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    posted a message on 1.5.2 making minecraft slower?
    Several threads about this in the recent updates forum, it seems that some of those running lower resolution textures are seeing frame rate drops while many of those running high resolution packs are seeing a frame rate increase.

    Mojang did say that they were optimizing this release to improve the performance with higher resolution textures and it seems that they have succeeded at that, but possibly at the expense of many running lower lower resolution packs. :(

    I usually just want to gag every time these FPS issues come up because the thread always gets clogged with those bragging about getting hundreds of frames per second. Who effing cares, It isn't like your monitor can even refresh that fast and even if it could the human eye can't tell the difference between 60 frames and 560.

    You can play this game at 15 fps if you have to without really missing out on anything and anything over 32 is just gravy as far as human physiology is concerned.
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    posted a message on Bug !
    The new launcher is still only an "alpha" (not even beta) test model, some of the features that it will have have not been added yet, including the ability to play in Offline mode.

    Since the current launcher version is for testing purposes only and is not intended for widespread distribution there is no reason for Mojang to really be concerned about not having an offline mode yet. It is only intended to be used by the players willing to play the snapshot (beta) releases to test them and who are able to report any bugs found to Mojang.

    Mojang has said repeatedly that the offline mode will be added to the launcher once they get it closer to a final version. When it is finished it will have an offline mode just like the old one and you can go back to stealing the game and the snapshots like normal. :(
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    posted a message on New Launcher Performance Issues? 13w16a+?
    Quote from derf421

    I'm on a laptop (a macbook air), and i have this problem when i open MinecraftDev i get this:

    Bootstrap started
    FATAL ERROR: net.minecraft.bootstrap.FatalBootstrapError: Unable to download while being forced

    Any help?
    And i think we have something going with this whole laptop thing.
    Maybe it isn't compatible for Macs? (for my problem)

    Everyone else who has had that error has discovered it to be a firewall or anti-virus issue, disable your firewall and try the launcher. If that works then check whether your firewall rules have changed, you need to allow inbound and outbound tcp and udp connections for javaw.exe (you will also have an outbound only rule for java.exe, don't get them mixed up).

    If disabling the firewall doesn't work then try disabling your anti-virus too, it may be blocking the download as suspicious without notifying you. When the first snapshot for 1.6 came out several people had that problem and fixed it by temporarily disabling their anti-virus so that they could download the game files.

    Just don't forget to turn them both back on before going back out on the web.

    Good luck. :)
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    posted a message on World Publish?
    Quote from Egor190

    I want to play hardcore survival mode with my friend, but when I run a Minecraft Server it seems like it lags for him. I notice when you play Singleplayer theres a publish world button and when I do that and give him my IP he cant join. Whats the deal with that?

    /publish only opens your world to LAN (Local area network) the IP you see on your screen is the one other computers on your home network (sharing the same router) would use to connect.

    How do you get it to work?

    Invite him over and tell him to bring his laptop and a Cat 6 cable?

    Is there anyway we can play together without having to pay for a server or join someone elses?

    If your internet connection is poor and is causing him lag have you tried it the other way around and had him host the server? Have you done a speed test on your connection? Has your friend tried a ping and traceroute to your server to see where the issue with the connection really is? This may not be an internet issue, it may be a software issue that can be corrected.

    I have the 360 version of Minecraft and I love it because its so easy to have friends just drop in and out of your game and see what you built and I kind of want to get a similar experience here. I just have always preferred the PC version and want to get it to work kind of like that too.

    Good luck, I hope you can find a solution that satisfies you even if it turns out to be a rental server host for your game. :)
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    posted a message on Does multiple spawners in a grinder affect the spawn rate?
    Spawners are limited by a cap of 6 on the mobs spawned within a 17x9x17 (x,y,z) radius with the spawner in the center. These mobs are only spawned in a 8x3x8 (x,y,z) area with the spawner at the center.

