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    posted a message on Is it just me that is sick of the bad grammar?
    idk wut u r tokking abot, i speek gud inglish.

    Now that that bit of retardation is out of the way, I don't think it really matters if somebody has perfect grammar/spelling, as long as the message is clear.
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    posted a message on facebook
    Depending on how many teenage girls you know, it's might not be worth it, the massive amount of passive-aggressive statuses will rot your mind.
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    posted a message on Multiquote button is broken.
    ...I suppose I'll be the one to ask, are you hitting "use full editor" after choosing the posts to quote?
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    posted a message on Interesting results
    All I see are 3 self proclaimed examples of trolling, worthy of a 7 day ban.
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    posted a message on F.A.Q.
    I've noticed there are a lot of questions that get asked almost daily, so here's some of the answers, if you have anything to add/amend, please do so in the comments and I'll add it to the main post.

    Q. How come some people can have such large signatures?
    A. They made their signatures before the restrictions were put in place and haven't edited them.

    Q. What do the icons next to a thread's title mean?

    Q. I have a warn status bar, am I in trouble?
    A. Hover your mouse over the bar, it will tell you a what percent you are at, 0% = no warning, if you have warnings, click "Warn Status" and it will tell you what you were warned for, you should also get a notification. Penalties are as follows, but are variable depending on the severity of the offense (1 point = 10%):
    1 Point: No Posting Suspension
    2 Points: 3 Day Posting Suspension
    3-5 Points: 7 Day Posting Suspension
    6-7 Points: 14 Day Posting Suspension
    8-9 Points: 30 Day Posting Suspension
    10 Points: Permaban

    Q. Reputation, what is it, how do I earn it, and how do I know when I got it?
    A. You earn a reputation point every time somebody clicks the green + button on the bottom right of your posts, you can't see it on yours but you can on everybody elses, and if you click the number you will find out who gave the person a point. There is no current way to be alerted when you receive reputation, and it doesn't effect anything.

    Q. What is this title below my profile picture (examples: Newly spawned, Diamond Miner, Pig Tamer).
    A. Once again, purely aesthetic. Your rank goes up along with how your number of posts, and there is a slightly outdated list of all titles here.

    Q. How do I change the title of my post?
    A. Go to your post, click edit, and then click "use full editor" (should be towards the bottom of the editing area). After clicking that their should be an option at the top of the editor to change your post title.

    Q. I made my account before the 20th May 2011 and I can't log in, how do I get it back?
    A. If you don't have a Curse account already, register one at www.curse.com then click here at the sign in page. Type in your old MCF credentials in the left box that appears, log in and then merge it with your Curse account at the next page. If you don't remember your MCF password, use the MCF password reset form. If you still can't log in there with your old MCF account, then log in with your Curse account in the right box and post about your problem here.

    Q. How do I get a name change?
    A. Request it here!

    Q. I want to have my topic removed, how do I do this?
    A. Report the original post asking for it to either be locked/deleted. A moderator will get around to it when available. This is also the way to request a topic be moved to another part of the forum.

    Q. Somebody is spamming/insulting people, what do I do?
    A. Report their post and say in the description of the report that you believe the person is spamming/being offensive.

    Q: Why aren't my videos showing up in the video section?
    A: If you just submitted it, then wait awhile, a video moderator must approve it first. If it has been awhile it means that it was not approved because it:
    1. was not related to minecraft
    2. had inappropriate material
    3. the video has been made several times before and yours contributed nothing (ie. how to install mods).

    Q: How do I add pictures to my post?
    A: Type it like this
    [img]Web Address Here[/img]

    Q. How can I be notified when somebody responds to my post?
    A. On the top right of every page your profile picture is there, click it, and follow these steps:
    1. click "edit my profile" below the search bar
    2. click "settings" on the brown bar
    3. click "notification options" below where you clicked "settings"
    4. choose how and when you want to be notified.
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    posted a message on minecraft weekend promotion
    This is exactly like the people who complain they bought something when it wasn't on sale, then it went on sale a while later, and they demand they get a refund of the difference. It's not going to happen.
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    posted a message on Most interesting person
    Quote from dangirdas

    We do not forget

    Please, I'm willing to bet half of anonymous isn't in it for the ideals, they're in it because they can't remember a password.
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    posted a message on Where do I get artwork?
    I suppose you could use gimp, it's the poor man's photoshop.
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    posted a message on Gunnerkrigg Court
    Thanks for showing me this, I've got nothing to do the entire summer and I'd just finished a backlog of another webcomic.
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    posted a message on Getting the **** scared out of you in Minecraft
    Quote from abbysall19


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