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    posted a message on Popular mods that should be added in updates
    Quote from Yankeehill

    Asuador, this discussion isn't for explaining why mods won't be added into Minecraft. This is simply for posting what kind of mods you would want to see in Minecraft and why. I don't think anyone here wants to hear why a mod won't work

    So you want to add a mod into the game for everyone that negatively effects how my computer is able to play it and I am not supposed to say anything about it? uhh...you know what you can do with that idea, right?
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    posted a message on I'm getting quite bored of minecraft and the forums.
    Try something else for awhile?

    Always works for me (almost), anything done to excess gets old, sometimes you just need to pretty much completely walk away for a while and go do something else.
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    posted a message on Is it just me or does Mojang ignore the bug tracker?
    They are in the middle of an almost total from the ground up code re-write, not adding patches onto patches that patched patches to the old code, mostly brand new code from scratch. Simultaneously they are writing the Mod API to go along with the new coding so that practically any mod function you can think of is already enabled in the game code itself and simply needs instructions on what to do rather than overwriting the games base classes and adding new game engine code that conflicts with the custom mod coding that someone else wrote to do the same thing.

    Mojang has a very small staff, and yes they are pretty much completely ignoring patching any bugs that do not directly have something to do with the current changes involved in making the 1.6 update. They are pretty busy doing other things right now...

    I assume that they believe the code revisions they are making to the game now will solve at least some of the current bugs and that it would be silly to spend time adding more patches to the old code that is going to be replaced shortly anyway.

    What is it you want? Do you want them to fix a few bugs that are really nothing more than annoyances or do you want them to fix the entire game? They don't have the staff to do both and fixing the entire game will probably fix many of the annoyance bugs anyway. The Bug Tracker is still vital and I would bet you money that the "bug chart" is plastered up or digitally displayed prominently wherever the Mojang devs. meet. Why? Because it tells them where the old code and the layers upon layers of patches to it is broken.

    It still shows them what they need to fix even if the bug tracker does not show that a Mojang employee has been "assigned" to fix the reported issue. That does not mean that they are not trying to fix it during the code re-write. ;)
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    posted a message on Cant connect to minecraft.net
    All the Mojang account servers are up and showing green. So that is not the problem...

    If you have migrated your old minecraft.net account or if you started a new minecraft (mojang.com) account any time this year then you have to log in to your account with your email address and not your in-game username.

    If you are unable to log into the launcher or minecraft.net directly here... https://minecraft.net/

    Then you need to contact Mojang account service here...

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    posted a message on How come I NEVER find diamonds?
    BTW, what the hell is a diamond ingot?

    And how do you get 13 diamonds from mining one even with a fortune pick?

    Are you just making this stuff up to troll people or what?

    You started this thread asking for help in finding diamonds, people tried to give it to you but you rejected everything that was said.

    Then you suddenly claimed you had the "secret" for finding diamonds but nothing you said makes any sense to anyone who actually knows how the game works. You quite obviously are simply making it up and have never done what you are claiming to have done yourself.

    Then you call the people pointing out your factual errors idiots and ask the mods to close the thread because you are being persecuted?

    Some advice for your future, being truthful is not only rewarding for its own sake, it also means that you never have to worry about remembering or explaining all the lies. ;)
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    posted a message on Need help with a golem farm!

    Look I saw this video a long time ago the problem is it doesn't have 4 axes of simmetry!!!! But having 4 towers is possible but really hard to do.
    Challinge accepted!

    The only design limitation is that the doors on one platform must always be further than 64 blocks away from the closest door on any other platform. People arrange multiple platforms in all kinds of shapes and variations of aesthetic design but if they are too close then the two villages "merge" into one as far as the game is concerned and your Golem spawn point ends up being halfway between the two platforms and your spawn rate is cut in half for those two.
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    posted a message on How to link up nether portals on a server?

    Just some light reading...lol

    Basically portals made within 1024 blocks of each other in the Overworld will always link to the same Nether portal, to create Multiple portals close together in the Overworld you have to make a portal in the Nether so that it creates an Overworld portal to go with that Nether portal in the spot you want.