    So placing several spawners close enough together for you to activate them all at once by being within 16 blocks effectively limits the total spawns from all of them combined to 6 unless the mobs are removed from this radius quickly.

    In the case of blazes this could be difficult, they will go down slowly if there is an area below them available but not if they are aggro'd on the player, then they will hover around the players level. I have a very good blaze spawner xp farm in the Nether built according to Etho's design and it makes blazes about as fast as they can be crushed and punched to death with only a single spawner.

    Xp farms created using multiple zombie or skeleton spawners work very well and are easy to construct, only requiring a flowing water floor below the spawner to a long fall or a water elevator up to a long fall. As long as you quickly get the mobs out of the 17x9x17 (up or down is easiest) area the spawners keep spawning at a good rate.

    Doing something like that with blazes is going to be a lot more difficult, I would suggest searching Youtube and seeing if you can find anyone who has done it before and how they did it. Etho's design works great but trying to use multiple spawners with it would be a waste of the spawners. Maybe someone else has figured out a different approach to doing it though, it certainly will not hurt you to look.

    Good luck :)
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    posted a message on Updating to 1.5.2?
    Quote from Nepenthesis

    If I update to 1.5.2, will I have to wait for a new version of OptiFine or Magic Launcher? Will my textures be supported? Will I still be able to access all servers?

    No, most servers have not updated yet so you will have the wrong client version for them, if you did update you could still run 1.5.1 from the new snapshot launcher (without magic launcher or optifine though). Change versions in the version window at the top right corner of the new launcher before clicking Play.

    Optifine already has an update for 1.5.2...

    HD D2 Ultra

    HD D2 Standard

    D2 Light

    and apparently the current 1.0.0 version of Magic launcher works fine with 1.5.2, or at least no one is complaining about it not working so far and believe me they would be if there was a problem. ;)
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    posted a message on Zombie sieges
    Anyone who has played for a while probably has seen abandoned villages, once you get close enough to load the village chunks they are always under threat as long as you are within chunk loading range of them (in single player depends on your render distance, on servers 11 chunks).

    The AI controlling the iron golems is very buggy but they supposedly improved it slightly in the 1.5.2 release today.

    The funny thing is that zombie sieges don't even work right currently (been broken since 1.47 update), they are supposed to be worse, right now after the initial group of zombies spawn and start attacking doors nothing else happens. What should happen is that more zombies continue to spawn a few at a time and keep reinforcing the original group.
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    posted a message on Making the World "Deeper"
    Then no, you can't alter chunks that have already been generated without using a third party terrain editor like MCEdit, WorldEdit or WorldPainter and that would also destroy your building(s) if used on that area.

    The only thing you could do now is to use MCEdit or WorldEdit to simply copy and "export" (save) what you have built and them import your building(s) into a new world that has more layers. See this article in the wiki about customizing flat world generation for making the world exactly how you want it...


    If you need help with MCEdit or WorldEdit there are many tutorial videos on Youtube, copying and moving buildings to a new world is actually very simple.
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    posted a message on Problem with villages
    Villagers only register doors that are within 16 blocks of them horizontally and 3 up or 5 down vertically, any doors not within 16 blocks of a villager when the chunk updates (because you logged out and returned or traveled 11 chunks away and returned) becomes unregistered as a village door. Since villagers never leave the boundary of the village which is only a 32 block radius from the "center" of the village (mathematically derived center point between all registered doors) they will always end up clustered into very small areas/groups even if given an expansive city to live in.

    If the groups of villagers are far enough apart so that none of the registered doors of either group are within 64 blocks of each other they actually become two separate villages rather than one large one. Simply put it isn't a bug, it is how they are intended to function based on the game mechanics for them.

    Some good info to be found here...


    And also in the very lengthy and detailed topic on village mechanics by IronMagus...

