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    posted a message on What do I do? I'm in a pickle!
    The problem with single player is that it requires you to have an imagination! :o

    There are no "goals" there are no set "objectives" you have to actually think up your own things to do instead of the game forcing you to follow a script. Some people simply cannot handle this loss of outside direction and cannot figure out what they should do in the game, others find it freeing and exhilarating that they can do whatever they want.

    You have a world that is seven times the size of the Earth that is completely yours do whatever you want with and you can't think of anything to do? Your bored?

    Uhh...that would be your fault, not the games, singleplayer just isn't for everyone I guess.
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    posted a message on Change Discussion forum name to SkyDoesMinecraft Forum?
    "Hello new forum user and welcome to the Minecraft General Discussion forum SkyDoesMinecraft Discussion forum, please feel free to discuss anything about minecraft SkyDoesMinecraft that is not covered by the other specific forum sections.

    Here you can discuss and ask questions regarding any aspect of minecraft SkyDoesMinecraft that you want, but please keep it on topic, topics not related to minecraft SkyDoesMinecraft may be deleted or moved and you could receive an infraction for posting them.

    Thank you from the staff of the Minecraft SkyDoesMinecraft Forums."


    Ever since the first anti-Sky/Butter thread popped up in discussion people have increasingly jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, seeing people type Butter or Budder instead of Gold was annoying but it was a rare occurrence here and really not worthy of anyone's time or notice.

    Now we have anti-Sky and anti-Butter/Budder threads galore with more being made every day (some of which have thankfully been closed). The threads complaining about what was a minor annoyance are now a far worse annoyance than the thing they were created to complain about.

    Besides which the threads have now changed from "I hate the childish Sky fans who spam "Butter" in server chats" to threads about "Why I hate Sky." These threads are allowed to continue on for page after page of inane and petty posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the game of minecraft.

    Forgive me if I am wrong but I don't believe any of these have anything to do with the discussion of minecraft or have any reason to be in the Discussion forum.

    Can the admins please either tell me I am wrong and to shut up or direct the moderators to do something about the growing "Sky Thread" menace? (sounds ominous, right?)
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    posted a message on I Feel Rather Accomplished about Myself at the Moment.
    Quote from SwaggaBackNZ_2

    Please write in paragraphs, it makes your writing so much easier to read, otherwise it's just a big confusing wall of text.

    Technically you are not allowed to say that. I got an infraction for saying pretty much the same thing only in a bit more detail on a fan fiction story that the author published here in discussion and invited people to comment on as to how he could improve it. I figured I was allowed to tell him a giant wall of text was bad and that he should write in paragraphs since he had asked for criticism of his writing...but I was wrong.

    I appealed it to the admins and all I got in response was...

    • Grammar Harass
    • Please do not correct or insult other members grammar/spelling. Grammar harassment does not add to the discussion, and is not tolerated.

    So yeah, don't ever comment on another persons writing style, even if they ask you to do so, it is still apparently against the rules. :(
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    posted a message on What would you do if you saw Squids kill Skydoesminecraft
    Should I just start a request in the Forum Info and Discussion section of the forum to have the name of this forum changed to the "Youtuber Discussion (BTW, We Hate Sky)" forum?

    Maybe if they did, then they would give us another discussion forum where I didn't have to read these idiotic anti-sky threads every day. :(

    The people jumping on the "yeah we hate Sky, Up with squids!" bandwagon have now become every bit as idiotic and annoying as the Sky fans with their "Butter!" references. The two groups deserve each other if you ask me... :P
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    posted a message on How many diamonds is too many
    When your house is standing all alone on top of a pillar and is the only thing left in the world because you have strip mined the entire rest of the world down to bedrock. Then you may have finally gotten "too many diamonds." ;)
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    posted a message on grum appears again!
    Quote from TVflea

    Would you mind posting the picture?

    He hid a little better this time, in the last snapshot photo I think he let people see more of him just to help kill that stupid rumor about it being "some new mob"...

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    posted a message on Question About Zombie Pigmen
    Actually all netherrack contains minute traces of Gold, it is just such a tiny fraction of the block content that players have found no way to refine it yet.

    Zombie Pigmen however eat netherrack on a daily basis for subsistence and their digestive system has evolved (devolved?) to be able to filter out and retain any Gold content.

    This is why when you kill Zombie Pigmen they drop Gold nuggets, these are actually the digestively accreted and accumulated Gold residues from thousands of netherrack blocks that the Zombie Pigman has consumed. Basically as a matter of inelegant and rather unattractive fact, Gold nuggets are Zombie Pigman poop.

