mobs

    -allow for players to gather more mats in one trip

    -reduce the amount of "temporary" chests to place between two locations where a player slowly moves items from one area to another, going back to grab items from chests, put in inventory, go to point B, back to point A, back to chest, rinse, repeat.

    -Players would weigh using 8x leather to make a satchel/bag for circumstances

    -Would be useful when building large structures in survival mode that will take many stacks of mats

    Thanks for the feedback so far, and I would love as much feedback as possible on this, good and bad....from this discussion, I think the best points made are the implications of what it would do in terms of being part of armor, replacing the chestpiece, or going over the chestpiece and having minimal or no armor effects.

    For multiplayer though (would love feedback on this part), a satchel in certain situations, if in a survival minecraft free-for-all server, how should it work when a player wearing one, gets attacked by another player?

    Should the satchel drop after a certain number of hits, or "break apart" and have items fall out?

    Or should the satchel + rest of inventory only drop when a player is defeated?

    Or something else?

    I don't play multiplayer a lot so I'm not sure how a satchel/pack should work in multiplayer Survival/pvp worlds. What do you all think for such scenarios?

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    posted a message on Craftable Satchel/Backpack to add Inventory Space
    Quote from Cerroz»

    So you have the choice of either having a chestplate armor, or the satchel?

    You could have a chestplate, but this would act as a leather chestplate sort of, since it is also made out leather, but it would only provide protection from the rear. Also after a certain amount of damage is taken to the satchel, I am thinking it would break open and spill items out, to which the player would have to pick the items back up if they could fit some in their inventory, after defeating a player or mob, or drop a crafting table and recraft another satchel

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    posted a message on Craftable Satchel/Backpack to add Inventory Space

    Image of what it could look like in game (it could be moved over to the right more in the placement in the inventory---this was a 5 minute photoshop job, so it's just a rough mock-up)

    beware the image is 1920x1080


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    posted a message on Craftable Satchel/Backpack to add Inventory Space

    Hmmm, yeah, the speed decreases shouldn't be much, now that you two mention it. A player can carry tons of blocks at once and not be slowed down.

    I think its own armor slot would be nice. It would go over the chestpiece slot, but if the player is not wearing any chestpiece armor, it won't act as armor itself, but if it does, it wouldn't offer as much protection from projectiles and attacks as say, gold or iron armor. It should only offer protection, if at all, from behind.

    double satchel yeah that wouldn't work in the current system N4p, if there is a satchel, I suppose it would be best if it required 8x leather and offered a fair amount of extra slots. Perhaps 3 extra hotslots and 12 regular ones, for a total of 15. A one-size sounds better.

    I'll do some image editing of the inventory as it is now in minecraft and post a pic of how I pictured it possibly working.

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    posted a message on Ideas for Combat Update

    A stick of TNT that isn't an entire block, just one stick, that can be tied to an arrow and fired with a bow. Made with 2-3x gunpowder, 1x sand, a default arrow, and 1x string = 1 tnt arrow. This makes them costly to make but also could make for some interesting combat

    The arrow doesn't fly as far and the TNT isn't as powerful as one block of TNT. More like an explosive arrow that destroys lighter blocks (such as sand and dirt), could be used to blow out a wooden door, and does maybe 2x damage that a regular arrow does when fired with a full windup.

    The tnt arrow flies like a "heavy" arrow. It is only useful when fired at an elevated height or a very short distance. Could apply knockback to the player in addition to destroying a couple blocks around where it lands, to make fighting in combat trickier in this circumstance, as a player on the receiving end of the arrow would need to change their movement in response to any destroyed blocks.

    tnt arrow would not have any effect on destroying blocks in designated pvp arenas, as per usual. It would just be a portable way of using tnt, like if a regular tnt block was able to be activated and thrown when pressing "q". It's more of a useful option to make a pathway or tunnel, or break into someone's house if their house isn't reinforced.

    Two different sizes of bows. One bow is larger than current bow, and can fire arrows a further distance. The current bow could be a shortbow.

