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    So I was thinking. I am a stick animator who has stopped playing minecraft as much to animate. As an animator, me and my friends do a thing called 'RHG' which means Rock Hard Gladiator. The rules are, you tell your opponent what your animation's powers, weapons, etc and they tell you theirs. Then they both animators would animate something at least a minute long, of their stick beating the other. Likes, comments, and straw polls would decide who's animation is better. And know, after thinking for months, I think I should bring this to minecraft. I would like to as the staff of minecraft forum to make a new folder called 'Minecraft Battles' in this, are three other folders. One for applications. One as the roster that moderators of Minecraft Battles would sticky the applications. It would be locked to staff only. The third would be Battle grounds. This is where people put there animations or comics. Then polls would decide once both animations have been out in. This would be a team effort, as one thread per battle.

    The Application is just to stop people from changing something, and the roster is to 1) keep track of who is a battler and whos not 2) for people to challenge others.

    people would design a skin, and list the powers. Use your minecraft username. This would be bery fun to do, and so I request this becomes a thing in the minecraft forums.

    Application Template:

    [align=center][size=150][b] (User Name) [/b][/size]
    [img] (500x200 Jpeg or PNG Image Link) [/img][/align]
    [b]Weapon / Power:[/b]
    (Name of Weapon/s: Description of weapon)
    (Name of Power/s: Description of power)
    (List of strengths)
    (List of weaknesses)
    (List of personality traits about your User)
    [b]Character Bio:[/b]
    (Short backstory about your User)
    [b]Animated Demo:[/b]
    (Link to your animated Demo. Must be at least 10 seconds excluding intro and credits)
    (If you're only going to be doing Comic Duels you must have a drawn demo showcasing your character design and abilities.)
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    yes, they have endstone and also end portals, but there is no end eyes.


    With a mod, I got goven the item 92:93 (PlugPe) and It shows a sort of stick things with lots of textures. One of the textures was end eyes, therefore, end eyes are in the game, they just arent in creative, and maybe they are in survival, but we can't get ender pearls cuz they arent added. SO MANY QUESTIONS... Dangit YOU NOTCH!!

    I would add a photo, but I can't cuz im typong on my iPad xD

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