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    You can use a program like NBTEdit or NBTExplorer (or NEINedit if on a Mac) to open your level.dat file inside your world folder. Then change the values for SpawnX, SpawnY, and SpawnZ to the coordinates you'd like for your new spawn. Moving the spawn will also move the protected 33x33 block area centered at the default spawn point, so keep that in mind.

    You can also do it using MCEdit, open MCEdit and choose "open level" navigate to your "world" folder inside your server folder and open level.dat. Once MCEdit has opened the world change from camera view to chunk view and move to your desired spawn location. Use the spawn point tool in the bottom toolbar (it looks like a player head in a spawner cage) to set the spawn point where you want it. You must save the change by pressing the Ctrl and s keys on your keyboard together before closing MCEdit.
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    posted a message on giant white human moster
    Quote from joeykphanmn

    what if they are making themselves, and how?

    They spawn around villagers anytime there are at least 10 villagers and 21 registered doors in the village is the short answer. For a more detailed answer see here...

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    Plus every time you throw an eye of ender it has a one in five chance of blowing up in midair once it stops rather than sinking to the ground and letting you pick it up to throw again. You need more than one before attempting to find a stronghold, besides once you find the stronghold you will need to have many of them to open the portal to the end.
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    Yes but it is it https? https://minecraft.net.store

    I think you are possibly being redirected to a scammer account, a request for your passport is utterly ridiculous.

    If you have never purchased minecraft before then you have no account to be closed, new accounts now log in with their email address and not a user name. If you do already have an account then you have to use a new unique email address to create the account because it will not let you create two accounts from the same email address.

    Quote from Craig_Millar17


    found this in the help section. Although it says they will be removing the additional info soon, kind of want the game now. Even when not asked for this additional info, it says they have come across an account error so its not much help.

    All I can say is wow, I can see why Mojang says they hope to get rid of this requirement soon. According to that it sounds like you are locked out of buying an account until you provide them with the information they are asking for to prove that your actual identity and the name on the credit card matches.

    Can you buy a prepaid credit card where you are and use that instead?
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    Quote from Craig_Millar17

    I think it comes from "bookmakers", or whoever the payment for minecraft goes thru. also, i haev emailed mojang but have not gotten a response

    Sounds more like some scammers redirect site to me, passport? WTFF?

    Your being spoofed (sent to a hackers site that has a similar address), there is no way you are getting that from Mojangs site, when you go to here, which is a https site, what do you see?

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    Quote from abyssssss

    Finding diamonds in minecraft isn't that hard
    Good luck on your findings and post other techniques

    Ok...reposting the technique I use and the objectively provable reasons why it works the best...if you think you have a better technique then please post evidence to show why your method is superior...

    Digging anywhere between layer 5 and layer 12 will yield identical results as is shown in this graph of where diamonds are actually located in the game...

    Since the distribution of diamonds is very nearly identical the only thing that really matters is which layers are the easiest to mine.

    On layers 1-10 the game fills all natural air spaces (caves) with lava by default, so anytime you dig below layer 11 you stand a much higher chance of running into the side of a lava pool. Dealing with lava flows is dangerous and time consuming and should be avoided where at all possible in order to achieve maximum productivity.

    Many people think that more diamonds are generated near lava, this is not true, it only seems that way because when exploring lava caves diamonds are sometimes exposed on the surface of the cave. Here are two pictures, one shows where the lava is located while the other shows the diamonds in the same area. Do you see any clusters of diamonds bunching up near the lava?

    Diamonds are distributed totally randomly throughout the entire map, the presence or absence of lava has no effect on their generation. (In fact lava actually replaces diamonds that might have been generated where the lava pool was formed.)

    All of which leads us back to the question, where is the best and most labor efficient place to mine diamonds? The answer is quite obvious even though many players out of shear contrariness refuse to accept it as true. You should mine with your feet in layer 11 and your eyes at layer 12.62, you will achieve statistically identical results to what you would mining at any other level while staying at the surface level of the lava pools.

