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    posted a message on Looking for an Minecraft outro
    I'll do it for free add me on skype and we'll talk about
    Skype: awesomedudes1261
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    posted a message on THADCRAFT A PVP SERVER
    :DSWORD: The new PvP server join now :DSWORD:
    The IP is

    In order to join please contact me awesomedudes126 on Skype.

    This is not 24/7 yet just wait

    and if you like please donate to up the server
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    posted a message on [FLAT MAPS] Blafbello's flat maps
    Quote from fishoak

    OK! I need a flat map as soon as possible! I need a map that goes from Bedrock to 100 (y coordinate).

    100 (Snow (tile not block)
    100-75: Snow blocks
    75-4: Clean stone
    4-0: Bedrock

    I would LOVE one as SOON as possible! Please PM when you have it completed! THANKS!
    that is one of the best flat maps created hopefully gonna make an adventure map so search up in a week "mystery of fallcrest the snowcity" no quations
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