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    posted a message on F10 i need help to fix it
    Your probably right, I was just stuck and couldn't figure out why F-10 wouldn't release me, it was because I was trying to move and held the W key while toggling it. :(

    Your post wasn't there yet when I went to make mine so I hadn't seen your response until after I posted.
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    posted a message on F10 i need help to fix it
    Minecraft Wiki to the rescue...

    "On Windows, focuses on the icon of the window and freezes all of Minecraft's processes, thus stopping setting the location of the mouse to the center of the window and letting the cursor become visible, although the cursor bounds stay the same. This allows you to think twice before taking a screenshot. Holding a movement key then toggling this on then off again will make that key stuck on, even if it is let go. Pressing the same movement key again will stop it."

    I accidentally did that before and didn't know what was going on either, logging out of the game and then restarting it solved it for me though.
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    posted a message on Drop mob spawner XP farm not working!
    Yeah, it takes a couple of punches to kill them, when you get one wearing armor use a stone sword since it costs you next to nothing in resources to make them. I sometimes use my diamond sword with the looting III enchantment on armored zombies just to get more drops from them. I have a whole wall covered in armor and weapons, some of them enchanted, from zombie and skeleton drops hanging in item frames as my "trophy wall."

    Gives the place a nice homey "mad warrior" vibe to it. :steve_wink:
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    posted a message on What new mob would you like to see in the next major update?
    A Griffin...

    Of course in Minecraft it would end up looking more like this...

    A flying hostile mob would add an interesting challenge to the game.
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    posted a message on How do you make a post in the Bukkit Forums?
    Go here...

    Sign up for a account by clicking the black button at the top right of the window then post to their forum.

    There is no Bukkit forum on this board just a link to Bukkit's support forum and a note asking people to please not post Bukkit support questions here.
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    posted a message on [x64][1.15.X] Ovo's Rustic Pack: Redemption v1.7 WIP [Updated: 2020-02-20]
    Hmm...an strange thing happened when I went to use my furnaces...

    I download loardvader's ctm pack and installed it to the pack in place of the regular ctm but it made no difference. :(
    They are fine until you ignite them, then the face is gone.
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    posted a message on Help. Nether portal under lava.
    Quote from JTTCOTE2

    1. Fill in cave with some solid block until it's just the portal and a 1*2 room on the side
    2. Mine out the portal completely (Either sacrifice a diamond pickaxe, or use an iron pickaxe and wait ages - obsidian takes 1min to break with an iron pickaxe and dosen't drop, but you just need it to go.)
    3. Fill in the portal area so you are in a 1*1*2 room and cannot move
    4. Place lava bucket at head level and die
    This removes all valid spawning spaces for that portal, and therefore when you next go through your overworld portal you MUST spawn somewhere else. I'd advise also moving your overworld portal to somewhere high up, like the top of a mountain, as then you're more likely to spawn above the lava ocean in the nether.

    Do move your Overworld portal location if you break the one in the Nether as suggested and then suicide. If the portal is unable to find a flat spot with open blocks above it to create itself on within a certain range of the coordinates that it "should" spawn at based on the location of the Overworld portal then it will create its own cave like the one you just found yourself in.

    If you break that portal and then go back through your existing portal in the Overworld you will most likely just end up in another cave a few meters away from the first one. You have to relocate the Overworld portal to avoid this happening again.
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    posted a message on What do you do when your bored in minecraft?
    Build an archery target with a wood button in the center, connect it to redstone wire and repeaters for 40 meters to a 3x3 stack of TNT one block below ground. Place wool blocks on TNT and then challenge friends to an archery contest. Rules: You must stand on the wool blocks when firing, first one to hit the button "wins"...not that the losers survive either lol.

    You should see what I can do with a trapped chest an anvil and a TNT cannon...Idle hands really are the devils playground I guess. ;)
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    posted a message on Is there any other texture pack that is similar to this?
    Quote from Iroaseta

    Thanks! And I just realized there is a texture pack section. :x
    How to add a spoiler though? :o

    Also if you click the third button from the top left corner of posting window (the square with blue lines) it opens the BB code window, click the arrow next to "please select" scroll down to spoilers and click that. In the new window put your title in the "options" box "More Pics" or whatever (would appear as "Spoiler: More Pics") and then your image links and any text to the larger box below that then click ok and it will paste it all into your post.