    I don't know if this is what you are looking for exactly but it is a longish explanation I gave to a similar pair of questions previously that explains things in more detail...

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    posted a message on Minecraft cape
    Was this cape installed with a cape mod?

    Or Is it an Optifine cape?

    Or is it a legitimate Mojang cape gotten from attending one of the minecons?

    If it is mod installed cape then only people who have the same version of the same mod installed can see your cape.

    If it is an Optifine cape that was obtained legitimately by donating to Optifine and your information has been added to the Optifine server then anyone using any recent version of Optifine will be able to see your cape. (cheats do not work, your cape only appears to others if your cape info is added to the Optifine server and if the server is down your cape disappears)

    If it is a Mojang minecon cape then any other logged in player in the game can see your cape if the Mojang cape server is not down. (again, cheats do not work, your info has to be on Mojang's server for it to work)
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    posted a message on HELP!
    Have you tried updating your LWJGL (light weight java gaming library) files? Minecraft uses a very old version, 2.4.2, to provide support to Java 5 and PowerPC users. If you are not one of those then upgrading your LWJGL files wont hurt anything but can help with many control input problems along with issues with the sound cutting out intermittently. (it may even reduce graphics lag slightly on your computer)

    Since you are saying that this is an online server only problem I suspect your problem may be caused by something else but it will not hurt you to try updating your files.

    This thread explains more about the LWJGL files and why you should update them, it even has an automatic installer to update them for you! (along with manual update instructions)

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    posted a message on GOLD ARMOR ZOMBIE!
    Quote from whiterino16

    I kind of have this twisted hope that hey never fix it.

    They did already, zombies taking environmental damage like fall damage or from burning in the sun no longer causes more zombies to spawn. Now they only spawn more "reinforcement zombies" (only sometimes) if a player causes damage to them.
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    posted a message on Please help a mom out with minecraft thank you
    Quote from Music_Wulf

    7zip is great, and it's free. It's just as stable and usable as winrar, and it doesn't bother you every time you open it to buy it, unlike winrar.

    Note that I use Winrar and have always used Winrar since the late 90s but that does not mean that I am biased against 7zip, I just prefer Winrar because it is what I know.

    7zip works fine, and if you own a Mac computer it is pretty much mandatory because Macs don't really "do" .rar files natively, they only work with .zip's.

    Verringer you are letting your personal preference for a particular program color your judgement and advise people not to use another perfectly usable program. One that millions are using everyday without any problems at all and that many have to use because of their computer platform.

    Your argument that "you heard some people had errors" is invalid, this is the internet and home computers we are talking about after all. Since when has there ever been a program that you didn't "hear had some errors"?

    I have had errors with Winrar, so what? Every program and Operating System will throw the occasional error, just restart and then do it again like everyone else does when their system gets cranky. ;)
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    posted a message on Please help a mom out with minecraft thank you
    I notice Verringer has a very high opinion of his own advice...

    But anyway...you do not need to use a special launcher created by some third party to install tekkit, or FeedTheBeast (FTB) which is another huge and highly popular modpack either.

    They both have their own launcher that you simply download from their site and then run it, no muss, no fuss, no worries.

    To get the Tekkit launcher go here...

    To get the (in my opinion better modpack) FeedTheBeast launcher go here...
    (get the download.exe if using Windows)
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    posted a message on GOLD ARMOR ZOMBIE!
    How many zombies with gold armor do you see?...early 1.6 snapshot screenshot when the "zombies spawning zombies" thing was still ultra buggy...

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    posted a message on Possible to "reserved" Faction names?
    Please ask questions about administering your server in the Server Administration support forum where the people who deal with these problems daily and might know the answer to your question can be found. You have a much better chance of getting a rapid and correct answer when asking people who use the same types of plugins that you do. :)

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    posted a message on I can't login,help!
    For an older minecraft.net account you log in with your in-game username, if you have migrated your account or have an account purchased this year that is a mojang.com account you log in with your email address that was used to open the account, not your username.
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