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    Are you still looking for a server to play on?

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    posted a message on 🍄ShroomLandians🍄 [Vanilla, SMP, 18+, Whitelist, Discord, Technical Minecraft, Month Old Map]
    Calling all highly skilled 18+ Minecrafters!

    Why Us?

    There are thousands of SMPs that have the similar goals in mind as we do and that run the same datapacks, but why are we unique? Because we have the intentions of creating a truly small, but active, community. We aren't looking to add massive amounts of players and fill up the Discord with inactive people. We originally started as a small group of friends playing in anticipation of the 1.16 update, but recently we made the decision to recruit more people to join us up to 20 people in total! The players we have in mind are highly technical and skilled, or great builders. We also introduced monthly building contests and tag. Currently, we're brainstorming up some more things to do too.

    TLDR: If you’re searching for a truly small, but active, server with players who have automation and large scale projects/builds in mind, then this could be your new home! We’re searching for dedicated players who want to be a part of something spectacular. We look forward to meeting you!

    Server Info
    • Map Start Date: 6-15-20
    • Server Location: NA East
    • 18+
    • Running 1.16
    • Our seed is posted in Discord
    • Current number of players: 11/20
    • Inactive players will now be kicked and this will be checked every 2 weeks.

    Current Datapacks

    • AFK Display
    • Anti Enderman Grief
    • Anti Ghast Grief
    • Coordinates HUD
    • Customizable Armour Stands
    • Double Shulker Shells
    • Dragon Drops Elytra
    • Multiplayer Sleep
    • More Mob Heads
    • Shulkerbox Preview
    • Spectator Night Vision
    • Tag
    • Player Head Drops

    How to Join
    Fill out the following whitelist application and join our Discord. You can also post your application as a reply to this post. There's a specific channel for applications. We will only consider serious and thoughtful applications, so please put effort into your application. If you type just a few sentences total, we won’t consider you and there are no expectations made for anyone under the age of 18.

    Whitelist Application

    • Name
    • Age
    • IGN
    • What about our server intrigues you? Why do you want to join?
    • How active do you expect to be?
    • Tell us about yourself! Include hobbies, other games you enjoy, whether you're working or a student, etc.
    • Share screenshots of your builds and projects. (This isn't required, but very appreciated!)
    • Any questions?
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    posted a message on AC World! [Vanilla] [Fresh Reset] [Community Driven] [Weekly Events]

    Server opens on December 22nd

    AC World is a brand new Vanilla SMP server that is aiming to create a close-knit community. We are searching for 13 other active players to participate in this brand new server that are mature. We want to keep the number of players low to ensure the community stays close. Plugins are not something we use and we don't plan to use any in the future. We ask for your age in the application, but we are not a 18+ server. As long as your application is excellent then we will add you to our whitelist.

    We will organize community events that will be weekly. These includes playing other games than Minecraft, UHC, Skywars, Mini Games, and much more. We also will organize events that will take place on our server as well.

    Number of players: 4/15


    • Disabled Enderman block griefing
    • The Ender Dragon drops 1 elytra upon killing it
    • Shulkers will always drop 2 shulker shells
    • One person sleep
    • Daily backups
    • World border of 10k radius


    • No griefing or stealing items from other players
    • Be respectful. Include the word football in the application for question 9 in addition to your answer.
    • No use of x-ray or hacks.

    How to apply:

    Join our Discord

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    posted a message on Since when do the creepers flash before exploding?
    Quote from MamiyaOtaru»

    they've been doing that for 6 years at least (see end of this video, I uploaded in 2011)

    That is not what I meant, I know that happens, but what I mean is like strobe light flashing. It is very bright and flashes quickly before exploding if you get too close to it. I had to log off immediately after because it hurt my head and eyes and because I am prone to seizures and it would suck if there was no fix for this because then I'd have to stop playing until this issue is fixed.
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    posted a message on Since when do the creepers flash before exploding?
    Quote from Talysman»

    The wiki mentions the flashing, but doesn't say when it was added in MC Java. It was added to Pocket Edition in 0.12.1 (Sept 2015.) Not sure if it started in Java and went to PE, or the other way around.

    Do you know any way to stop the flashing?
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    posted a message on Since when do the creepers flash before exploding?

    I was playing on 1.12 and with the default texture packs and no mods and now the creepers flash before exploding?? My friend even noticed that they flash before exploding. Is that a part of a new update?\

    Edit: The flashing is strobe light like and very bright. It flashes white and only does when you get too close before it explodes. I'm not talking about the normal flashing it does, but of a strobe light fashion.

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