    Mining at layer 11 & 12 allows you to simply use a water bucket to turn the surface layer of the lava to obsidian as you move forward and to explore the interior of the lava caves as they are revealed. Digging lower forces you to go around many lava pools and deal with lava flows released by accident while not returning any increase in diamonds found for your efforts.

    Branch mining (It isn't called strip mining! Strip mining is when you "strip" away the surface of the world! Like what most people call quarries.) is the most efficient method as it reveals the most block surfaces for the least amount of blocks mined. There are several different methods favored by people for branch mining as to how to create your tunnel configuration but they all have one thing in common.

    That being that for each two blocks mined you reveal the faces of six additional blocks, so digging parallel 1x2 tunnel branches two blocks apart from each other reveals the faces of all the blocks in your two layers along with many of those in the layers above and below you. There is only one other method of mining that will yield comparable results to branch mining when comparing the number of diamonds found per block mined and that is cave mining.

    Finding caves that go down to the 11-15 layers and mining exposed diamonds does result in collecting a few diamonds that are already exposed on the surface without having to mine many blocks. However it is very hit or miss to locate them and not that many large caves are found that go all the way down to the lava level. Also keep in mind that while branch mining at 11-12 you will still find these same caves and can and should explore them thoroughly up to level 15 in case they have any exposed diamonds.

    This question has been asked and answered repeatedly on this forum and even though the only correct answer is to branch mine on layers 11 and 12 many people have their own pet theories. The fact that these theories have no objective evidence to support them does not matter to them, they have concluded based on their own personal intuition that their method is superior.

    It isn't, but you you will never convince them of this so these threads get made time and time again and will continue to be made, always getting many different answers. There are some people that simply can't be convinced of the truth. :(
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    posted a message on How come I NEVER find diamonds?
    Quote from LolumadbroXD

    Fine then, Admins? mind locking? I doubt the idiots will stop coming.

    BTW, next time try filling in lava pools with gravel that falls to the bottom when you place it, it will save you mining out all that obsidian and wearing out your picks for no reason. Place a block of gravel, it drops, place another, and another until it comes to the surface. Repeat until the pool is filled in completely, then use a shovel to remove the gravel, mining layer after layer of obsidian with your pick is just not a very efficient or smart way to do it. :P
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    Quote from LolumadbroXD

    If I were a troll, I would say TL;DR.
    That's some long stuff, but what I got from it is that:
    Go to level 13

    So you ask for help with mining diamonds, someone posts a response that tells you exactly where to mine and why you should mine there, and you respond with TLDR and "mine at level 13" (which BTW I never said in my post that IronMagus reposted).

    LMAO, you are an ungrateful impatient child with the reading comprehension skills of a three year old and I honestly hope you never find another diamond ever. :P

    Quote from LolumadbroXD

    I do go branch mining, but here is the REAL secret.
    Things you will need:
    -3-6 buckets (Water buckets)
    -A pickaxe, fortune 1-3.
    -A pickaxe with silk touch (OPTIONAL)
    Now go to y:16 or lower.
    Then find a lava lake.
    drain it out with water, mine out the obsidian.
    once the entire lake is gone, there may be diamonds underneath the lava, and you just got them.
    NOW! Be careful when mining the diamonds, if you have silktouch, use it to mine the diamonds. if not mine them with fortune.
    Now you have diamond ore/ingots.
    Bring them up to the surface in any possible way.
    now your at home, diamond ore in hand (OR INGOT) Place and mine the diamond ore. Use a fortune is possible. you should get around 13 diamonds EVERY TIME.

    You never ever need more than one water bucket, you put the water down and then you pick the source block back up with the bucket a couple of seconds later once it has spread as far as it is going to. You obviously have no idea what you are doing do you? Diamonds do NOT form around lava lakes except by chance, diamonds are no more likely to be near lava than they are anywhere else.

    You my friend are pretty much doing everything wrong that you possibly could...sigh. :(

    OP: "help I cant find diamonds!"
    30 posts later: "Here is my secret to finding diamonds!"