    Also, a crossbow that fires bolts, instead of arrows. Bolts would fly straight like a bullet, but obviously not as fast. Basically a shortbow on the side that fires dart-like projectiles. The range could be slightly longer than the regular bow, and it wouldn't require a long windup, but loading the bolts into the crossbow takes a few seconds, to balance it with the bow.

    Oh, a dart gun, also. Like, a blowgun. Or, just arrows that can be enchanted or enhanced with certain effects, like -20% movement speed for 5 seconds if it hits another player or mob. Lots of effects could be added, but each arrow that has a certain effect applied to it, turns into an enchanted arrow and only arrows with the exact same effect applied to them can sit in the same stack.

    Throwing knives. One throwing knife costs two full iron ingots, so it's like crafting a pair of shears, but the iron ingots are laid vertical along the crafting table. They are like a bow, but you don't need to wind up the shot, they are immediately throwable. The range of throwing knives is perhaps 15% less than the range of a fully wound up arrow on a regular bow.

    A throwing knife does double damage as a fully wound arrow fired from a bow but is mangled/destroyed after it is thrown, so it cannot be picked up again, even if it doesn't hit a player....

    This would make the use of throwing knives more balanced

    Edit: More ideas, as they pour into my brain---

    A flamethrower: range of fire is maybe five blocks. Useful in combat to keep players attacking the player wielding the flamethrower away, but it has a very limited amount of fuel. Refueling the flamethrower should take a lot of time and require some type of block (like a block of netherrack), to refuel, which would power the flamethrower for maybe 3-5 seconds of constant fire. The flame it fires is no more than two blocks wide at its furthest distance of 5 blocks at the most...

    Can also be used as a way to do controlled (or uncontrolled) burns of foliage

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    posted a message on Craftable Satchel/Backpack to add Inventory Space

    Anyway, first off, sorry I accidentally posted in the suggestion thread....I didn't see the giant red text at the top, I read all the other rules. Alright, I cut+pasted it out of the suggestion thread, here is my idea:

    Craftable Satchel/Backpack:

    A satchel that can be crafted with leather, that expands inventory
    space, that would go over armor, allowing a minecraft player to carry
    more with them on the go. It could be backpack-sized, and allow for
    maybe 12 extra inventory slots, 3-4 of which could be hotslots.

    The satchel/backpack could be crafted the same way one crafts a chest, but
    instead of wood planks, a piece of leather, for a total of 8 pieces of
    leather, with an empty spot in the middle, (just like crafting a chest,
    but with leather).

    I always thought minecraft could use a satchel/backpack.

    Crafting this satchel would automatically expand inventory once the player
    crafts it and picks it up, and the next time they press "e" to access
    their inventory, they will see the extra slots.

    Other thoughts: The satchel's extra slots will be separated inside the
    inventory, but still useable, it will just be noticeable where the
    satchel is in the inventory and the player could put more important
    items in there. If the player dies, the satchel falls off the player and
    lands where they die, and stays there, like a chest.

    This would make higher difficulty survival modes a bit more tolerable when
    the difficulty climbs, so if a player is killed, they could retrieve
    their lost items, as the satchel will turn into a placeable storage
    space, like a chest, at the area the player is slain.

    Carrying a satchel on the back with items in it should decrease movement speed,
    maybe by 5-10%, or something if items are placed in it, or movement
    speed could slow down as more slots fill up inside the satchel. Maybe 1%
    slower movement speed per used slot. A player could run at normal speed
    with a full satchel if they don't have armor on. A "double backpack",
    or a satchel/backpack that has twice the inventory space as a regular
    backpack, perhaps 18 extra slots, would require 16 pieces of leather, 2x
    each, in a hollow square, and decrease movement speed by ~15%, unless

    When a player dies and loses their satchel, until they craft a new satchel or find their old one, they go back to normal movement speed and normal inventory space.


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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from leonelmegaman»

    Please read how to post it, this is not a suggestion thread. you have to make your own one.

    Lol I totally didn't see the gigantic font at the top, I read all the other rules though. My bad, I'll make a thread.

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.

    please delete or consider this just a meaningless bump, didn't mean to post my suggestion here. thx

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    posted a message on Squirrels! A mob to add ambiance and more to the forest!

