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    I wrote this mod for my children. In my opinion they are too lightly against the glass, and this mod may change their attitude.
    So, it's mod for children who do not know how glass is dangerous or to fans of the hardcore in game.

    Most types of glass(and glass based blocks) will be crashed now when you try just break it. Sharp splinters can injure.
    But you can create glass cutter and easy remove any glass type(material=glass) blocks with sneak-right-click.
    It's so annoying?
    You can make framed glass block and framed glass slabs and have joy with vanilla method "beat until falling".

    Known incompatibles - no, comment it please.

    MoreRealGlass-v.0.0.5-mc1.7.10.jar (excluded glowstone, fix internal block name typing when glass cutter successfully used)

    Glass Cutter

    Framed glass

    Framed glass slab

    Dust to small shards

    Smal shards to Spikes

    Spikes to Glass pile

    Smelting Pile to glass block
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