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    posted a message on *****Eraah's Pvp server*****
    Welcome to the Kingdom of Eraah

    Owner: EraahHi

    We are a Faction PVP server that runs all day, every day.
    Join a faction, raid enemies, destroy their homes, and steal their treasures!
    Come join us now!



    1.)Greifing is allowed
    2.)Do not spam the chat
    3.)Be respectful, to all and everyone. Treat others as you would want to be treated
    4.)Be Ethical
    5.)No hacks, mods, modded clients, etc
    6.)No asking for Op
    7.)Do not ask for ranks
    8.)Do NOT advertise other servers/ websites
    9.)Do not bug, or annoy the admins or mods. If you are in need of their help, ask once. Not multiple times
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