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    posted a message on 🌠 Anchora SMP🌠 1.20.2 Vanilla+ || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat || QOL || Crosplay With Bedrock ||
    In Game Name:[/b][/i] [/b]Awesomekingboom

    Discord ID:[/b] [/i]Awesomekingboom101

    Timezone: [/b][/i]Central Time Zone (CTZ)

    Age: [/b][/i]18

    What name do you prefer to go by?[/b] [/i]Zeke or Z [/b]

    Do you have a mic? [/b][/i]Yes

    How did you hear about our server? [/b][/i]Looking through the Forums

    What about Minecraft interests you? [/b][/i]I love being able to express your own creativity. Sometimes you need an outlet to express yourself and this game is the perfect example. Another thing is how vanilla gives you this experience to work towards getting everything you need. It's never a non-stop grind which is what keeps us from continuing to play and explore. Once you start putting in lots of mods that change the game, it becomes a bit dull and takes away that magic. And finally I love being able to join these types of communities and meeting new people and learning about the different playing styles that everyone has.

    Do you have any questions for us? [/i][/b]I have none at this moment, but I can't wait to join what looks like an amazing and fun community!
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    posted a message on 🌲 The Sanctuary SMP 🌲 1.20.1 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Dynmap // Group Events // Voice Prox
    In Game Name: Awesomekingboom
    Age: 18
    Country: US (Midwestern part)
    Are you familiar with Discord? What is your Discord username?: Awesomekingboom. Yes I'm pretty familiar with it, I've been using discord for about 4 years now. But I always feel like there is something new to learn each time!
    How did you hear about The Sanctuary SMP community? If it's from a friend, who do you already know?: I saw it in this post and it looked like a fun place to start hanging out in!

    What is your favorite/preferred base/building style? I like to build small little buildings but let it expand out in a nice big setting. So far I've been planning out a camping style base and would love to try it out here!
    What aspect of vanilla gameplay draws you towards SMP? I feel that when you start adding mods and other things into the game, it takes most of the fun out. I enjoy being able to grind out items and build my way up and watching what you build grow. It's also much more fun being able to create stores and other things and using diamonds and other vanilla items as currency.
    How would you describe your ideal community/server? I would honestly think of somewhere where I can be myself. Just being able to explore and learn about others is an amazing thing.
    Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities? Yes I do, I was in that server until the point that it had to shut down due to not a lot of activity. But it was a nice experience to be apart of that community.
    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy? I love to read, mostly and kind of books. I listen to a lot of music and also have been trying to create my own type (Still in progress!). I also enjoy hanging out with friends and family whenever I have the time to be able to! And lastly just binge watching shows or movie series.
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    posted a message on Season 4 🌎 Atlas SMP 🌎 1.19 Vanilla || Whitelist || Survival || 18+ || Dynmap || Proximity Chat

    In Game Name: Awesomekingboom
    Age: 18
    Country & Timezone: Usa, CDT (Central Daylight Time)
    Discord ID: *DeleteMe*#8443
    What are your strengths/weaknesses in Minecraft?: My biggest strength has to be in building. I do make some redstone builds (mainly small traps that don't kill/destroy bases) and can make some decents farms. But building can be my biggest strength because it's all about imagination and putting your mind to what you want to make.
    What is your favorite building style?: My favorite is medieval
    What aspects of multiplayer servers do you enjoy/think you'll enjoy most? I think it'll be meeting all the new people, just getting to know people always get me excited and partaking in events is always fun with others.
    What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft?: I love to read, I do swim and try to work out and also love to spend time with friends and family

    How'd you hear about our server?: I was browsing through the forums and just saw it and it caught my attention.

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