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    You know that rotten fleshy stuff that clogs up your inventory whenever you go out at night to hunt some mobs? Yeah that stuff, why not have a use for it?

    As of right now I believe you can use this stuff for feeding dogs and it can be traded to villagers, and in certain circumstances can be eaten... bleh!

    Anyway here is the suggestion (P.S. not all of these have to be implemented, just giving different suggestions on how it can be done):

    1. Rotten flesh to Leather:

    Yes, yes this is a mod, but not a bad idea. Perhaps incorporate a drying rack or something you can stick your rotten flesh on and perhaps a day later or something, it is all dry and turns into some sort of leather. Perhaps make this leather something like the rabbit skin in which you have to craft many of them into a larger piece of normal leather. (just so the conversion rate between rotten flesh to leather is about 5 to 1 or something similar)

    2. Rotten Flesh Compost:

    Perhaps make an item in game where you can stick all your rotten flesh in and after a few days, come up as compost - or dirt - which you can then use to fertilize your crops to make them grow faster.

    3. Rotten Flesh, Hostile Mob Repellent:

    I have so much of this stuff, why cant I post this stinky stuff around my house, say on sticks with the placing ability of a torch, to ward off the different scary mobs at night? Maybe to make this not so overpowered, it could have a decay time, as i would imagine, flesh in real life would decay. (of course something like this might attract more zombies...)

    4. Rotten Flesh, Friendly Mob Attractor:

    first off i don't think attractor is a word... Anyway, this stuff probably smells pretty good to pigs, cows and dogs right? perhaps have the ability to set some of this stuff up in a trap like thing ((the trap doesn't have to be a block, but something made with redstone) Although can be a block if we want to get fancy).

    5. Rotten Flesh Jerky:

    Okay hear me out on this one, i'm going off the idea in the first suggestion, use a drying rack to well... dry the rotten flesh and then stick that stuff in a crafting square and boom! monster Jerky! perhaps only fill up one hunger bar, maybe two but that's still not bad considering there is no chance of getting infected

    6. Garbage Bin:

    Of course if none of these are implemented, we need a way to get rid of this nasty rotten flesh. Make a chest-like contraption where we can stick all the rotten flesh we have in it and wala out comes a diamond! Okay, not really, just something to get rid of this stuff without having to dig a hole and throw this stuff in.

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    Quote from Alvoria»

    You have some rogue transparent pixels hanging out right by the edge of the area that you intend to be opaque. They're probably barely visible, but they're there. I suggest going around the area with the lasso select tool and clearing all of the area that's supposed to be transparent.

    ^ that's what it was, just sloppy work on my part, i think i used the eraser tool and just didn't completely erase a spot, thank you Alvoria!

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