    Partial support---

    If there is going to be squirrels, it would be awesome if they were a different type of creature other than NPC villagers, and they had a currency that revolved around acorns....this is delving into my thoughts on a more mystical/fantasy feel to certain parts of minecraft.

    Also if there's going to be cute little squirrels, I would also want some neat butterflies to make the forest more "lively". :)

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    posted a message on Lots more colors for clay and wool

    I'd like to see this. I know there's probably a mod for this, but as an option for creative building all-around, I would like to see some type of in-game color swatch to choose a custom color and apply to make a new color of clay, then be able to save it in creative mode as a custom-made colored clay block--or wool blocks.

    There's probably been a thread of this already somewhere, but I am new here, and I couldn't find a thread with this idea.

    I think it would be nice to have, but perhaps only for singleplayer. I could see how people could exploit it in multiplayer (to disguise things or fool other players), but mostly because it would create horrendous lag in a multiplayer server due to players encountering other players custom-colored clay blocks.

    So if this was done I think it should only be available in singleplayer, and if it was available in multiplayer it could be a server plugin of a select number of colors available in that particular server.

    It could make for more variety in builds, to have more colors, in terms of clay and wool blocks. Eventually someone could provide a mod that would allow players to change the color of other blocks, but for now, I think it would probably be safest to stick to clay and wool blocks for more colors.

    I know there's the option of changing texture packs or making one's own texture packs, but there's only like 12 different colors of clay, at the most (I think 8-12 iirc). I'd like 10x shades of each color, to be perfectly honest.

    What does everyone else think?

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    posted a message on Slabs and stairs for all blocks!

    I agree with this. I want more slabs too--but only for the building section. They wouldn't appear in world generation, but I really want slightly thicker slabs of different wool than just those thin carpet slabs...also slabs for each type of clay--also I agree with slabs for leaves--this would make foliage I construct look more well-rounded/less jagged.

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    posted a message on Stress

    If I wanted my character to get stressed out whilst frustrating me I'd play Outlast.

    That type of effect would kill MC for me. I'd stop playing it.

    It's why I stopped playing outlast. I couldn't stand the hard breathing and the gasping of air, etc.

    In my opinion, a sandbox game that spawns the player in a world without anything to begin with, wouldn't naturally have stress. It's like being a lumberjack and being afraid of chainsaws...just doesn't make sense.

    The player knows they will encounter lava, danger, mobs, etc., a stress effect would ruin the game for me. Idk about anyone else though. Maybe I'm the minority on this.

    I know how it feels to fend for ones self in the real world out in nature though, which I've done a few times, but I never got very stressed out...just tired after taking an hour to chop down one small tree to make a fire since I had a dull hatchet to swing (I had a lighter to light the fire though, so that was no big deal lol). Also I brought food...I had gone camping. I never got stressed out, just sick from either being stung 50x from mosquitos or the food not being fresh enough....or both. It wasn't fun...but it wasn't stressful. I also had some friends with me and we had three guns amongst us, one of them being a 7.52 ak-47, another a shotgun, and another a 9mm pistol so we felt safe....and we had lots of beer so we were safe from stress lol.

    I could see a stress effect coming into play for the character if they had like, 2 hearts left and were being chased by mobs, they had no food, and their weapon just broke or something. Then let the hallucinations and tremors begin!

    It would have to be a mod, in my opinion, for singleplayer, or a special reserved multiplayer survival-horror type spin on the game. Doesn't really belong in the default vanilla game with all the peaceful music during the day imo

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    posted a message on New Mobs

    I'm not a fan of mobs that can fly lol.

    Maybe extra fast mobs, i don't know what they'd be though.

    I do agree there should be a wider variety of non-friendly creatures....also more friendly creatures. There's always more to add to minecraft, but I can't think of anything specific.

    Maybe a bird that you could fly on, like a peregrine falcon. That would be pretty cool in my opinion, but then again that could ruin minecraft if it was too easy. Mounts could be a good, or a bad idea. Maybe have them be available in singleplayer, but optional in multiplayer.

    Aliens would be interesting. Although Endermen are weird enough lol

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