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    posted a message on Changing water texture
    Just open the texture pack with winrar or 7zip and open the textures folder, inside that is a folder named blocks, locate the water.png and water_flow.png and replace them with .png images from another pack of the same resolution that has a color you like better.

    Water is an animated block now so besides having the .png file for each there will also be a .txt file right next to it that tells the game what order to use the .png frames in. If you change the .png texture file then you should also change the .txt file that goes with it in case the number of frames available is not the same or in case they are intended to be displayed in a different order.
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    posted a message on Popular mods that should be added in updates
    Mojang said they have no plans to cease development of the game once the Mod API is released, they will continue to add things to the base game and to improve the way it functions. I'm just saying I prefer Mojang's small incremental changes and additions to simply taking entire existing mods and stuffing them into the game.

    Mo' Creatures as it is now is a confusing mess that spawns a bajallion animals everywhere, has its own taming and breeding rules, and requires a lot of tinkering with the spawn configuration if you don't want your nighttime world to be literally overrun with werewolves, wraiths, scorpions, ogres, zombie horses and skeleton horses. Newb players would not stand a chance, it is just too big and challenging for inexperienced players to deal with.

    I mostly play on a computer that has a dual core processor but only 32 bit Windows, Optifine does absolutely nothing to improve my performance, it actually adds lag because of my configuration. The creator of Optifine acknowledges that it does this and that it is not intended for computers like mine. So for me and others using systems like mine having Optifine included in the base game would be a detriment to the game.

    As I said above there will soon be no point in doing so anyway, your "Not everyone wants to use mods, even not with the API" is ridiculous. You will not add them to the game yourself even if it only takes a mouse click or two but your perfectly fine with Mojang stuffing them into the game and making everyone use them whether they want to or not? How does that make any sense at all?
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    Quote from nivram

    If I may aary33. That reason is?


    Because not everyone wants them and the Mod API is going to change the way mods are used soon anyway, Mojang has said that mods that conform to the Mod API will be hosted on their site for a one click download and install.

    So you will have the "base" or "core" game, whatever you want to call it, and then a mile long list of mods that you can add to it as an option simply by clicking them. This is the best of both worlds, people who do not want a particular mod will not have to have it and people who do want that mod can add it at will with no headache.

    Combine that with the new launchers ability to choose between multiple .jar versions and you will be able to have an unmodded game, a game with one set of mods, a game with another set of mods, a game with mods and textures for a particular server you play on or whatever else you might want to have.

    The way pretty much everything is done now is going to change in a big way in the very near future so I don't want to see the "base" game cluttered up with a bunch of things you don't have the option of removing. I would prefer to be able to add those things myself if I want them... :D
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    posted a message on I need help
    There is nothing you can do from your client to change your spawn point on the server, one of the ops or admins is going to have to fix it for you.
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    posted a message on Ship VS. Ship Combat
    So it is garry's mod boats except it is played in minecraft?

    As long as the "boats" are completely static then I suppose it could work but the play area will have to be very small (bow range=52meters max).

    If you want moving boats then good luck on the coding for this, dozens of people have tried to create craftable boat "entities" in the game and except for two of them they have all pretty much failed completely. The two that did succeed only did so with extremely buggy fixed boat designs that in one case could not even be steered.

    If you think you are going to just "whip out" some code that allows teams of player to construct boats and fight from them you might want to rethink your idea. :P
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    posted a message on How good are you in PvP in Minecraft
    I seem to die an awful lot, even when I have better armor and weapons than my opponent, personally I blame the game because...uhh...I don't win and spamming the left mouse button is all there is to it right? :P

    (seriously though I do utterly suck at it, I can devastate mobs all night without taking a single hit, but human opponents just don't seem to have fixed patterns I can exploit for some strange reason...? :( )
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Real Educational Values.
    Let us play Minecraft in school, it will teach us...uhh...stuff that is edumacational!!!

    Sorry, but no.

    I know this is complete garbage and I imagine that you do too, you just hope the "stupid adults" will let you get away with it. :(
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