    Thank you :)
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    posted a message on Is there any other texture pack that is similar to this?
    Looks pretty nice, sorry but I do not know of any texture packs in that style, too modern for me, the ones I have always preferred to use are all medieval styled.

    Just a suggestion but next time you have a lot of pictures to post like that you might want to only post one or two visibly as an example of what your looking for and then post the rest under a spoiler tag. A spoiler saying "More Pics" or something would allow those interested in seeing more examples of your work or the pack to do so while saving scrolling, load time, and bandwidth for those who do not.

    I hope someone else more into to modern style design will be able to suggest something suitable for you, meanwhile thank you for sharing your build with us. Oh, and welcome to the forums! :)
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    posted a message on Why Is My Minecraft Getting Black Screen Only with Herobrine?
    Before doing anything else make a copy of your saves file on your desktop.

    Open your .minecraft folder and delete everything except...
    1. saves
    2. stats
    3. texture packs
    4. last log-in
    5. servers

    Close everything and start Minecraft, once it auto-downloads new copies of the missing files and goes to the start menu screen you can close it.

    Download Risugami's ModLoader 1.5.1 and also his AudioMod 1.5.1 from this thread...

    Open modloader.rar/zip with Winrar or 7-zip

    Open minecraft.jar with Winrar or 7-zip

    Highlight all files in modloader.rar and drag them into minecraft.jar

    Once the files are done being copied delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar.

    Close both windows and start Minecraft to verify that it works and to allow modloader to run once.

    Close Minecraft and then install the files from the audiomod.rar/zip to your minecraft.jar in exactly the same way as above.

    Start Minecraft and verify that it still works.

    Now download the Herobrine 2.96 mod from this thread...

    Open the minecraft.jar with Winrar or 7-zip.

    Open the herobrine2.96.zip with Winrar or 7-zip.

    Open the into_minecraft.jar folder in the herobrine window and highlight everything then drag it into the minecraft.jar window. (note: do not tell it to replace the existing mob, textures, items and blocks folders, you only want to add the new files to the existing ones.)

    Once all files have completed being copied close the minecraft.jar window and navigate back one level in the herobrine window so that all files are visible again.

    Open your .minecraft folder then open the into.minecraft folder in the herobrine window, drag the Herobrine and resources folders from into.minecraft into your .minecraft window, make sure you do it at the bottom of the window, you don't want to accidentally put them into another folder already in .minecraft.

    Close everything and start Minecraft.

    If Minecraft works you have successfully installed the mod and can now build your totem, good luck. :)

    P.S. Keep your saves copy on your desktop, if you change your mind about having Herobrine around you can revert anything he did by uninstalling the mod and restoring your old save file.
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    posted a message on Minecraft keeps crashing!
    If you have been playing one world for a long time and created a lot of structures and explored a lot of terrain (traveling), the save file size gets to be huge, eventually you stand the risk of your computer memory not being sufficient to load it while also running Java virtual machine.

    I'm not saying that that is your problem, only that it is a possibility to consider.

    If Minecraft has crashed trying to start then what do the error logs say caused the exception?
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    posted a message on Problem With Installing Mods
    Your very welcome, hope you have fun playing with your new mods. :)
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    posted a message on rubberband rally!
    She or He is saying that he doesn't like the anti-cheats installed on most servers that will not let him use a fly mod/cheat.

    Took me a few seconds to figure out what he was trying to say, rubberband as in "dump you back to the ground from out of the air."

    To the OP the anti-cheats are there to help prevent griefing, if you don't like it then find a server that allows flying.
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    posted a message on Is air a fluid like water and lava?
    Quote from Bumber

    It would have data values if that were the case. It doesn't.

    As for a less technical proof, air can appear out of nowhere if you retract a solid block with a sticky piston to create a sealed 1x1x1 empty space.

    If it is a sealed space how do you know that there is air inside, couldn't it be a vacuum? :P
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