    Eventually once they retain enough of these "gold nuggets" within their gut to cause an intestinal blockage the nuggets somehow fuse together into a long skinny shape and are then expelled from their bodies. This is where the Zombie Pigman's Gold swords come from, they poop them out! ;)
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    posted a message on Am I the only one who finds it hard to find cats?!
    Here are the problems that cause finding ocelots to be difficult. If you want more info on anything just ask.

    Problem #1
    Ocelots spawn randomly in jungle biomes, they are also the only "passive mob" besides squid that despawn naturally after a fairly short period of time.

    Problem #2
    Because the passive mob cap is only 11 within a 17x17 chunk (289x289 block) area with you at the center they spawn very rarely. They wont spawn at all anywhere near a place where you keep and breed animals because you probably have more than 11 animals in the area already.

    Problem #3
    Ocelots have the same basic spawning rules as all other mobs (plus their own unique ones), they cannot spawn within 24 blocks of you or further away than 128. If you want them to spawn you can't just fly around quickly over already generated chunks, you have to stay in the jungle biome area for awhile. (and you probably need to kill every other animal anywhere near there that is not a ocelot to get below the spawn cap of 11)

    Problem #4
    Ocelots have to compete with the other passive mobs to be selected for spawning, chickens, pigs, sheep, cows and wolves (squid and bats have their own spawn caps), which means that there is generally less than a 17% chance of an ocelot spawning. To make them even rarer Mojang wrote the code so that if the game does select to spawn an ocelot the attempt will fail 33% of the time and another mob will be spawned instead. (which means you may to have to keep killing any passive mob that spawns in the area and is not an ocelot while you are waiting for one to spawn to stay below the passive mob cap)

    Problem #5
    Ocelots will not spawn in Peaceful difficulty, however you can change the difficulty to Easy and then as soon as you see that one or more have spawned you can change the difficulty back to Peaceful. They will not instantly despawn because of the change in difficulty the way that Hostile mobs do.

    Problem #6
    Ocelots do spawn naturally during the generation of new jungle biome chunks, just as the other passive mobs do in other biomes, so going out and exploring new territory is really the best way to find them. But, because the single requirement to their spawning then is that they be at level 63 or higher and they only spawn in jungles they often end up trapped in a non-escapable place such as bushes (like pigs, sheep and even cows sometimes end up stuck in trees). You will not see a ocelot stuck in a bush by flying over the area except by shear dumb luck, and after a short while it will despawn naturally and be gone.

    As you can see when reading the above; finding ocelots is not all that easy and is not meant to be easy either. ;)
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    posted a message on Is it just me or does Mojang ignore the bug tracker?
    They are in the middle of an almost total from the ground up code re-write, not adding patches onto patches that patched patches to the old code, mostly brand new code from scratch. Simultaneously they are writing the Mod API to go along with the new coding so that practically any mod function you can think of is already enabled in the game code itself and simply needs instructions on what to do rather than overwriting the games base classes and adding new game engine code that conflicts with the custom mod coding that someone else wrote to do the same thing.

    Mojang has a very small staff, and yes they are pretty much completely ignoring patching any bugs that do not directly have something to do with the current changes involved in making the 1.6 update. They are pretty busy doing other things right now...

    I assume that they believe the code revisions they are making to the game now will solve at least some of the current bugs and that it would be silly to spend time adding more patches to the old code that is going to be replaced shortly anyway.

    What is it you want? Do you want them to fix a few bugs that are really nothing more than annoyances or do you want them to fix the entire game? They don't have the staff to do both and fixing the entire game will probably fix many of the annoyance bugs anyway. The Bug Tracker is still vital and I would bet you money that the "bug chart" is plastered up or digitally displayed prominently wherever the Mojang devs. meet. Why? Because it tells them where the old code and the layers upon layers of patches to it is broken.

    It still shows them what they need to fix even if the bug tracker does not show that a Mojang employee has been "assigned" to fix the reported issue. That does not mean that they are not trying to fix it during the code re-write. ;)
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    posted a message on what should i do ?
    The thing is that "cheating" can get pretty addictive, you tell yourself "well it is just this once to do this one thing" but then the next time you are short of some material to build or craft with you do it again, and again, and again...

    Pretty soon there is no longer any challenge to the game at all, if you need something you just spawn it in, which after a while gets boring as heck. :(

    Don't get me wrong. Creative mode is great for when you want to do epically huge builds, pixel art, test redstone designs, and any number of other things that you specifically set out to do in creative. But once you start cheating in materials (or flying, or giving yourself weapons, tools and armor with enchants) in what is supposed to be a survival world it just utterly ruins it, no challenge equals no fun.
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