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    posted a message on Weird And Scary Glitch In The 13w18a snapshot!
    Quote from Yoshi

    Report it to the Mojang website :3

    So they can add it to the list with the other 1500+ reported bugs that they haven't assigned anyone to work on fixing yet. :P

    (Still they will want to know about it, they are just too busy trying to push the 1.6 update, improve the game engine and build the Mod API to worry about bugs that much right now. A lot of the bugs will be corrected by the that other stuff that they are working on anyway.)
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    posted a message on Any shaders for 1.5.2 yet?
    There isn't even an actual 1.5.1 version of either of the main shader mods (Sonic and GLSL) the packs available are for 1.4.7 although they can be made to work on 1.5.1.

    Some of the download sites have them listed as 1.5.1 although if you go to their main threads here where the creators themselves have posted them they are specifically listed as being for 1.4.7.

    Sorry but the answer to your question is no. At least until one of them finds the time to update their mod or someone else picks up where they left off and creates an updated shader.
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    posted a message on Enchanting/Anvil Questions
    Quote from MinerGal

    I have a few questions I couldn't find the answr for on the wiki >_o Hopefully someone can help me ^^

    I enchant a weapon or tool and it gets 3 or 4 or however many enchantments on them and I get a book later with a higher version of an existing enchantment can I combine them with an anvil and replace the low level one? What about picking and choosing enchantments from combining tools that each have multiple enchantments?

    I know lvl 30 enchantments have a better chance of multiple enchantments on a tool and higher ranked ones too but what If I wanted to make an enchantment book with a max rank enchantment in it what's the minimum level I need to spend to get it? Is level 30 the minimum I can spend and get a max rank or will a lower level maybe get me a max rank enchantment too since it's not factoring multiple enchantments?

    Thank you in advance :P

    Also keep in mind that if you put more than three types of enchantment on an item other than armor it will become too expensive to repair, the anvil will not let you spend more than 40 levels to repair something.

    Always rename your item when adding the first enchantment with the anvil, if you don't the cost of repairing it goes up each time you use the anvil until it hits the 40 level cap and it cannot be repaired anymore.

    For armor you can generally only add two types of enchantment to it without it going over the 40 level cap. It may be alright when you start but when you level up your enchantments to level III or IV it will become too expensive to repair if it has three enchantments on it. The exception to this is adding Feather Falling to boots. It seems as though you are always able to add Feather Falling to the other two enchantments on your boots without going over the cap (i.e. Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Feather Falling IV). Again, always rename your item when adding the first enchantment and before doing any repairs to it.
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    posted a message on Replaying minecraft, Skeletons sunlight question
    Oh, one other change I forgot to mention, stay away from zombies when they are burning in the sun, if they hit you while burning they now set you on fire too.
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    posted a message on Enchanting Books Strategy?
    Quote from sc24evr

    Very interesting thank you! Books only give one enchant but I think you can combine books to get multiple enchants. What do you use the cane farm for? Xp? Are you crafting something from the cane that gives xp? Thanks!

    Librarians will often take paper, books or written books and trade you emeralds for them. Here are most of the possible trades...

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    posted a message on kill dragon w/o destroying crystals?
    Quote from Cherry_Voodoo

    If theres one thing I've learned about mine craft, anything can be done by building.

    I'm willing to bet that with enough time and planning, one could carefully construct and execute a trap for the dragon itself, essentially preserving it and all the crystals as a monument in the end somehow. I don't know how the dragon AI works, nor its capabilities, but I'd like to see what people say about this...

    The dragon cheats, he uses no-clip+ lol. :D

    Since I have tried using blocks as a defensive wall while fighting it I can verify that what the wiki says here is true...

    The Ender Dragon will destroy any block it comes into contact with, except Obsidian, End Stone, and Bedrock. Instead of destroying them, the Ender Dragon passes through them creating an explosion effect identical to that of a TNT explosion.

    He cannot be contained or trapped by any means that I am able to think of, blocks sure aren't any help.
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